Tips for choosing a dream dresses

Each of us should be a dress that could be put on and to work, and on a date and at a meeting with relatives.What features should be in this dress?How to buy the perfect dress?On the one hand, this daily dress, on the other - it may be elegant.Not an easy task, but if we succeed, such a purchase would be very competitive.

dress for all occasions

So, let's go in search of dresses.Firstly, if you still have not found such a dress, then you are looking in the wrong place.So, it is necessary to expand the scope of the search.Of course, most likely, you have a well-defined budget, but even within it, there are a variety of options.For example, if you're always looking in shopping malls, try searching the Internet.If you think that beautiful dresses buy in the online store is not possible, then you are wrong.In the online stores and catalogs are a variety of models that can be sorted by price, color, size, style, pop.Now the sphere of e-commerce is very developed, but sites such as Quelle, an

d others, have earned the recognition and popularity.On the Internet, you can postpone the thing and to compare it with similar goods from other stores, you can not do in a regular store.

What color is missing in the wardrobe

you have expanded the search area and now run the risk of getting lost in the variety of dresses.Do not worry.Most likely, you do not have clear requirements regarding the color and style of dress.Look in your wardrobe, look at all the dresses, and you think, what is missing.If most of them are dark, then you need light.If your favorite color is purple, for instance, and all of your dress is this wonderful color, then ... you need to find a different color dress.When people see you around in the same clothes, they get used to your way and do not estimate it as high as when you come to a new, fresh, unusual clothes.So try to somehow revive your wardrobe.New dress should perform exactly that role, in it you will feel special than any other.

dress should sit well

Well, the picture is made up, it's time to begin an active search.Go to the store and begin to choose.Do not limit yourself to one or two dresses: take more with them in the dressing room, if you like a lot.Some women buy clothes, which they liked, regardless of how it sits on them.It is not right.More precisely there, sometimes it can be justified, but if you are looking for your perfect dress, it's not about him.Your dress should sit well.

Little Black Dress
Note! It is advisable to come to the fitting to the shoes that you can wear with the dress.It can be as boots and ballet flats, depending on the time of year, although it would be better to have a spare shoes, if it is winter.

you put on a dress, and what do you see?It should sit well on both the front and rear.Raise your hands, try to sound like, making big steps, jump, sit down.In the dressing room is very little space, so leave the hall, look at yourself from a distance.Repeat the procedure with all the dresses.

determine what buy the dress

you went to several stores, you have several dresses-favorites.How to choose?Think about what you buy the dress.Imagine it for yourself in the theater, at a meeting at the doctor.Add accessories, jacket, hat.Looks organically?Excellent.If not - it is not our option.

Comfortable jersey dress

So, you've spent a few hours on a variety of dresses.Now is the time ... no, do not buy.To drive home.If you have the ability to wait, it really is best to wait a day or two, and come again.During this time you will understand what dress made the greatest impression, which does not go out of my head, and what has been forgotten.Come to the store again and see if the fee is still available if your size was.It happens so that the case can decide which dress should not you get it.In search of some of the dresses, you can travel around the whole city, and about some will not even regret.So check.Good luck in choosing the dress and let it become your faithful companion!