How to become a self-sufficient woman - the development of self-sufficiency

Almost all the beautiful half of humanity, sooner or later begins to think about how to become self-sufficient woman to gain full independence and self-confidence.Reflections on the subject, obviously, to start directly from parsing words ¬ęsufficiency¬Ľ , consisting of two components parts: the "self" and "wealth."Therefore, a woman can become self-sufficient in the event that it will be able itself to provide welfare, that is prosperous life.

successful women easily identified by its behavior.Remember the image of a business woman: always well-groomed confident woman, sociable and able to dispose of his associates.And she knows how to love yourself, enjoy life, take your inner "I" and to live in harmony with the world.As you can see, there is something to strive for ...

Why should a woman self-sufficiency

self-sufficiency and success

first thing that comes to mind: self-sufficiency requires a woman to always and everywhere,in spite of everything, he wants.This answer lies on th

e surface and is rather primitive.For a woman as to be truly self-sufficient and successful - that means:

  1. learn to overcome the emotional and material dependence on others;
  2. to master the art of managing their own internal forces;
  3. learn to turn disadvantages into advantages, forcing them to work for themselves;
  4. be able to ensure the independence and autonomy in dealing with any life problems.

very valuable in this case, the ability to withstand the emotional dependence on a spouse, a friend or a parent control, as any addiction is the desire to live through someone else's resources.The best way to get rid of all kinds of dependencies - a device of his own life.

To be self-sufficient, not enough to be attractive (despite the fact that it is a strong trump card beautiful women) and not enough to be smart.It is important to have the fortitude and character qualities that will help to achieve the desired total.But it should be remembered that while driving to meet goals and pitfalls in the form of dangerous feelings of envy or hatred.

Note! successful person must be alien to those baser emotions, so you should develop the ability to stand up to them.

Tips interesting

Happy woman
  1. Love yourself and constantly take care of yourself.Successful women are very important to always be satisfied with their appearance.
  2. Never assume that someone is better than you (prettier, smarter, more talented, stronger).Remember that each person at a time is at a certain stage of their journey.And if today someone achievements more than you, so at the moment this person completed a little more life stages.
  3. Nor should we think that you are better than any one else.Often, excessive pride becomes a strong obstacle in achieving the desired goal.
  4. Try to treat people with the respect and show them that they are important for you, and then help them at the right time you will be provided accurately.
  5. Never allow the past to eat you from the inside, in the shower caused a bitter sense of regret.Erase the memory all the negative events, if any, in your life, and direct their energies not to regret the past, but to build a beautiful future.
  6. Remember that an unhappy woman can never become self-sufficient.Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the strength and the peace of the hidden reserves for revival.
  7. should never deceive ourselves.The less will lie to his beloved, the purer and better will develop your relations with other people.The ability to be sincere with yourself, telling yourself the truth - these are the basic building blocks for building the foundation of high-quality relationship with the outside world.
  8. most often listen to the inner voice, your intuition.It is necessary to understand what your true calling in life.
  9. Stop complicate their lives.Do not communicate with unpleasant people.And if your job suddenly became a burden, think is better able to quickly change it to one that will bring you a happy feeling of flying, because life is given to us in joy.

sufficiency criteria

A truly self-sufficient woman always be able to quickly identify problems and to solve them successfully.The ability to separate the important from the secondary, to perceive reality, to see the essence of the events, perhaps this is the main criteria of self-sufficiency.

And still self-sufficient woman is always a goal (day, week, month, year, etc.) Availability of specific objectives while making a constructive and life - directed and meaningful.

basic rule : correct everything that is given quickly, easily, and it is wrong that the long and difficult.For self-sufficient person is important to the ability to properly create a rational way, which can be realized without any difficulty, effort, and time-consuming, that is almost on their own.