Posters for the wedding with his hands - the preparation of posters for the wedding ( + photos )

Wedding - is not only fun, but also a great painstaking preparation of the celebration.It is important to make this event unique and interesting.Decorations on the wedding festival play an important role, they can be very different.Today the organizers of such events offer many novelties.But the posters for the wedding with their own hands will always guarantee good mood and smiles of guests from the beginning of the celebration.

Benefits decoration posters

Decoration posters

Posters have a number of obvious advantages.

Firstly, you can take the guests who came in advance.Studying the content of the posters, they are quietly spend time and feel the fun and festive mood.

Secondly, they are an excellent subject of the room decor.They can be made in different sizes and easy to remove defects in the room (for example, not enough clean walls, sloppy plastering, potholes).

Third, posters and original slogans may be a good tip for guests in the proclamation of toast.After all, not every

one can say heartfelt toast.

Fourth, it is a good mood, and another reason to have a laid-back conversation, discussing the content of the poster.

How to make posters for the wedding

poster Drawing

great if you know how to draw and to come up with songs.Most tend to suffer from a lack of good artistic skills.But it does not matter!There is a solution:

  1. Take an idea from the Internet (there are sufficient) and add its personal operating time.There you can find posters and templates.
  2. Refer to the proven classics.Any utterance of love and happiness - this is the theme for the poster.
  3. Arrange the poster in a text editor (for example, Microsoft Word).Choose a background suitable pictures.Print everything on a color printer or color the self.If you are "friends" with your computer, you can use popular programs for desktop publishing: Adobe InDesign, Corel Ventura, Quark Xpress.They can be used to produce high quality posters.
  4. Make a garland of colorful sayings in big letters.It is important to remember that the posters content should be good and cheerful.They , must first entertain guests.

Target posters

themed posters

devote posters can be different: the bride price, parents, bridal, simple decoration in the entrance, for a variety of competitions.

The original is a photo collage, which tells about the history of love of a young couple.You can make a photo montage and, gluing photos of the newlyweds in different situations: in a rich house, luxury car, traveling to famous places, on vacation, etc. The surprise will be a poster-cartoon...It is difficult to prepare a single, but a group of friends will cope with this task.This will be the memory for many years.

If the wedding is thematic (marine, retro, pirate), all the posters should be furnished in an appropriate style.Other options will not work here.

How to make a poster for the wedding

Do not forget to prepare a wedding poster for parting words and wishes of guests.In this case, you need to do at the top of some cheerful inscription talking about the purpose of the poster.You can decorate it beautiful border.Hang the poster in a conspicuous place.Leave the pen to write down their wishes for the guests.Inscriptions will be especially pleased to read the newlyweds on the next day, when the noisy wedding already otgremit.

Despite all the new-fangled trends, posters for the wedding with their own hands will bring in the triumph of sincerity and warmth, will, of course, the best decoration of this significant event.


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