How to conduct a wedding without a toastmaster - organization of wedding without Toastmasters

Tamada - a professional wedding planner.That he is engaged in the direct holding of the festival.Many failed celebrations are the result of its poor performance.That's why sometimes you should think how to hold a wedding without a toastmaster.Maybe your guests do not like the "imposition" of a certain scenario and negatively perceive the bad jokes and competitions Toastmasters.Make the wedding a bright and cheerful as possible and independently.

leading role

Instead Toastmasters, you can select the lead.Consider the main qualities for him eloquence, the ability to organize and podzadorilo guests.This may be one of the relatives or spouses witnesses.

facilitator for a few days before the wedding can be given the task of each pair from among the invited: to prepare a competition or a nice surprise greeting.Make it easy even for beginners.There is much information available on the Internet, in the literature.The benefits of this training is that the guests are usually well aware of the gr

oom or the bride, their hobbies, interests of other guests.After the wedding, usually, no strangers.Therefore, all try to choose a good and appropriate in this case the material.From this celebration acquire a special atmosphere, without the hackneyed and predictable moments.

bride price

Organization bride price

Conduct bride price according to the traditions of the bride will be able to girlfriend.Oh, they will try to arrange a variety of obstacles on the way to the groom to the bride.It will be useful tasks that affect the subject dating couples, their habits, even the holidays and birthdays future relatives.Friends of the bride can always check on the "strength" of the groom and give an opportunity to prove his loyalty to his future wife.They can boldly claim the groom symbolic redemption: chocolates, champagne, coins.Questions big money should be set out in advance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, it's brilliant tradition, but not a bargain.Everyone should be in a good mood!

Wedding Banquet

Organization of wedding party

banquet should begin with the traditional moments.Do not forget about the grand entrance of the newlyweds.Here are useful for obsypaniya and rose petals and coins, and warm greetings.It is possible to arrange passage on a beautiful carpet, and friends and family will welcome a young couple.Parents will present the wedding loaf and say words of encouragement.

Then the leader will greet guests and bridal, invite to take their seats and open banquet.During the festival will be presented prepared numbers.It is important that their content is the leading known in advance, because it is necessary to determine the correct sequence, iecreate a unique scenario.

Typically, these weddings are emotionally and as a family.Their long remember everything: the heroes of the occasion and the guests.Even the skeptics who have no idea how to conduct a wedding without a toastmaster, does not appear ironic comments.

Musical accompaniment

Wedding Music

also important not to forget about the quality of music at the wedding.Remember, this is a big part of the success of every wedding.In this case it is better to invite a professional for a music remote control.He will be able to smooth out minor flaws and unnecessary pauses skillfully selected music will create the right mood.

couple as hosts

wedding without a toastmaster can hold!The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing a leader.After all, he (or they) should (must) to monitor the situation constantly, giving guests a word, just interrupted for musical pauses, in short, to create a festive atmosphere.Sometimes this role, take on the bride and groom, but it is not always convenient, because heroes of the occasion has its own special role.Good ideas!


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