the second day of the wedding scenario - bridal script on the second day

Scripting always presupposes the existence of a certain preparedness to such pursuits.The man who would paint the action is not one, but many people have to learn the ropes in what's happening.Inexperienced people can simply not cope with the work, and the scenario presented by them will simply dry up among the various people who are often not linked any replica.With special attention should be addressed to the creation of scenarios of various holidays and celebrations.With the lack of experience can turn to professionals or to purchase the necessary thematic books in a bookstore.The Internet presents a wide range of different scenarios.But you can try and to write something.

Wedding - a celebration of love, beauty and youth.Born a new alliance, a new family.Often takes a few days holiday.To the guests were fun and interesting, you need to plan everything thoroughly.On the first day of the celebration is usually held under the guidance of an experienced toastmaster.Happy energetic person the whol

e day laughing and joking with guests and young, holding various fun games, it supports a festive mood.Much depends on the driving experience.The script is written in accordance with the characteristics and preferences of the young, because they are central to this day.The second day you can spend longer on their own and save some money on this.But the scenario of the second day of the wedding is not so easy to write as it might seem at first glance.To be successful you must take into account many things.Let us see what it is.

What is the secret of success

Traditions of the second day of the wedding

First of all, you need to collect detailed information about the young, as well as their loved ones.Therefore, it is best to write the script a loved one or family member.These people know all the twists and turns of fate, eccentricities and personality traits of each wedding party.

Highlights "interrogationĀ»:

  • External Data, character, hobbies
  • Biography young
  • most vivid childhood memories
  • Important life events
  • Profession, position, place of work (here you can learn about the organization and its employees)
  • family composition
  • history dating younger - how it all began
  • All about pets, if any
  • Favorite songs, books, movies young
  • All joint trips and holiday

Then ...

Contests on the second day of the wedding

should specify the number of guests on the second day of the wedding and the method of treatment to the young: "you" or "you".Many believe excessive familiarity apply even to persons under the age of "you".Therefore, you should consider all possible nuances.

number of relatives usually prevails at the second wedding day, so you should specify the degree of relationship and establish blood ties.In addition, on the second day of the wedding can be present colleagues and young leaders.It is necessary to clarify this.Based on this information, we can start writing the script.

evening usually opens a toast in honor of the young.Best of all, if this is a joke toast that will amuse guests, set them on a fun playful wave.You can then organize greetings in prose or in verse, but always on a competitive basis.Then may follow a common song.But it is necessary to give all guests a word to get unanimous chorus.Beforehand you need to identify the musical ability of guests or enjoy the accompaniment.Cost-effective option would be a simple stereo with good sound and a powerful beat.You can invite a professional musician, which determine in advance a list of the songs performed.

Staged representation at the wedding

Congratulations you can say to chant, the music, in the form of sketches and drawings.An interesting option would be an independent choice for the guest: poem, song or dance.

After the greeting of the evening gradually move to the music.All the remaining time will be reasonably divided into four equal periods: drank, ate, played, danced.Games should not be too active.Guests can not stand the pace, especially after eaten and drunk.

Dancing can also be accompanied by a suggestive game.In the middle of the night it would be appropriate to hold a staged representation.And actors have to speak the guests themselves.You can invite themselves to come up with the game and spend it.Especially popular are the entertainment team when competing with each other relatives and friends of the young.Do not use alcohol or food games.May occur unpleasant incidents.The range offered is huge games, so choose a suitable not be difficult.

Be a little imagination and courage, and the second day of the wedding will take place, "Hurrah!"