Nursery cards with their own hands - seating cards

Wedding - a celebration, memorable for a lifetime.However, this does not mean that weddings need to spend fabulous sums.Some of the "stuff" can be, and sometimes even need not buy and do themselves - it will give them a personality.For example, a nursery cards with their hands can perform any of us.

Honestly, nursery cards - this is a very important element of the holiday.Carefully designed celebrations scenario can fly "to hell" if the guests are divided into small "handful" of interest and will no longer take part in the fun offered to them.Even worse, if the next accident will be "warring" parties.

Even thought out plan guest accommodation is impossible to turn into reality without seedling cards with names on display on the table.This beautiful nursery card with your own hands, you can make almost any scrap materials.

Candy nursery cards

nursery card of sweets

The easiest option - to use it for the basis of seedling cards with their hands candy cone shape (they are called "tru

ffle")in a nice shiny wrapper.In addition you will need: tulle (mesh fabric), thin beautiful ribbons, printed on a sheet of paper the names of guests.

process of making candy seedling cards with their hands is as follows:

  • of tulle cut out circles with a diameter of 15-17 cm, it is possible to trace the appropriate size plate;
  • in the middle of each circle put this candy;
  • cut out from a common sheet of printed names of the guests (the text should be typed in bold and easy to read from a distance of at least 1 meter);
  • putting a striped paper with the name of the lower edge of candy and lift the edge of the circle of tulle up (in other words, follow the contours of candies);
  • bandages nursery candy ribbons cards.

Paper hearts

nursery card-heart

for "heart" seedling cards with your own hands, you will need:

  • thick colored paper,
  • marker (the color shouldgood stand on your chosen paper);
  • scissors,
  • glue.

First of all, cut out the stencil heart, its width should be about 10 cm. Then draw out the stencil, putting it on colored paper and cut out.Now write in the upper right "side" heart-name guest.Scissors to make an incision from the bottom heart (along the symmetry axis) to its middle.Using adhesive pasted with a small overlap (five millimeters), one lower edge to another of a heart (protruding tip paper cut with scissors), so that the inscription hearts curved inwards - so card transplanted gain volume.


Card Butterfly

seedling to create cards with their hands in the form of butterflies, you will need a white board, pencil, colorful gel pens and scissors.

First make a beautiful butterfly pattern (image can be printed from the Internet).Then circle it, putting on cardboard and cut it out with scissors.Colored gel pens repeat loop butterfly, departing from the edge of 2-3 mm, if desired, can be glued sequins or beads), write a name guest.Then bend butterfly in half, giving it a resemblance to a living creature), notch, "belly", and put the cut card nursery on the edge of Fougeres.

flowers or leaves

Floral card

cards, bouquets At least look nice nursery cards in the form is not too narrow strips (paper or satin), whichwritten names.These ribbons can tie up a few fall maple leaves or small bouquets of field and spring flowers.


cards, bows

easiest option seedling cards with their hands - it bows of satin ribbon.Name guest in this case are written in the tips of the bow, and the tape itself should be wide enough to bow turned out beautiful and voluminous.