Wedding bouquet with their hands ( + photos )

Flowers for the bride - a wedding is one of the characters.They also represent purity, embody the beauty and the inner world of a young girl.When choosing a bouquet should be considered a lot of things: the color and style of dress, the bride's age, her tastes and preferences.Bouquet for the bride is a must.If necessary, you can give up the heels and a tiara, but from the beautiful bouquet - ever.

Nowadays assortment of jewelry, clothing and accessories to them is huge.There are also schools and courses are flower arranging to help figure out the flower world and teach the correct amount of the composition.But you can just order a bouquet for the bride.Each store has a special directories in which the collected numerous photos and projects have been created happy flowers.You can also order a bouquet on an individual sketch.Each florist will help you make it if necessary.

But just order, that is, buy a happy bunch - it's easy.Much more interesting to make a bridal bouquet with their hands.Bride, no d

oubt, will appreciate the rush of his beloved.To help the suitors, there are various workshops on the creation of a living splendor.Let us consider the easiest option.

How to make a bouquet for the bride

Wedding bouquet of pink roses

considered classical round shape of the bouquet.To be successful you must purchase portbuketnitse, garden shears or secateurs, oasis, glue gun, technical wire, twisted cord, decorative pins, a double scotch.Portbuketnitse is the foundation upon which all other parts are attached.The main elements of the bouquet are: the frame, the handle, an oasis.Portbuketnitse not only securely fasten all the plants, it also extends their short life.From the colors should be preferred peonies, roses, ornitolagum arabikumu, green shepherd's purse, Italian ruscus and aspidistra.But any other colors will look equally well in a properly formulated composition.

portbuketnitse and more


initially should handle portbuketnitse issue.Flight of fancy in combination with a variety of decorative materials creates an incredible amount of design options.In this case, the available colors to suit the decor handle aspidistra leaves and spiral cord.Prior to remove the grille from portbuketnitse hammer handle and towels or other material with excellent absorbing properties.This will prevent excessive allocation of moisture at the time when the bouquet is inserted into the oasis.Thus, the handle is not to wet.Then place an oasis in a deep container with water and leave it there for a while."Ready" Oasis can be identified by its omission in the bottom of the tank, as well as discoloration.

ready for use should be placed in an oasis portbuketnitse and fix it with the lattice.Technical help you secure the wire element.Protruding pieces of wire, carefully remove to the bride during the wedding did not get hurt.

begin clearance

bouquet of peonies with beads

thus prepared portbuketnitse can be laid flowers.First, cut the leaf verdure into several pieces and place it on the base of the bouquet.Fix a double scotch.The leaves should be applied one to one, but not overlapping.With pistol handle Arrange portbuketnitse.

What cuffed?

cuff assembly

In our case, the role of the cuff will play ruskus, shepherd's purse or green butcher.You can choose any type of plant, but it should be noted that the bouquet will look much richer and more elegant when the cuff is made up of different texture of the leaves.

Finally, flowers

Wedding bouquet with Blindweed portbuketnitse Set in a bowl: so more convenient to fill it with flowers.The stems of flowers should be no more than five or six centimeters.Flowers Lay orderly rows in a circle.Once all the flowers have found their place, while it is green.Do not overload the strong bouquet of leaves and branches - flowers just lost in a dull green.Beads, crystals, pearls and small and shiny decorative elements will fall very handy.The stores sell special glitter and spreading, as well as a variety of sprays that will help give your bouquet of originality, lightness and originality.

make a brilliant bouquet of leaves allow special varnishes used by all florists.But do not get involved much.A huge layer of varnish will give a bouquet of artificial unnatural appearance.

So we created a bouquet for the bride.All was not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.A little imagination and boldness, creativity and desire to make a great gift for the bride, of course, help to create a true masterpiece.A little effort and patience and do it!

Wedding bouquet with their hands photo:

Beautiful bridal bouquet

bouquet decorated with seashells

Wedding bouquet with roses

bouquet of large white roses

Gentle wedding bouquet from a mixture of roses

Bouquet of roses and calla lilies

Wedding bouquet with Blindweed

Bouquetof roses