Cards for the wedding with their own hands - wedding cards

Making solemn evening wedding takes a lot of time and effort.All the details and nuances should be considered.Often small inconspicuous little things can create a warm and festive atmosphere, magnify the holiday feeling, give the evening the community, integrity.The easiest way to please dear people, to give them a piece of my heart and show them the importance and significance - is to make cards for the wedding with their own hands.Modern materials and devices allow to create true masterpieces.Make your own hands postcards always carry a bit of warmth, soul.The preparation of such cards will take time, so they are valued.

cards for the wedding can be very diverse.This greeting cards and invitations, and guest registered and many other species.But all are equally good.

cards are different

Wedding card with flower

world of wedding greeting cards is huge and diverse.They are reminiscent of exotic butterflies: big and small, colorful, and pastel colors, ornate and eclectic strict ..

. So, what are wedding cards?

Besides small greeting cards broad popular wedding newspapers, posters, calendars huge.

with his hands to cook a simple greeting, but rather laborious.Small cards easier to make out.

cards in the form of a bouquet of flowers can be made from any type of material.Suit multicolored thread, velvet ribbon, felt, lace, mesh.The main thing is that the material is textured.He will give a more colorful product.Custom colors can be connected using tapes or threads.Beautiful original bouquets appreciate every guest.

Wedding card with flower and butterfly

Due to the volume embossed cards turn out very attractive.You can cut hearts, rings, swans, pigeons and other thematic figures from cardboard.To get the volume, you need to live on the basis of the prepared colored paper and press.Introduced pattern should repeatedly circle the pen without the rod.So you get a paper with embossed volume that needs to be glued to cardboard-based double-sided adhesive tape.

Original card for wedding

To produce flower fantasy landscape leaf need to be cut in half.The cut through the little window made bouquet or birthday inscription should be placed on the first page.Nosegay best draw of the little petals - it will look more harmonious.Flower arrangement can be attached via a wire through the two bores.Traces of mounting effectively masked.For example, to this place, you can stick the envelope and put there a congratulation or coin.This card can also decorate a ribbon or bow.

Postcard corset

three-dimensional greeting cards are created on the basis of children's books.Just open the book to the page become bulky.Pattern to be cut along the contour of the expected pattern and to fix it so that it takes a vertical position when opening the card.You can make a story card, placing in the middle of the young couple.I wonder if the cardboard characters are very similar to these.

Creating a wedding set

Sweetheart wedding card

should define the purpose of the card before you start.Meaning, that carries a card, is a major design factor.Popular wedding sets, which consist of a guest book and guest cards.

For suitable guestbook medium-sized notebook.It is best to take the notebook on rings or hardcover.An important element is a festive cover for the guest book.Run it can be of a beautiful fabric, draperies decorate using different ribbons or beads.Shiny, attracting the attention of the cover will be a spectacular accent.Wool cover will look more avant-garde and original.This option will give the design a conventional notebook comfort and warmth.It will help original equipment decorate the guest book "wet felting".In the same way, you can make a small lovely bouquet and attach it to each guest card.

Invitation with bride and groom

Guest cards and the book should be made in the same style.It should also take into account the style of writing names.You can put on a humorous greeting card, wish or gratitude.There are many collections of poetry by name.Undoubtedly, the choice for every guest of the corresponding quatrains takes a lot of time, but every guest will feel special, truly welcome at the celebration of love and happiness.

Making greeting card, of course, plays an important role, but the cards made with their own hands will always be the most desirable and expensive.