Bonbonniere with your hands - how to make a bonbonniere

every girl's dream - the perfect wedding, which will embody all girlish dreams.All the smallest details, all the most minor nuances are taken into account when preparing for the solemn day.Particular attention is paid all the girls the choice of wedding dress, hairstyle and jewelry.Wedding procession, decoration of the hall and menus are selected with the utmost care.In joyful turmoil can forget about some of the finishing touches, such as "compliment" for the guests who will witness the birth of a new union.The best way to express my appreciation and gratitude to allow small beautiful box - candy boxes.These minor at first glance, little things can transform solemn table present state of mind.Each guest received a small, but very elegant gift, it will feel welcome at this celebration of love and beauty.

Whence came to us this little miracle?

Origin candy boxes

bonbonnieres history goes back many centuries.Playful like a trickle, the French language and melodious singsong.It is from the Fr

ench "bonbon", which means "sweet" was the word "bonbonniere".It is a small box or pouch, which is fraught with sweets for guests.Preference is given to marmalade, chocolate and sweets.Often, in a nice wrapper hidden little goodies and souvenirs that will remind you of the celebration.Wedding candy boxes - it is not just a box.They are a symbol of prosperity.Five of sweets - symbols of longevity, health, happiness, prosperity and good luck - snug fit inside the highly artistic works of art (in the presence of modern technology and a huge range of available tools to create a true masterpiece is very simple).An odd number of sweets is not accidental.It is a sign of the unity of two loving hearts, a sign of their indivisibility and eternity.

first bonbonnieres

first bonbonnieres

first beautiful packaging appeared in XV-XVI centuries.Only European nobility could afford such a luxury.The main raw material for the production served as copper, gold, silver, leather, porcelain, crystal.Bonbonniere often decorated with precious stones and crystals.Lovely lady is inside the boxes of fine placer candy, sugar figurines and other variety of sweets.Sugar at the time was only available to rich people.

In Ancient Russia also considered good form to present the lovely ladies elegantly packaged sweets.Christenings, weddings and other celebrations did not do without gifts for the guests.But the Russian people called little boxes just "goodies" - gifts for the guests.Inside, you can often be found bun, dried fruits or nuts.Under the influence of the European tradition to bestow guests took root in Russia.Bonbonniere steel symbolize the prosperity and well-being, luxury and refinement of life.Famous jewelers began to specialize in the production of luxury jewelry - favorite toys ladies and flirts.

Modern manners

Bonbonnière in gift

Currently bonbonnieres regained popularity.The developed technology, the availability of the widest range of a variety of materials allow you to create true works of art: plastic and paper, fabric and metal, glass and porcelain - which just can not be found in the joyful celebrations.

If desired, give each guest a particle of his soul, his heart a drop of fervor can make candy boxes with their own hands.This souvenir appreciate everyone present.

Before you get to work, you should decide on the form and amount of souvenirs.Particularly popular candy boxes in the form of bright handbags, chests, hearts, flowers, cake pieces or in the form of glasses.Do not constrain your imagination - let it rage!

How do bonbonnieres

How do bonbonnieres

The most popular forms are: bag or box.

Bonbonnière sac-

Bonbonnière sac- Prepare a beautiful fabric, better let it be transparent or translucent.Also need Satin ribbon in the tissue tone.Beads, beads, lace or floral appliques also useful.Beautiful quirky decor, sure to please every guest.

Take cloth and cut into equal squares or rectangles.The size and shape depends on your expectations and desires, as well as the amount of sweets that you want to hide in candy boxes.Small bags sleeker look beautiful on the table.

next step - sew edge future bonbonnieres from the wrong side and the gut-wrenching.It remains only to decorate the new packaging.Contrast Ribbon accentuate the elegance of translucent air bonbonnieres.Pearl beads on the edges and easy intricate lace will enhance the aesthetic effect.It remains only to put candy or a small souvenir.


Bonbonnière-box packaging This form requires a more dense and "sustainable" material.Cardboard and paper help to exactly implement all desires.For registration and jewelry boxes, you can choose whatever you want.

Please prepare a template.Simple rectangular, with elongated edges, in the shape of a trapezoid and many other types of boxes can be simply and easily folded out correctly cut blank.Knitting Needle, or any other blunt object will quickly and effectively bend and fold the edges bonbonniere.Stock up on glue - it may be necessary to connect the parts.

scenery and a variety of decorations can also be attached with glue.Beads, crystals, lace, appliques, bows and flowers - everything that your heart desires - will help to give bonbonnieres elegant and original look.decoupage technique or papier-mâché will become a bright accent to the festive table.You can decorate the box newlyweds initials or birthdays, laying them carefully gluing crystals or colorful ribbons.

And do not forget to fill bonbonniere with sweets!