What to give children to the wedding - what to give to children at a wedding

The life of each is coming this holiday, when a new family is born.Wedding - is a joy and excitement, feelings, worries.And how much you need to get done to make this solemn day was a success!Often take part in preparations for all family members, from both the bride and the groom with.Jewellery, elegant clothes, dress for the bride and a suit for the groom, table, toaster, invitations ... Do not forget about the traditional redemption, contests and entertainment.But the problem is always the choice of a gift for the young.What to give children to the wedding?As more fully express all the love and care of their parents?

should follow a few guidelines when choosing a wedding gift for the young:

  1. First of all, remember that the gift match celebration was appropriate.
  2. thing is to be useful, to have a practical sense.
  3. If you choose to rely on the taste and needs of children, taking into account their interests and hobbies.

Do not forget about the bouquet.There is an unwritten rule in the choice

of colors for the wedding.

  • most suitable deemed roses, calla lilies, lilies and gerbera.Lilies have a strong specific aroma, so you should be treated with caution in these colors.
  • For more suitable bouquet flowers gentle light tones.
  • composition must be carefully thought out.Modern florists are happy to help make beautiful original bouquet.
  • One large rose bush you can give to people who came to the celebration without a pair.

most "useful" and common gift

Money in gift

Such, no doubt, is a round sum.The donated money newlyweds can spend in accordance with their needs, which is often, they are embarrassed to tell their parents.

On top of that money - is a universal means to please the newlyweds.

How to give money?

Envelope for money newlyweds

The first banknotes in an envelope for gift giving.Modern manufacturers cards offer a huge range of variety of colorful envelopes, which will fall by the way any holiday.

Secondly, do not overload the colored envelope with unnecessary labels.Just one or two words and wishes of presenting signatures.It is best to choose a card already written poems and solemn words.

serve as an excellent alternative to the certificates or credit cards.In this case, there is no fear that the money invested in an envelope, will be gone.Young at any time can use the donated amount at its discretion.

Third, the bill must be new and large.

Most "smart" gifts

Car for gift
  1. Liveable.But few today can afford such a luxury.Undoubtedly, the couple does not give up their own homes, on their own personal nest.
  2. car.Such a gift is also very expensive and not all parents can afford to please the newlyweds in this way.
  3. Honeymoon.Unforgettable, romantic and happiest time that the young will hold together.It is interesting that in the European countries are only at the banquet and invited family and the couple immediately after the official part of a journey.
  4. Kitchen utensils.This is probably the most popular gift, after the money, of course.The young need to be your own cutlery.Most often give the original cookware sets in special cases.These pots and pans, cutlery sets will last a long time a young family.
  5. Appliances.All kinds of electrical appliances, from kitchen machines and vacuum cleaners to televisions and home theater systems.Of course, the young couple will be hard to just buy everything you need in the house.Therefore, parents try to help their children in the creation of home comfort.
  6. furniture.Bedroom and dining room sets, a variety of corners and hills, soft sets difficult to bring to the wedding and give young.In addition, the taste of children is often different from the parent, so the manufacturers have come up with a gift certificate.Thus, it is easy and convenient, you can give the newlyweds a certificate for the purchase of new furniture.Kids will be more than happy to choose the furniture in your new home.

And what items are not recommended to give?

What can not be present at the wedding

Many believe that the sets of sharp objects symbolize the future quarrels and scandals in the family.Sure, give the mirror is also considered bad manners.The clock, however expensive and luxurious, they were not always identified with time.It is believed that donated the wedding watch measure time allotted to a young family.But the mechanism can at any time stop, and thus break up the family.Therefore, no one gives to the wedding the young couple hours.

In each case, love for children will help you choose an appropriate gift.The main thing that he was presented with all my heart.Sincerity is more important than money.