What underwear like men - choose lingerie

Despite the fact that beautiful linen - the subject exclusively for women, is based on the opinion of a man with his choice of many beauties.Of course, because someone, no matter how he must like what you will get!

Underwear something like a gift box.And the more beautiful it will be, the more will want to expand the gift and find out what it.Moreover, underwear - a kind of intrigue, exactly the same as the long skirt, men always know that underneath it, but unbearably want to confirm their guess.

So what underwear like men, and that they would like to see your favorite?

Favorite color

Red Lingerie

Sometimes you can hear the opinion of psychologists that the stronger sex pretty bad perceives all shades of red.Perhaps this is true.Still, the men almost unanimously called red underwear the most attractive.And choose to pale shades and rich red or cherry hue.Let the idea that the color red is the color of passion just a stereotype, but in men's understanding it is still the sexie


Black underwear

next most popular color is black, which makes women's underwear is not only sexy, but also incredibly romantic.Moreover, a large number of men used to think that if a girl - a lover of lacy black lingerie, she is incredibly passionate.

White underwear

White linen color is most suitable for a sensual romantic evening.It is worth noting that the most advantageous such variant it looks on tanned or dark skin.But "Snow White" in it just lost.

Beautiful creamy blue underwear

pink, blue, purple and lilac underwear men like an order of magnitude less than the three aforementioned colors.Therefore, when you buy their bra and panties too bright and poisonous colors, keep in mind that, most likely, you are not like a young man.If you do not like classical music, better stop the choice in any kind of predatory colors, they are also very much like the stronger sex.

What should be the texture

Attractive underwear

As for fabrics, of which sewed underwear, men here are also quite ambiguous - cold satin and silk.These materials can be called the most beloved men.Further there are chiffon and rayon.The secret lies in the fact that the texture of each of these materials, fabric color emphasizes the benefit revealing outfits.Yes, incredibly comfortable cotton underwear, but still men do not consider it as something attractive.There are more appropriate such definitions as plain and boring.It is appropriate in the bedroom will be very short and translucent nightie.After all, in essence a man - hunters, and therefore, they will be much more interesting to see next to a little-dressed woman.After all, when it is fully undressed, it seems that the production of caught and gets pretty interesting.

Lace shorts And do you think, what model panties men find the sexiest?Thong?And here and there!Most men prefer to wear their favorite lacy shorts.Although all men like novelty.So you can safely experiment with fabric and color of your underwear.With it, you can change its image, without using the services of stylists.

According to psychologists in America, those of the fair sex, which often change the look of their underwear is much less likely to suffer from the change of their loved ones.And all because each time wearing new underwear, a woman in a man creates the illusion of diversity.And knowing about the polygamous nature of men, it is the best gift.