What do celebrities eat - eat than stars

The next time you view the movie or transfer involuntarily begin to notice that almost all the stars of show business look equally attractive.Based on these observations, many people think seriously about what celebrities eat, and how they manage to maintain their youth and beauty for so long.

It is believed that the secret of eternal appeal of the stars of the big screen lies in their constant movement and regular physical exercises.However, in order to achieve a perfect figure and beautiful face, a little gym.Many people know that the color, elasticity and structure of the skin surface is completely dependent on what celebrities eat.

«Star» life without carbs

Waiver of sweet

first food secret popular people lies in the fact that they are trying to maximally liberate their menu from simple carbohydrates.In other words, those celebrities who have refined figure and smooth, even skin, do not use all sorts of pastries, bakery products and pasta, as well as pastries.

It should also be noted that such a waiver of sweets is often not of a temporary nature, and life.After all, the stars of the TV screen you must look stunning, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, to complete the work of the body, he still needs to consume carbohydrates, but only in the form of potatoes, meat, nuts, grains and legumes.

Minimum animal products or "star" vegetarianism

Starry vegetarianism

Recently among celebrities has become very fashionable to stick to a vegetarian way of eating.As you know, this diet excludes from itself any products of animal origin.These include: meat, fish and poultry, and in some cases even the milk and eggs.

Of course, this power is greatly affects the appearance of the stars.However, it is worth noting that the menu without the inclusion of animal protein and other nutrients should be accompanied by the additional intake of vitamin complexes.

Lots of raw fruit and vegetables

Raw food

Surely many of you know that the main problem of humanity, including the "star" structure, is the excessive absorption of fried and fatty foods.After all this food processing affects our body the most worst way.

In this regard, many people are popular for a long time refused to eat meals that have been cooked in a pan with extra fat.After all, it is best to the human body digests natural and natural foods, the creation of which was used only sunlight and clean water.It is these properties have raw vegetables and fruits.

Practice shows that almost all modern stars adhere to the following formula food: daily food cooked = 30% (treated for a couple) Production + 70% fresh vegetables, fruits and juices.By following this principle of power for life, any person, as well as the star of the TV screen, as long as able to be beautiful and slim.


big and famous There are some celebrities who never bother about how they look.After all, their main advantage is not refined figure, and, for example, a beautiful voice, perfect acting, a rare sense of humor, interesting facial expressions and so on. In this regard, such popular people almost never choose special dietary foods, and consume all thatthat is tasty and nicely cooked lies.

As practice shows, the stars feel much freer than those celebrities, who every day thinking about how not to hurt her figure.