Which cosmetics are stars - Cosmetics stars

its beautiful appearance world stars most grateful not only to Mother Nature, gave them excellent data, but also well-chosen cosmetics.

Well, look at the first cosmetic beauties of Hollywood to see what cosmetics are the stars?

About hair

hair Jennifer Aniston

If you start talking about caring for this very important part of every woman's appearance, not to mention Jennifer Aniston.That it can be called the owner of the most beautiful and well-groomed hair.Since quite often it has to do all sorts of styling, the actress admits that he never forgets about protecting the hair from the harmful effects Termopribor, for example, the hair iron and ploek.Therefore, it is a constant ally - any means of thermal protection.

singer Fergie says that she has one remedy for hair that has already been tested for years and that it never fails - Moroccan oil.Every evening beauty thoroughly wash your hair to remove all traces of styling products and then gets them their favorite oil.Next, it is

necessary to hide her hair under a plastic bag and a towel and leave it in this state for the whole night.In the morning will simply wash off the oil with regular shampoo.Singer believes that this mask makes it the hair is very soft to the touch and shiny.About


Care Beyonce

Singer Beyonce is very fond of using drugstore makeup brand called Aquaphor.It is noteworthy that in the US it is quite democratic, but this does not prevent one of the main beauties always use them American show business.Beyonce gets cream Aquaphor even to the hair, so that they become more smooth and shiny appearance.

Blake Lively, known for most of the TV series "Gossip Girl" loves to use when creating their flawless makeup lipstick on the brand Yves Saint Laurent.And to keep your skin young and beautiful in a still for a very long time, she enjoys a face cream from La Mer.It is believed that this tool has a unique ability to maintain youthful skin.But be prepared to pay for this quality of a lot of money.Even for Americans, this cream is considered expensive.

style icon and wife of the famous handsome football player Victoria Beckham loves expensive means to care for themselves.To ensure proper and decent nourishment to the skin, she uses cosmetic products from the brand La Praire.

about decorative cosmetics

Makeup Julia Roberts

Some Hollywood beauty is actively opposed to preserving youth with the help of plastic surgery, saying that it is possible to have a beautiful appearance, using onlycosmetics.This is the opinion and recognized beauty - Julia Roberts.Moreover, it tries to use decorative cosmetics in very small quantities.And his favorite tool called black eyeliner on the proven brand Lancome.

The model Heidi Klum, for her own admission, quite oily skin, which is prone to unpleasant shine.To clean it using beautiful napkins matting from the Japanese brand Tatcha, which are made according to ancient recipes geishas made of abaca leaf containing gold particles.

Pretty Salma Hayek admitted that she can not imagine her life without concealers under eyes that are perfectly hide bruises and bags under the eyes.The best of them said actress Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent.

As you can see, most of the Hollywood beauties are the means that are readily available to us - just a woman.Therefore, each of the fair sex can also look perfect, like the world-famous beauty, only need to not be lazy and take care of themselves.