Highest Star - the highest celebrity

All we want to know about their favorite stars, all that from where they spent their childhood, to the height and weight celebrities.For some reason growth is always worried fans.Looking at their idols, on the covers of magazines and TV screens all we ever asked ourselves so: and what is the growth of one or another celebrity?Especially interesting to find out about those who do not "fit" within the canons of Hollywood, that is, the high stars.And you know who the favorites of the public has little (or a lot) a non-standard growth?Who are they - the highest celebrity?Learn, and perhaps some person you are shocking.

growth of some well-known personalities are very far from what we used to call a miniature, and the question here is not about the men's field.Beautiful and popular representatives of the leading lights in no way inferior to its strong half, and even a little look down on their peers rather low.Want to know who they are - the highest star girl?

Adriana Karembeu

This Slovak model "grew up" as much as up to 185 centimeters - quite tall for even mannequins.In addition to the considerable growth of Adrian is also the longest legs in the world.The length of her legs reaches as many as 124 centimeters.For such options outstanding model hit the Guinness Book of Records.Leggy beauty never complained about the lack of male attention, many famous and wealthy fans have repeatedly tried to get her hands.But the girl was not an easy prey, she was already 12 years old is happily married to the famous football player Christian Karembeu.

Brigitte Nielsen

It is one of the highest female celebrities.The growth of this wonderful singer and actress, as well as the model Karembeu, is 185 centimeters.Now Bridget nearly fifty, but it also looks attractive and dignified.Nielsen was married 5 times and next to each of their choices, she looked a queen.The remarkable fact is that one of its partners was Sylvester Stallone himself.

Uma Thurman

muse of Quentin Tarantino can not be called a miniature, because its height is 183 centimeters.Actress bringing up two children - eleven daughters Maya and Levon eight years.In the privacy of Minds also a full order: it converged again with her lover - a billionaire Arpad Basson and now the couple is planning to get married soon.

Brooke Shields

exactly the same growth as that of Uma Thurman - 183 centimeters - and is a famous model and actress Brooke Shields.Beauty, even after 20 years, recalls with a laugh as the set of "Blue Lagoon" it throughout the film went on grooves specially dug for her.All this was done to her partner for shooting Christopher Atkins is not "lost" being with high beauty.At the moment, Brooke married to Chris Henchy.Their union has lasted for nine years.

Eva Herzigova

joined the ranks of 183-centimeter celebrity model Eva Herzigova.This beauty is hard to miss in a crowd, as if not quite his small height, she loves to wear high heels.Now Eve is already 37, but in spite of that she also claimed in his profession: photos with the model is constantly appearing on the pages of fashion magazines and she is - a constant participant of advertising campaigns.

Elle Macpherson

popular supermodel and successful business woman in this year celebrated its 46th anniversary.But the years are not reflected in its appeal - it is all well and fine as the beginning of his career.McPherson Height - 183 cm, never prevented its success.Model brings up children and is preparing to release a new collection of clothes.

Kathryn Bigelow

not much left from the previous celebrities in the growth and wife James Cameron - Kathryn Bigelow.Its height is 182 centimeters, and it did not stop her to make a spectacular career and receive the title of "Best Director" for his film "The Hurt Locker."

Nicole Kidman

growth redheaded beauty 180 centimeters.More than a dozen years ago, the actress divorced fairly low Tom Cruise.It is said that one of the reasons the divorce became a significant difference in growth.At the moment Nicole is married to musician Keith Urban.They have a beautiful daughter Sunday.

Besides Kidman growth of 180 centimeters can boast: Barack Obama's wife Michelle, the famous actress Sigourney Weaver, country singer Taylor Swift, model Gisele Buddhi.

Our domestic celebrities keep up with Hollywood.For example, unmatched Lolita fairly high, its height is 181 cm.In the near future to be held wedding of the singer with the athlete Dmitry Ivanov.Future husband Milyavskaya as tall as she was, but 12 years younger than the singer.

one of the highest female athletes in the world is Maria Sharapova.Its height is 187 centimeters, does not prevent a beauty to wear high heels.

That this was the highest rating of celebrities who did not worry because of its growth.So maybe we just women, it is necessary to complete stop because of such trifles?