How to increase the breasts of folk remedies - a means of breast augmentation

big and beautiful breasts is considered to be an important and attractive part of the female image.We analyze and recall the most popular recipes to help make it so.

few interesting methods of breast augmentation

methods of breast augmentation

Method "bread crust".Amazingly, some of the girls say the effect after about six months of eating brown in a large amount.

use broths - take a little hop, add water and boil in water bath for 20 minutes, let stand and drink three times a day on a third cup.

People's method - compresses: it is necessary to gradually change the hot compress 10 times, oil of geranium and ylang-ylang and cold with sea salt, then wash and smear cream breast lift.

also have this recipe: 50ml of almond oil, ylang-ylang and geranium 10 drops, and constantly applied after a shower.

beer method - the ladies who want to increase the bust, it is recommended to drink beer.It contains hops, but it is very little to change the situation.Ready to drink 2 liters a day to inc

rease breast?

Products influencing growth

What influences the growth

immediately comes to mind cabbage.It stimulates the growth of breast, but, unfortunately, the result can only reach adolescence.

security tools - walnuts with honey.For a start they need to pour liquid honey and place in refrigerator to infuse for a week.Then there can stuff 3 several times a day.

breast vitamins increase funds - to eat green apples, dairy products, fish, red wine.

Broth for breast

Broth hop - hop contains phytoestrogens, identical female hormones.If within six months to drink the broth, it really increases the breast.

Broth of beans: mix rye and barley, maize and millet.Boil in a large pot of water to cool the strain, after drinking the broth for half an hour before eating a glass 3 times a day.When you need overlaid chest rice porridge at night (it is better to make porridge rye kvass), and in the morning wash with chamomile extract.

decoction of spices: pour into a pan of water, 1 cup of fenugreek seeds and a pinch of the following seasonings: cumin, fennel, anise, basil, oregano and lemongrass, fennel, licorice, bring to boil and cool.Before use, strain.Optionally add lemon juice or honey.

Folk remedies

mesh Iodine - is necessary to moisten a cotton swab with iodine and draw a grid over the entire breast without touching the nipples.It lies method is that the place is surging mesh of blood flow, causing breast augmentation.

Physical exercise - affect the muscles of your chest.Change the chest, pick it up and make it attractive, you can use the sport.But be prepared for the fact that from the 1st to get the size of the third does not work.

right recipe - there are a lot of fatty foods better and satisfying.But in this case not only increase the chest, but the weight, in general.You need it?

Self-massage - for the good condition of the skin and breast massage is helpful.When you're in the shower, wash yourself using sponzhikom, do not forget about the chest.And as a douche.Water should be directed from the bottom up, under the breast.

can increase breast turmeric.Turmeric - Indian saffron it is necessary to drink for a month on a teaspoon before meals with milk or yogurt.

Eleutherococcus - massage and infusion of herbs Siberian Ginseng helps the breast.May, within two months of drinking the infusion of herbs and massage at the same time point on the back and chest.Every evening, for 10-15 minutes.

Application of bio-based cream may be from 2 to 4 months of shape change and increase their chest.

Apple mask: mush apple or cabbage mix with a spoon of butter and a spoonful of honey.Make a massage to breast, then put on a mask 15 minutes on the chest.

tonic to improve and shape of the breast: a spoonful of infusion of horsetail, a spoonful of aloe juice, 10 drops of hops, 4 drops of lemon oil and geranium.Mix well, pour into a glass dish.Apply on the chest twice a day.Can be stored in the refrigerator.

Cocoa Mask for breast augmentation.It helps increase some cocoa butter chest.It is rich in vitamins, rejuvenates and tightens the skin, and increases the breast in 2 times.Apply the oil should be in the region of the armpits and between her breasts just below.

Potato mask: Boil the potatoes in the skins, peel it and mash add a spoonful of honey, cream and 50 ml of normal refined oil - mix well and apply the mask on for 20 minutes.Rinse with warm water and all.

make a mask of yogurt: a spoon of yogurt, egg and spoon vitamin E. Mix everything, apply the mixture on the breast and leave until absorbed.Mask wash off with warm water.

Breast augmentation such methods is possible only in theory, but in practice this is problematic.We need to understand that small breasts can be a very beautiful and attractive, you only need to choose the right underwear.Love yourself!