Fashion bow summer 2015 - the most fashionable images ( + photos )

Warm time of the year offers a unique chance for every stylish and fashionable ladies perfectly highlight its beauty.Offer to find out what fashion bows summer 2015 are relevant to understand exactly what you should pay attention in the first place.

Your image must meet the following characteristics:

  • femininity;
  • lightness;
  • Youth;
  • sexuality;
  • brightness.

offer stay at each point in more detail.


Peas in the vogue

main trend of summer 2015 dress in peas, or with floral print.Such models presented a collection of Dolce & amp;Gabbana.In such an outfit every beauty can make a real sensation!Especially popular dress with contrast belt, emphasizing the waist and long sleeve, which protects your pen from the sun.


Air advised to wear a dress with a small handbag

Especially popular this season are weightless dresses with light flying skirt wide cut.It is worth noting that this silhouette will look perfect with a small bag, picked up a dress decor.Alternativ

ely, you can collect all the hair back into a bun to accentuate the beauty of the female neck.


Youth version

Notes of playfulness and youth should always be present in the image of a fashionista.And because the best one for this season will be a mini-dress with a closed sleeve.This dress has pretty featured Kristen Stewart, emphasizing her beautiful legs.By the way, ideally suited to the image of black pumps, so the legs will seem even longer, not distracting from the beauty of the dress.This model of shoes is gaining popularity this summer.


overalls from Balmain

recommended to pay attention to fashion this season overalls from Balmain.From a combination of yellow stripes and contrasting black breath.Under the image fit slicked-back hair, allowing to lift the neck.Every detail of the image should emphasize the alluring appeal of the girls.


red print on a white background
Note! Elegant bright red print is back in vogue.

best option under the image will be properly selected accessories that will not detract from the primary color - a small discreet clutch.For example, on legs will look great sandals in beige color with thin straps.

Pink with pink
Note! To stand out from the crowd can be used by all the girls favorite color is pink.Do not be afraid to exaggerate it, this season is the rule - pink on pink!Balance the image can be large sunglasses and metallic accessories.

summer season 2015 will delight all who bored by unbanal silhouettes and bright colors!

For lovers of discreet clothing options for the summer season designers have prepared a lovely collection.They include dress with amazing ruffles and collars, with beautiful prints on fabrics.In the image of dresses resemble the model of 50-60 years.

Bright colors

main novelty of the season

The main feature of this season's designers believe laser perforation on the fabric.With laser cut lace patterns or individual petals clothing.The fashionable boutiques can be found skirts, shorts and gorgeous dress, decorated with perforations.

Summer Fashion this season is so versatile that every woman can find her own style, which will perfectly fit her image.Just remember that blindly follow fashion is not necessary, you should try and do find the image that you will be approached in the best way!


yellow sundress

bright crimson dress for full ladies

Bright flowers

Chooseflying skirt

combination prints

blue dress cut 2015

Chiffon dress with sandals lace

very feminine

Pink business style

Pink free dress with vivid handbag

Pink dress belowknees

Colour can be pastel or contrasting

welcomed lightness

Dress with contrasting belt

dress flower colors

fashionable to get dresses with long sleeves

Fashionable cut for full ladies

trendy image ofDolce and Gabbana

Fashion overalls

Flying beige dress

Lace with contrast strap and black sandals

Large flower on dress

Barbie Collection by Moschino