Gift husband on New Year's Eve 2016 - something to please her husband

Married couples without much enthusiasm for the celebration of the New Year.As a rule, it decided to give the simplest of gifts, and celebrate the tradition of a family feast.But it is necessary to slightly change the tradition and make this magical holiday the brightness and fabulousness.We suggest to choose an original gift to her husband on the new 2016, which he does not even seem possible.

gift should bring joy, and therefore the best option - to give impressions.Such a present will involve the publication of the joint, for example:

  • visit the theater or wine tasting;
  • go to the Dolphinarium, the skating rink, roller skating.

If Prezent difficult to determine, it is possible to give him a certificate, and your husband has himself chooses an occupation.

Journey in gift

excellent gift will go on a trip.Note that before the New Year holidays tour operators offer interesting tours to different countries, you can buy a round at reasonable prices.For example, you can please her husban

d's trip to the United Arab Emirates.History of the main Abu Dhabi has more than 4 000 years, citing evidence that settlements here took place back in 1761.About 60 years ago, and in the capital large-scale oil deposits were first discovered, and this provincial village became transformed, in the eyes turning into an advanced metropolis.Despite the fact that there rebuilt tall skyscrapers and highways, a large number of mosques have been built in the city center.It is this feature distinguishes the Abu Dhabi from the other capitals.Celebrate the New Year in this place true happiness, you can not just take a break from everyday routine, but also to feel what real life is rich.

Country house

If a holiday option too expensive for you, you can spend time in a country house.This holiday will give your family a pleasant feeling.

is also recommended to pay attention to New Year's gift, which will be connected with your spouse's hobby.For example, he often sits in front of a laptop, but because he liked to be a support for the device.

to the spouse who is actively involved in sports, you can donate:

  • power simulator,
  • set of dumbbells,
  • exclusive towel,
  • new tracksuit.

your spouse indulge in smoking, then he will like this option:

  • tube, like Sherlock Holmes;
  • device for coagulation of cigarettes;
  • set of cigars.

Set cigars

Those who are fond of fishing, you can give a fishing rod, tackle, motorists can buy a set of keys, a new navigator.

As a rule, men are delighted when a gift fits their passion.

can show solicitude for the spouse and give him useful in everyday life a gift, for example, a sweater, cologne, a set of clothes, blankets in the car, the dynamics of the PC and so on. As will be the year of the Monkey, you can buy a sweater with a picture of the symbol of the next year,especially because today this print is a trend of the season.Your spouse will not only look stylish, but also putting on a sweater, to feel your care and love.

Pullover monkey
Note! under the tree should not be banal we launched, for example, shorts, socks and so on.

course, is not superfluous to inquire and find out that this man wanted your New Year.If he keeps silent, ask his best friend, as the guys over to share their wishes with each other.


If you want to please her husband, and money for an expensive gift is not, it can be a present with his own hands.Such a gift will please her husband no less than stylish watch or a new leptop.Of course, you should not do it as a cushion needle bar or embroider handkerchief, make, for example, an organizer for small items, pens, pencils.Such a gift will fit perfectly for those men who are associated with office activities.Do not be afraid to dream.For example, you can make the cup stand of the sticks that are left of the ice cream.Just stick them in a spiral to the fabric or the disc.

stand stationery

But however, we should not forget the truth that the New Year should begin with a good mood, delicious food, feast, not with gifts.Prepare for a holiday chic table, which will be lined with favorite dishes of your husband, raise their glasses at midnight, and say nice toast and once again confess undying love.

Note! attitude and care - these are the main gifts in everyone's life.