Women's fashion jackets 2014 - fashion 2014 jackets for women ( + photos )

integral part of women's wardrobe - jacket.It is this kind of clothing makes the fair sex at the right time to be in the business simple and elegant.In addition, cool weather jacket successfully replaces raincoat or jacket.What distinguishes the women's fashion jackets 2014 on the styles of previous years?

Clear silhouette

unusual cut of 2014

Today jacket ceased to be clothing, hides figure.On the contrary, the current models emphasize the waist line, tight-fitting chest.Do not be too bold styles of evidence for those who can not boast of ideal proportions?Not at all!Due to the small tricks of fashion: put shoulder pads, successfully made darts, deep cuts, lack of fasteners and other "secrets" - close-fitting jackets not only makes a woman more fully, but, on the contrary, slim.

Free jacket


Contemporary fashion designers do not "dictate" fashion, and are offering.If you are used to spacious things or simply do not want to emphasize the figure, you can s

afely wear a jacket cut free.What distinguishes this version from the familiar classic straight cut jackets?It must be very clear;visually it must seem that the thing you some great.True connoisseurs of fashion will appreciate your chosen style: it is non-standard and contrast all aspects - color, cut, fabric, decorative elements - in fashion.


Fashion asymmetrical jackets

Note jackets with asymmetrical collars, floors, clasps - each such model looks very original and practically has no analogues, and in factto this and call today designers fashionistas: to be unique!

length jacket

The fitted jacket on one button

This year, you can wear a jacket of any length: above the waist to the waist, just below the waist and long models, coveringthigh.All of them, according to the trendsetters, are relevant.

Note! trend, according to the latest fashion show collections, became still short jackets - to the waist or just below.

color and fabric pattern

is actual floral print

official-business style jacket requires sustained colors: black, gray, blue, burgundy, brown, beige and othernoble tones.However, if your jacket is designed not only for the activities that need to be in a suit you plan to wear it with jeans or throw a cool evening at the cocktail party - it may be the brightest colors - emerald, gold, color "metallic", red,orange, turquoise and other shades of saturated colors and eye-catching.

still in vogue in the tissue and cell in the strip.Jacket can also be sewn from material with a print: abstract drawing, geometric shapes, ethnic motifs - fabric design options can be very different.

collar, sleeves and decor elements

jacket with short sleeves

Collar can be absolutely anything: lapel collar, turn-down collar with rounded ends, collar-Schalke - all waysrelevant clearance.The collection of models in 2014 there is another very interesting option - a jacket without a collar.

Couturier offer a variety of options to design fashionable sleeveless jacket - Standard straight, narrowed to the wrist, with turn-down collars, and others.

Note! most popular steel model with short sleeves.In short fitted jacket they create a harmony of proportions, loose-fitting models give a certain extravagance.

large buttons, decorative tape, the original rivets, pockets, trompe l'oeil, curly lightning - all these details are considered fashionable finishes.The only requirement is put forward trendsetters - the jacket should not be "overloaded": only one or two, maximum three items for decorating the model.

Leather jackets

Actual leather jacket

still in fashion stylish leather jackets.Completed in strict classical style, they may well be part of the ensemble of a business suit;alternatively it will be a perfect complement to jeans sundresses, skirts, trousers;suitable for knitted and crocheted dresses;jackets, made of the finest leather tanning, in a cool summer day perfectly complement linen items.

jacket bolero

great option clothing for this summer will be a jacket-bolero.The model is very interesting combination of elements of the classic coat (clear line of the shoulders, the insertion sleeve, collar business suit version) and the unusual length (significantly above the waist line).Since the summer thing, the fabric should match the season and at the same time clearly keep in shape.This can be satin, velvet, cashmere.Jacket-Bolero goes well not only with mundane summer things, but also cocktail dresses;It can come and luxurious evening together.

choosing women's fashion jackets 2014 to any season, remember the cardinal rule of fashion today: the thing is to emphasize your strengths!


Bolero with embroidery

Bright jacket mustard

Bright colorsin fashion

in marine style

Shorter jacket

Freejacket - sleeve two-thirds

Free thigh

jacket with leather trim

jacket without fasteners

short jacket

from natural fabrics

Denim jacket

Long free

Business light jacket

Bolero leather

Turquoise trendy jacket

Beige elongated jacket

White jacket with short sleeves