How to make a man crazy - how to reduce men mad

has long revealed the secret that a woman likes ears, and men perceive the fair sex, especially eyes.Women may long to look at the details of clothes and make-up, and "aliens from Mars" can see the picture: the situation or object in a general context.Clothing, hair style, manicure and appearance of the future chosen one should be in harmony with her behavior, gait, the way she laughs or dance, it communicates with the opposite sex or with their friends, and so on.

men do not come to mind to remember what jewelry or accessories are a girl or what she was wearing.The total picture is the day love - it's "Avatar", which should please him.He must be tempted to find a Woman closer.Glamour "outfit" or extravagant, the ability to cross out the natural appearance and femininity of its owner, rather scare the man.He especially appreciates the girl in clothes and dress on a hanger is not a boutique.Knowing how to drive a man mad, any woman will always make a priority their femininity, able to disarm the m

an still on the approaches to it.This rule is useful even after years of marriage: fashion changes, but elegance - it is the main attribute of the female arsenal, always endearing man.

What men want

Men want their darling was the mistress of the hearth in the kitchen, a lady - when receiving guests and "goddess" in the bedroom.Only female cunning is able to combine all the roles, bringing a man mad.

path to the heart of the beloved

to a man's heart Way

As you know, the way to a man's heart is through one of the most demanding organs - stomach!The "candy buketny" period, he can assure that your ability or inability to cook for him no matter what he can do without breakfast, lunch and dinner, even for a day of crazy in bed.However, very soon it will be the hint or to require full "feed", or may declare "boycott" because of sexual exhaustion.

How to make a man crazy culinary delicious dish?Strong floor - there are special, they are not enough, as the women vegetable salad, oatmeal porridge, or even a piece of cake caloric.Their main product - meat, because it is animal protein is involved in the generation of male hormones - prostaglandins.And no hot dogs and sausages are no substitute for the natural product, and fish, dairy products and sweet - just a nice addition to the basic meat diet.

Men - conservatives in the food!They can be eaten daily dish loved by, and your ability to zealous culinary experiments can not estimate.Try using teleretseptov cookbooks and diversify food favorite, only gradually introducing new ingredients in the diet, flavoring them with various aphrodisiacs (nuts, honey, spices, and so on).

If you really love, because only the queen!

Female Queen

Primitiveness men who from you only one aspect of the relationship - intimacy, too exaggerated.Acrobatic flips in the bedroom, image and test unearthly passion must remain behind the bed door.But in ordinary life, femininity and sexuality should have a place to admire the surrounding exactly to the limit, to please, but do not be too blatant.In the society of other people your partner has to see "his" woman, only remembering your suppleness and openness in bed.If you have decided for the first time to "hook" the chosen one revealing outfits and bright make-up, it is unlikely to rely on the duration of the relationship: those women tend to choose men avoid faithful companion in life.

image of lady in understanding men and incompatible with unnatural feature: ugly plucked eyebrows, a radical change in hair color, tasteless accessories, silicone "delights" ... Before you decorate the likes of "masterpieces", ask the opinion of men: unlikely to get approval.Take care of the skin, being careful not to show his eye during cosmetic procedures, raduyte its only result!

behavior in society, communication with his friends and relatives can only be a friendly, whatever they may seem to you.Some men are excited by the mat in the bed, but God forbid afford obscene language in public!In addition, be careful in the use of alcoholic beverages drunk lady - an unpleasant sight!


To keep a man crazy enough to peruse the Kama Sutra, you need to take an interest in sex life, experimenting with toys for adults, erotic lingerie, Sexy Costumes for different roles.Do not be ashamed of their desires, to his proposals to diversify the sexual life, to change the place, position, or try a new toy agreed.Only if you do not like this experiment, warn him.Among men, the joke goes that a woman would be good to provide colored light bulbs, so they began to flare up during orgasm, then once it becomes clear that the nice woman that she wants a man, not doing him a favor.Praise him always circled him complimented head, uttered in a whisper.Use enveloping perfume with pheromones, avoiding the sharp smell of cheap eau de toilette.

Strong sex very much like hints, fascinating game, an unexpected seduction in public places, but calculated only on the "center of the universe" - his favorite.Do heroine Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct," it turned out great!


How to communicate with a man

Along with women's self-confidence (not to be confused with self-confidence!), You must be a genuine interest in the beloved.Curiosity should be extended to his hobbies and outlook on life, on his views on the situation and other people.Avoid stupid inquiries about the number of his former mistresses, having children, or the amount of his earnings.From these bothersome ladies men try to get rid.

Appreciate men and women a sense of humor, laughter, as we know, brings.However, do not annoy them loud and unpleasant "neigh".Interested "burning" eyes and a pleasant tone of voice, gentle eyes, gentle smile and mischievous laughter, compliments and kisses are appropriate before you make a man mad.