Crafts for the New Year 2016 - New Year crafts

New Year's time is the favorite in both children and adults.After all the preparation for the New Year 2016 will be full of fun chores, purchase gifts for loved ones, waiting for a miracle.What joy brings home decoration and Christmas trees, a selection of gifts, hanging garlands, toys, Christmas attributes.We, in turn, offer to experience the joy of what you're doing with your hands crafts for the New Year 2016.

Especially interesting is the lesson will be for the children, because the joint work in the family always brings, makes all the more friendly and closer.

Each year has its own character.In 2016, the patron will be Fire Monkey, because it is necessary to consider her tastes, decorating your home.

First of all, note that the house should be handicrafts red.If you have a fireplace, then the best option would be to ignite it and prepare everything for the holiday.If there is no fire, it is possible to make candlesticks, in which to install the red candles.During the Christmas meal is their s

park.By the way, do not rule out sparklers, however, burning them in the house, do not forget about safety rules.


In this New Year without a home monkey can not do.Excellent monkeys may be obtained from salt dough.Finished figures can be painted and varnished.

Monkey Felt

can make toys in the form of felt monkeys, as well as using the technique of macramé or felting, embroider, draw.In general, we use all that can only come to mind.All ideas listed simply impossible.

Sapozhok Gift

Sapozhok of felt

This boot can be used for gifts or as Christmas decorations.

need to make crafts:

  • burgundy and red felt,
  • scissors,
  • needle and thread,
  • sintepon,
  • pattern,
  • lace,
  • rain and other items for decoration.

photo templates to print, attach the templates to the felt and cut around using chalk or soap.Blanks should be two.If you do some boots, the number of patterns you need to increase the speed.

Driving Christmas boot

Sew side panels.To do this, choose a thread of white color.Suture need a loop manner, creating a decorative effect.Nasheyte ribbon on top of the boot and the side sew satin bow.Embellish boot to suit your tastes, you can use the rain, golden paper, beaded items or figurines made of colored felt.

need to sew the top of the loop, for it you will be able to hang the boots on a nail or a tree branch.

Festive balloons

Balls of yarn

Interesting crafts you can make with your children.For example, textile transparent sphere.This hack like all the guys for their originality.To be able to do this hack will even children in kindergarten, but of course under the supervision of an adult.

Need to buy a balloon and inflate it, smear them with PVA glue, and on top of wound yarn of different colors.To fix them, you should use a simple paint you are using hair styling products.Now pierce a balloon with a needle.As a result, you will unusual festive ball.

Fir cones

Christmas decorations from cones

Crafts from cones very nice fit in the New Year theme.Make them very easy.It is necessary to mix water and salt solution, 1 to 2, and bring it to the boil.Then remove from heat the solution and put it bumps or spruce branches.Let them prolezhat 5-6 hours.

Then you need to take them out and leave to dry - they appear crystals "snow".

can priporoshit crafts and foam snow.To make the snow you need to take the foam and glue.Coat the threads and glue lumps and crumble on top of the foam.Watch the video, there can be found a lot of ideas:


Snowman of pompons

winter, when a lot of snow, rebyatnya traditionally go out to dazzle the snowman present.Only the blind can be not only snow, but from scrap materials.Make a snowman children can be from plastic bottles, test, felt, thread and balloons, paper, or origami method.

Here are instructions for the manufacture of pompons snowman:

  1. Make three pompoms can be with special spools or yarn or cardboard circles.That they are the torso, head.The yarn is better to take a blue or white.
  2. Wind the thread on the community and the strong link between.Remove them from the workpiece.
  3. Cut the thread should be exactly in the middle, and it is in the top turns.Such pompons need to transform into neat balls - trim protruding threads.
  4. Connect pompons with glue.
  5. bottom and trim the top of the snowman, as they will not have a flat appearance, because at the bottom of it will be.On the head should be put on a snowman bright red hat, which can be done from felt.As a place for a snowman can be used saucer, strew it with white foam.

magnets on the fridge

Refrigerator magnets decoupage

But the easiest option crafts for the New Year will be a magnet on the fridge.Make it possible from the napkins with a Christmas theme and the old disk.Use shall decoupage technique.

  1. So, take a napkin and separate the top layer where the drawing shows.
  2. Disc poshkurte using sandpaper, then smear the glue, so that was a smooth and thin layer.Attach a picture in the center, smoothing it, eliminating all creases in the image.
  3. Top cover with a thin layer of glue, and as soon as it dries, attach varnish.On the other side of the disc magnet torque adhesive glue.To select a picture, you can use glitter.That's all - ready to hack Christmas!


Christmas tree from the cones

Hedgehog from bumps

gnomes from cones

GarlandNew year red

Wreath Christmas

Snegovichki from old light bulbs


Christmas card handmade

New suspension

Christmas balls made of white felt

garland of felt

Christmas trees in the technique of quilling

Christmas trees from traffic jams

Christmas trees made of felt

Christmas tree fromfruits and sweets