Scenario bride price in winter - winter scenario bride price

planning scenario bride price in the winter need to consider several options, depending on the specific weather conditions.

Several options for

Weather forecasts are not always true, so the redemption organizers can plan ahead several versions: in the first place, so as not to depend on the weather, it is possible to carry out the redemption only in the room, taking into account the specificity of the seasonsecondly, it can be combined version, when half-competitions tests would be carried out on the street (in the courtyard), the other half - in the premises, thirdly, you have the option to conduct redemption only in the street (in the yard).

Most often the best option is the second - combined, in which case the organizer sure guests participating in the buy-out, to be comfortable, they do not have time to freeze, even at the lowest temperatures.

But if you want, you can prepare a separate version of the first and third, and then the weather conditions to choose one of three options,

for mixing the first and the third option is to get one that has been identified as the best.

When tests are planned for the groom and his friends under the redemption only on the street, there is no need to cut snowflakes, snowmen, and other attributes to create the winter time, they are already present in the space where organized redemption (subject to the snowy winter, of course).

Depending on the month

In addition, it is important to what is going on in the snowy months wedding.If in December - it will cook original test associated with New Year's attributes and of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

For example, the task for the groom and his friends as gifts present guests as soon as possible to distribute as gifts can serve candy, coins, etc.Another version of the test in December - how best to decorate the Christmas tree can be, so that the matchmaker like this.

In January foreclosure attributes associated with Christmas, the Epiphany frosts.In this case, the matchmaker can ask questions to the groom of important dates in the life of the future newlyweds, iebirth their vapors, for example.Thematically, with frosts may be due to the test of the groom and his friends, and the cold snow.

February is often associated with drifting snow and weather variability, so the groom can ask questions about how he would love his own wife, that is,whether permanent, as well as questions to friends of the groom about his qualities, among which should be called courage, willingness to protect his future wife.

How to create the necessary atmosphere

How to create an atmosphere

When a ransom is organized in the room: on the floors, at the door of the apartment, in the lift - winter can come to this ceremony through the cut snowflakes, frozen windows, painted on the drawing paper.They are designed to create a festive atmosphere is winter.Then

competitions may be the same as at other times of the year, they can be added to "winter" elements.For example, traditionally there is a competition in which ask the reasons for marriage;as one of the answers can be reluctance in the cold to go on dates.You can also offer to groom as a test recall any poem on the theme of winter.

Also, do winter attributes can be part of the test: either cut as many snowflakes for some time, or pulling snowflake key to open the door where the bride is hidden, you will need to talk about the qualities of the bride, on theirpromises for the future.Alternatively, on a frozen window (present or draw on paper) to paste a declaration of love to his bride, bride to be described.

Be in the tale

also should not forget about the Russian culture, in which there are stories (fairy tales, mostly) about the winter, there are characters that are associated with winter time.One of these may be the Snow Queen.And the competition, it was organized, due to the fact that the groom and his friends need to spell bride pre stealing from the Snow Queen, or connected with the need to determine a way to melt the heart of the bride.

other heroes can become Nutcracker.Appearing on the redemption, the Rat King offers groomsmen groom spell.Before this test, the groom give the matchmaker view of the Nutcracker, or putting on him a rigid frame, or simply costume.A job to friends requires crack a nut (walnut, for example) in any way.

If space permits, which will organize a ransom, tests, may be associated with the tale "Twelve Months", for example, carry out the task of each "month".

When the bride ransom organization should always be guided by a sense of proportion: if all the tests have to be tied to winter time, it's yet another argument for the choice of the combined variant, when tested on the street and in the room evenly distributed.