Script wedding feast - a wedding feast

No wonder people say: a wedding.Do not mark or conduct, namely play.But why?And, because every wedding is a kind of performance.Do you know who's in it?Do you think the bride and groom?Of course.But still a very important place at the wedding takes toastmaster, which normally acts as a "director".

Wedding - one of the most important events in our lives, a holiday on which our future depends.It is said that what would be a triumph: a generous, cheerful, wise and nepyanym, so will the whole life of the new couple.And the wedding turned out exactly as you want, make yourself or ask toastmaster create a scenario of the wedding feast.Then you will be assured that everything is under control and it will be as you wish.

scenario of feast

you decided to make the wedding with all the traditions?If you do not want to come top of a wedding feast, and you sat and did not understand what to do, invite experienced toastmaster-leading.Since it does not have to invent anything, and control, it wil

l do everything for you.

usually brief feast script looks like:

Since the beginning of the tradition to the young family with their parental instructions to treat newly-wife's parents.After them, the word take Mom and Dad husband.Then a young family receives congratulations from grandparents.Be sure the newlyweds have to thank them for the nice words of bouquets of flowers.Next word for congratulations given to witnesses, all the relatives and guests.

When the hall, where they will spend the feast came the new husband and wife, as well as all the guests gathered, eager young health standing drink a glass of champagne.This action will allow time to complete the latest preparations for the feast.

Between this toast and an invitation to sit at the tables, guests who do not have time to do this in advance, can give the newlyweds their gifts.Even better, it will make approximately two hours after the start of the holiday, then you're all rassyadutsya and calm down, there will be no turmoil.Be sure to wait until the toastmaster will read the "Act on the transfer of the bride groom" and vice versa.And handing gifts can be after a personal greeting each guest couples.

procedure of festive feast is absolutely not complicated.It should be as often as possible to shout "Kiss!" And to say congratulations and toasts.One of them can be called basic: toast, which says a young father - the head of his family.After the break, it usually responds father's young wife.Listen toast fathers need not interrupting, but only thanks to the smiles and nods his head.

groom need to be careful and watch everything going on.After all, the shoe itself or even the bride can "steal".And to pay for its return will need to groom it.

If he husband was away somewhere without his wife, his place can easily occupy.Most often it is done by a sister or brother of his young wife.When he returned, the groom will have to pass the "examination" of the fact how well he knows his wife.

It is desirable that during the wedding feast, the couple taking the time to talk with each guest individually.

wedding feast also depends on the wedding theme.Here are the main ones:

  • Fairytale Wedding
  • Traditional Wedding
  • themed wedding
  • Exotic wedding

Let's talk about each topic separately.

Fairytale Wedding

Probably every girl at least once but I dreamed of a wedding, which is described in fairy tales and romance novels.Are you among those brides about that?If so, your wedding is a wonderful occasion to realize all your dreams come true.

Find your city the most picturesque place that will remind you of the Middle Ages and its feasts.Organize an exit ceremony there.Believe me, in their wedding clothes you do not even have the groom to transform into a prince and princess, and so you'll like them.After such a fabulous wedding and married life should be fabulous!

Traditional Wedding

you honor the traditions, like history and always want your wedding to be the same as your parents?Then you perfect scenario of a traditional wedding with the bride price and the caravan.And, of course, no wedding in the old traditions can not be without young wedding in a church or cathedral.

themed wedding

themed wedding in retro style

very popular trend - organized wedding in retro style.Buy or sew a dress according to the sketches 20s-30s of the last century.Decorate in the same style room, where you will spend the holiday feast.Guests will be delighted.

Exotic wedding

Why right after the marriage to go to a restaurant or cafe?After all, you can even leave the country!Imagine how it would be great if in the first hours of your family life, you will be surrounded by the beauty of exotic countries, for example!And bring a wedding into reality today there is no trouble, because the agency can offer a variety of tours to suit those who limited finances, and those who may spend as much as necessary.