How to forget the old love - forget old love

Experts say that the emotional pain after a breakup takes place immediately, this period can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.Dates experiences for each person individually, but this painful stage of the process is always the same.

First you get such a shock that you can not eat or sleep, then start a riot - a reluctance to accept, you develop a storm of activity, prompted by only one desire - to return a loved one.And finally, the last, longest and dangerous stage - depression.It can be expressed in indifference to the world around them, in a drinking bout, in the care of a head in work, loss of interest in life.

effective way which will save you from depression - is a piece of paper to draw a line dividing it in half, then each half separately write all the qualities of a person to throw you - positive and negative.And do not try to approach this without bias, all the characteristics - both good and bad indicate subjectively, that is, from your point of view ...

example, your favorite

did not close the tube of toothpaste - what irresponsibility!- In negative qualities immediately!Or when drinking tea, sipping it with relish - so it's a real crime!- Blacklisted in big letters!He kept forgetting to congratulate your mother a happy birthday - it's not even a lack, and a vice!Be sure to note!

Needless to say that the list of negative qualities to grow and positive - decline.Then tear off half of the sheet, which recorded the virtues, and you only have a list of shortcomings remain.Carefully read it.And you will be surprised - how could you love that person This recommendation is based on the psychological truth, which states: "If you can not change the situation, change their attitude to it"?!.

Psychologists, talking about how to forget the old lyubovv period of depression, it is recommended to think and try to understand what you have left on my own to end the relationship.On a sheet of paper, write how you were with your loved one: a gentle, considerate, caring, fun, etc.A complete list, it should be read carefully, and then find yourself in these features in real life, clearly tracking the specific situations in which you show affection, attention, care, fun ... more you will find situations in which you showhimself as he was with your loved one, the faster you will tear those invisible threads that still bind you to him.

It should be noted that men and women experience a break with your loved ones a little bit differently.Therefore, tips and how to forget the past love, are given separately.

Tips men

Parting for men - is the pain of loss, emotional trauma, a sense that life is over.What to do to get back to normal fulfilling life?

  • a look into the future.Imagine your pair of 10-15 years.Could you live with this woman in agreement all these years.And if your answer is yes, then it is nothing but a self-deception.Because consent implies complete confidence.And how can you trust a woman who betrayed you?
  • Focus on something important to you, or that, as long dreamed of.This may be something new in your job or long-planned trip, even a parachute jump, if you are attracted to.
  • Autosuggestion.For this fit the advice given above on a sheet of paper with the advantages and disadvantages.In addition, a self-psychotherapy can be completed.Imagine that you have in the past not kissed a woman, and a poisonous snake.At the beginning of this trick may not succeed, but after a few workouts, you will succeed and troubled about "the serpent" you stop.
  • not mope!Check with friends their freedom!In the end, it is possible to feel sorry, because she missed such a cool guy like you.No wonder folk wisdom says: "If the bride goes to the other, it is not known who was lucky!", Then you'll be all right, even if you still sometimes dream about old love ...

Tips women

When an old love will not be forgotten, and wounds have not tightened as quickly as we would like, it is necessary to try to make their lives easier.There are several ways.

  • Women are rich in imagination, so try to dream a little.Imagine that you have a new fan of the famous and stunning, which dream of all women.And then imagine meeting your pairs - you with a new man, and throw you the guy with the passion.Compare certainly would not be in favor of the couple, and that everyone will notice, especially ex-boyfriend.This fantasy will help you not to lower self-esteem, which is a major cause of depression.
  • Take a break from the sad thoughts.Some psychologists are advised to get away with his head in the job, but this advice is only effective when you work carries.You can enroll in any courses or -Fashion photographers - it is important that you enjoy!Unbeknownst to you your spleen as a hand lift!
  • Spend reappraisal.And if you do not help a long list of expensive flaws in the past man, take his picture, take a close look at it and imagine your favorite as a commodity, and you - in the role of women customers.Would you buy this product?He's defective!
  • Pay attention to your appearance.First of all, you need to realize that you - unique!So take care of cutting the diamond for its uniqueness!To do this on a beautiful sunny day, go shopping, buy a few favorite items, visit the beauty salon.Have looked in the mirror and then, you just regret this stupid man, not razglyadevshy in you such a woman!

Believe in the future

No matter how hard you at a time, try to convince yourself that all you have yet to come, and you will meet the person who will share with you through life all the troublesand joy will always be close and never betray.And this love is just a failed release, wishing seven feet under the keel!It was not for you, but you do not need someone else's!