What kind of girls do you like guys

most sustainable desire of women - like men.Every woman for herself determines what girls like guys her age and circle.Most of all it is peculiar to lonely girls who are doing everything in order not to miss out on the perfect prince, went out of the bread without makeup.However, all is not important, because if your man really, he will see you, even if at this moment you will be in a worn T-shirt hanging on the balcony of her underwear.

In order to understand what girls like guys, let's look at the two main ingredients for a Man sympathy: the appearance and character.

Ethnicity.What is it?

What looks like the guys
  1. person .Around only heard that the ideal person must have regular features.But surely there is a clear notion of what features correct?Each person defines for themselves your ideal man or woman.Someone like broad-faced, dark-haired and dark-skinned, but someone pale delicate blonde with huge eyes, a third like ruddy girl with freckles, red hair and happy eyes.Types l

    ooks quite a lot and each one is unique.The main thing - to be yourself and not imitate anyone, because each person is different.

  2. Figure .Types figures, too, are very different.So what is the figure of a girl like the guys?Skinny and chubby?It is all depends on the man of taste.In our time, the impression that skinny girls are used to maintain the image, rather than for a serious relationship.Of course, too much leanness repels strong man, but if everything is harmonious and beautiful, then you will be the best.The most important thing - a beautiful posture.Whatever you figure out if the posture straight and proud, it means that you have something to show.Plus posture will add appeal to your figure - tall chest, tight stomach, her head held high.

  3. sense of style and grooming .Men love a woman to always look perfectly and accurately.However, this does not mean you have to dress expensively and blindly follow fashion.The most important thing is to choose the clothes had to face the woman, he stressed all the advantages and hide flaws.It repels any man search with the use of cosmetics, clothes too open, too bright colors, tasteless.In short, the whole image should be harmonious and neat, and most importantly - femininity.

  4. Smile .An integral part of the attractive girl is smiling.The smile on the face of a woman is not talking only about the good spirits and happiness to its owner, but also the openness and good soul.Smiling girl or woman does not just tell you that she is happy, but also that it is open to dialogue.A woman who smiles often - it is satisfied and successful in life and career, a happy woman.After all, we are well aware that not only a friendship begins with mutual smiles, but also, of course, love!

  5. Confidence .So, how do you assess your appearance and yourself is reflected in your eyes and, of course, is transmitted to other people.If you truly love yourself, to do the same and the people around you.You could even say that a truly beautiful woman - a woman who is confident of 100% in its indescribable beauty.Emotional self-confidence and its beauty intuitively transmitted to all men, and so they, too, begin to take you to the beautiful.

character.What is it?

What girls like the guys on the nature
  1. Self-sufficiency .Most often, men are attracted to women who are satisfied with their lives, and have a sense of self-esteem.Such a woman will not be throwing men on the neck and hold on to them, as the only lifeline to the world, a woman will be a little inaccessible and unavailable.It is not necessary to be super woman with his successful business, a crowd of fans, and so on, you just need to be satisfied with their lives, and be sure to love all that you have and what you do.

  2. softness and kindness .Men like to see a number of these women who are gentle and sweet creatures adorning their lives to its excessive softness and kindness.Of course, everything can sometimes be inevitable rage and passion and desire - it's not bad, but do not play too long and live in this role.Especially men do not like it when women swearing, get into arguments, swearing and, God forbid, a fight with the other women and starts talking bad about other people.Men like nice and friendly woman, and even dismantling and quarrels - is a man's job, but not for women.

  3. Zest .In every attractive woman must properly present any highlight.Something that distinguishes it from all other women - her individual and unique singularity.That is what manifests this peculiarity can be completely different and the like can not all existing men.However, the most important thing is that it all came from the soul, and it was really really.

  4. sense of humor and intelligence .There is a strong belief that most men like a silly girl, but it's absolutely not true.Most of the stronger sex actually prefers quite intelligent women who know their field of cases, are able to support any conversation, and have a sense of humor.Of course, this does not mean that if you want to find her Mr Right, you need to memorize tons of literature and to know all the answers to the quiz, but that does not mean that you should be interested only in fashion and beautiful manicure.After all, if you do not have to talk with your loved one, it is likely, he just does not suit you or you to him.
  5. ability to understand her man .A very important factor is the ability to look at a man zdravomyslyasche and find a common language with his interests.Many of the whimsical and the pampered young ladies absolutely can not and do not want to take a man as he is, with its own interests, its shortcomings and good or bad habits, these girls just immediately adjust it for themselves.Even if you're really so, then carefully try to hide it, and after a while you get used to it and did not want to change so much in your favorite man.

  6. Happiness .Men are always attracted to women, which can be seen that they are happy, very few people can attract any person in the deepest depression, which only makes that repeats about their problems.Happiness - is the beauty of the soul, inner beauty, which is also reflected in the appearance.Light inside attracts men much harder than just external brilliance and brightness.That is why many are not the prettiest women are often attracted significantly more men than individual beauty.So girls do not need to know that some girls prefer guys, they simply smile at them.In fact, in this vast world of a lot of confusing things, but it really works, and it is necessary to aspire to it.

growth.High or low?

What girls like guys Growth

There is another point, which is very important when a guy chooses a girl - it's growth.In order to understand how tall girls like guys can just think of yourself a little.

High boys often prefer those girls are the same height with them or a little below.But no one can understand, what girls like tall guys more - small or too high?Of course, some tall men confused, if there is already a very low woman.However, today it is easy to fix with the help of heels or platforms.

Low girls mostly like guys or medium, or the same low.But it is arranged in nature, that young men stare at the tall women, and young high.

Honestly, guys own appearance is often not so worried about how girls and women.I looked in the mirror in the morning, a little comb, sprinkle a little cologne (and even then not always) - and forward the exploits.Guys do not have to think about what kind of ink to use, what to choose and what lipstick shade more suitable.Girls are much more complicated.However, they just love these difficulties.But men are often irritated, because they have to wait for them a long time, not knowing how to gather more than ten minutes.And not have to wait five to ten minutes, and much more.

In general, listen to your heart, and as soon as he saw him, and that only the mother, your heart will give you know about it, do not doubt it and be happy