As a man shows love

speak of such a thing as a man's love becomes more and more difficult with each passing day.The development of technology is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, and the desire of women to be independent and free radically changed the idea of ​​the relationship.Perhaps it is because of this so difficult to understand that if a man loves you, or is it just harmless flirting.

Marriage - is that part of our life to which we all aspire to, and that is exactly what allows our lives to find their meaning.However, in order to ensure that your family has not collapsed in the first six months of living together, a man with a woman seek as close as possible to know each other - for this they meet, live together, finding common interests and hobbies.In the process, may inevitably be conflicts, some "uncomfortable" situation, but they are all small steps on the way to a complete understanding of each other.Sometimes there may be conflicts on the basis of gender differences - men and women are c

ompletely different views on the world (not only as individuals, but as representatives of their sex).And then quite appropriate high speech about gender equality - whatever it was, the male and female perspective on the same subject are different, and this fact is simply necessary to take as an axiom.It does not say that someone is better and who is worse - we are just different and all!This is the cause of quite a vast amount of different information, which allows women to understand the question of how to show their feelings of men.


In the first stage of relations, it is assumed that the man should be the initiator of various kinds of action.But, taking into account the level of emancipation of modern women, this rule is often omitted.It is not so difficult to assume that up to you this man had some experience in relationship and if they run out rather not successful he learned from bitter experience, will behave very carefully, trying not to get in once, perhaps with great difficulty,weathered trouble.Therefore, be patient and understanding with the greatest concern of all is not bold steps being taken by a man that you like, trying to find a way to your heart.It may be uncertain or even touch the ridiculous jokes, but in any case all his attention will be drawn to you.In such a situation, if you feel sympathy for this man, do not play the role of an impregnable bitch, because it is his only scare.Be softer, give him a smile and a look full of kindness - it will become bolder and will be ready for first steps!

In any case, it is necessary to understand that to love with you your beloved lived his life where he had his own hobbies and outlook on the world.It is not necessary to change it - because then it ceases to be itself.And if in the first phase relationship can arise doubts about the sincerity of feelings of men, then in the future the question of how a man's love is manifested, can stand up more often.And in order to give an answer to this question will require a lot of patience and understanding.


Gifts men

Gifts - this is one of the most important aspects of the relationship.Men have different views on this issue.Some tend to shower his lover gifts, some are presented, which will be extremely valuable it is for her heart and your relationship.And here it is not necessary to take offense to any of the gifts given to man, even if it seemed to you that it does have a hint - it's probably not the case.Men pay a lot less attention to detail than women - they tend to come to the final result.In most cases, if a man wanted to teach you a Present - it is good, it means that he sincerely wants to give one piece of heat that is stored in his heart.But as we all know, to show their feelings for men can be very difficult - so they are doing it covertly enough - give gifts, equip our lives.This may seem a standard "function" of men, because, according to most women, loved one and should do - to bestow gifts and keep his beloved.But in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the male part of the population of the planet - a pragmatic people.And before you even bestow a little trifling gift, he should know that it can get something in return - the kind words, support and so on.In any case, if a man gave you a present - it means that he sees your future.

Compliments, nice words

Compliments woman

As a man shows love?Pretty sparingly.We all know that the beautiful words and serenades under the window is able to not everyone.Often men who are able to devote their beloved ladies verses are extremely creative nature.They can make crazy, imaginative, romantic gesture, but at the same time be emotionally difficult people, which is quite difficult to create a family life in the future.

If you want, what would your man could make you a romantic surprises - let him be himself.Of course, each of us has the idealized image of the prince, with a car, a country house with a swimming pool and other financial benefits.But not every man at the time getting to know you can have it all.And this is precisely the role of the woman in a man's life.It should reveal him as a person, push on the accomplishment of new and emerging exploits, even when the hands go down, but in any case not to cross the fine line between the role of lover and mother.And then, when he will feel quite comfortable that would be open to you my heart and my emotions - then you get a reward, which have been waiting for - beautiful words, gifts and most importantly - a man who can reach any peaks for you.


In conflicts, we are able to show the most vivid emotions.At this time, everyone can tell a huge amount is not nice words, which will come from the heart, or just something to annoy.But do not take these words seriously.After all, in the heat of emotion we are rarely restrained himself.

In the conflict the most important point is the way in which a person asks for forgiveness.The most sincere expression of warm feelings will be sincere repentance for his actions.Well, if your man does not feel guilty, then for forgiveness can be a phrase: "Do not be offended."Of course, the latter option does not sound like comfort, and can not become a way for reconciliation, but if you pay attention to what your lover proved himself with a weak hand, let's not even counting the guilty - that says a lot.So he's ready for you to do anything you were together.