How to recognize the love of a man - learn to recognize the love of a man

Guessing on a camomile long become a pleasant childhood memories, because adult women no longer believe that any flower can answer this important question: love or not?But becoming older, everyone wants to understand how to recognize the love of a man and not to run into a gigolo.To the great joy, there are certain signs that can tell you whether you are in love with your man.

man wants peace with you closer

essence of this feature is that a man always wants to talk (or just to be around) with you.He often calls to a mobile phone or write to you on social networks ... But there are men for whom all this is not enough:. They want visual and tactile contact.

In general, if a man is in love with you, he will call you, write, constantly seek your society, to talk about their lives and to listen carefully to all that choose to tell about themselves.In this case, no need to pull all the members of the opposite sex with the same brush.All men are showing their interest in their own way: some

make breathtakingly expensive gifts, others say the huge number of compliments and just nice words, others prefer something different.The essence of all these actions alone.If you understand that everything man does he does, not only in order to achieve physical proximity, we can say that he is really in love with you.

man easily admits you into their lives

Basically, the stronger sex are quite conservative, and to let others into your life and your space them hard.After all, almost every action they take if you want to take away their freedom.But if the opposite is true and the man himself, and very actively trying to get you into my life, it certainly speaks of his love for you.

But do not assume that if man allows you to cook for him and wash his clothes, he was madly in love with you.Unfortunately, this is not always the case.Sometimes it says only that the man does not want all these home "stuff" to do himself.Maybe he was just too lazy?But if a man constantly asks to be together a little longer, stay with him, or even dare to live together, most likely, he really likes you and is perceived as one of the components of his life.

man can to make sacrifices for the sake of you

Any rapprochement requires not only from men but also from women concessions and readiness for what will have to adapt to each other.You think your man is in love with you for real?And he really appreciates your presence in my life so that he can give up everything familiar to him, friends, habits, pace of life, just because of what you have asked him?If a man loves - all this to make it not only can, but he wants.But that's only to abuse his love in any case not worth it.Suddenly, your beloved will have to make too great sacrifices (to change residence or to cease to communicate with close friends), then you yourself will have to somehow compensate for all what he has lost.And whether it will be able to each?

man cares about you

If you do not know how to recognize true love note on attitude.Here again, all very simple: if a man tries to guess your even the smallest desire, if he is willing to occasionally adjust to your changeable mood if it is a pleasure to please you, to calm, to surprise and to protect, rest assured - you have found love.This view also works in the opposite direction.That is, if all of the above is no, do not have to scramble, the man you just indifferent.

man is afraid to hurt you

This only means that your young man in any case does not want to hurt you.He will not try to deceive you, or to use, because all it does not fit the description of the behavior of a young man in love.Means:

  • cruelty to which man is conscious;
  • abnormal brutality;
  • constant humiliation;
  • psychological pressure;
  • and, of course, the use of physical force.

there are such women (and unfortunately quite a few), which can make it all only because of their fear of losing a loved one.But no one deserves to be treated.If a man with absolute indifference looks at how you cry, you can be sure he does not love you no matter grams.

The man you strong attraction

Everything is easier if a young man wants you, then you have a good chance soon to become his girlfriend.What it does not attracted to each other promotes rapprochement?But do not forget that even the strong desire on the part of your man can not guarantee his love.

Unfortunately, there are cases when after a man received desired - closeness to him an interesting woman - all sympathy and all attentions vanished as if they had never been.So if you think that in addition to this feature in any other behavior of your young person is not present, is not worth much to hope for love to the grave.