How to get rid of depression by yourself - how to get rid of their own depression

Every decision a person in his life - is the choice of a new path for myself.The ways in which it will be quite a bit, just to the point, unless you need to make a new choice.But how often do not appear on our way such "crossings" we continue to move toward its goal, which at some point has become very important to us.And we go.Come on, is not tire until it stops blowing "passing" the wind pushing us forward.Instead it will be "inhibiting" have family problems, unpleasant "surprises" at work or in your personal life.And now you do not want to move, do not want to go to the goal, because her image faded and attracts as much as before ... The familiar feeling?

Each of us experienced them once or a few times in my life, but "he took himself in hand" and was on its way within.Unfortunately, not everyone is able to leave the quiet pool "pointless" quickly and without problems.And then the world around them is painted in gray faceless colors - the color of depression.Realistically assess the situation

in which they found themselves, many will try to figure out how to get rid of depression on their own, to once again "return" themselves and start living.However, the "climb" of this condition can be very difficult at times.

How to deal with depression

first step - to realize that the problem really arose.To avoid accidentally confuse depression with ordinary fatigue of the body, try to sleep a couple of days "from the heart" to lie on the couch with a favorite book or watch a comedy on television.If at the end of the experiment the desire to do something (go hiking, buy a new TV, fly in a balloon and the other in a similar, expands the boundaries of the person of the former environment, gender) does not appear, it remains to note: if you are not a workaholic, who worked earlier years10 weekends and holidays and exhausted themselves to the point of exhaustion, you can safely put yourself newfangled diagnosis - "depression".

second step - "congratulate" themselves that have joined the ranks of people, from time to time fall into exactly the same "state of the marsh," and try to invent for themselves a cure for depression.As with any treatment, get rid of depression should start with establishing the causes of its occurrence.

Causes Depression


now accepted that the life of an ordinary man just full of stress - both at work and at home.The worst stress - is the death of someone from relatives.In such cases, sometimes it is necessary to resort to medical care."Simple" is the stress (for example, the scandal at work and reprimanded the chief) is dangerous because it can dramatically reduce the human self-esteem, make him insecure and manifestation of the protective reaction of the organism - something like a temporary "hibernation" until the problem is not "dissolve themselves"(Now this, in most cases, and hope it is not necessary).Simply put, the problem is not clear, to drive in this state, to find a solution how to get out of depression on their own, will not work.

If the stresses of life appear too often, it is possible that instead of searching for the answer to the question: "How to deal with depression," should change their lives.Imagine that you went for a walk in the woods, but under his feet all the time there are holes, the branches whipped in the face, with trees falling on your head bumps.And all because you did not go back to wherever he had to go.And there she cherished path, hiding behind a nearby pine trees.Just to see her have to look at the sides, not the ground underfoot study.So in life is not going well at work - take a look around ... and change work;problems at home - remove them, even if I have to do to move to another city (for example, away from the moralistic-in-law) or divorce (get rid of the alcoholic husband).Do not waste your life on the problem - it is far too short.


Another terrible "beast", pounding into a depression - sudden changes in life.The most common change - is retirement.On the "newly" retired immediately piled all the sores disappear life enthusiasm, there is a feeling of "uselessness", that is, all the symptoms of depression is evident.In fact, things are not so bad and quite easy to figure out how to get out of depression.Is not it cool that you get paid money just like that, and work at the same time it is not necessary?And you want to work - so no one forbids it.Just work it is already possible to find pleasure, not duty.In addition, age is still very young and there is still a couple dozen able-bodied age.It is possible and to travel, and nurse grandchildren, and even cherished dream to perform (to learn to paint, play an instrument, learn the computer or do you take a picture).The main thing is not to stop and to move forward, away from depression.

Unlike men, women 'traps' two more kinds of change in your life, the most "favorite" depression:

  • Depression during pregnancy. Most often it "sick" of women for whom their "interesting position" was a surprise.Most likely, they did not plan to become pregnant so early and devoted their lives to careers in the workplace.Taking place at this time in a woman changes (changes in shape, unpleasant "satellites" of pregnancy - morning sickness, swelling, fatigue, etc.) give the impression of "falling into the trap", from which it is difficult to get out.To understand how to get out of depression, we need to understand exactly what scares a woman: the lack of housing, the need to quit a job or the prospect of becoming a mother?In any case, the woman will have to change their goals in life, adapting to the situation.Very good for depression during pregnancy helps watching TV about kids and their parents happy, as well as reading the relevant literature, which allows the expectant mother to introduce your child and monitor its development.
  • Postpartum depression .The more complex births were, the greater the chance for women to get depressed.Here are all superimposed on each other as the cake layers: hard labor, pain after suturing tears, fatigue, digestive problems, fear of a young mother to be mistaken, cranky toddler, overweight ... The woman gradually "fall" hands ceases to please the child appearsirritation and tears.Realizing the reason is not hard to come up with ways to get rid of postpartum depression.Firstly, we have to rest.And for that part or all of the household chores have to "shift" to "fragile" shoulders of her husband and relatives, leaving himself only a baby.Second, set the house strict rules: every day my mother an hour (or two) of free time a child (even play with him by someone else) to do them - to go to the fitness center, soak in the bath, soak up the sun and so on.It is an excellent remedy for depression for women of any age.Third, if too long after giving birth is something hurts, it is necessary to consult your doctor.Fourth, it is to hint to her husband that he should take care and learn how to get rid of postpartum depression his wife.Maybe we should go back to the period of "candy buketny" relations and daily declarations of love?

If you quickly get out of depression and anxiety does not work at home, it is necessary to turn to professionals to get individually tailored course of treatment and to continue to live, not exist!