How to find out ring size - ring size at home

Men always irksome question of the size of the ring.If you wish to make a favorite gift, you must not make a mistake with the size, to the surprise success.When you gain the ring for himself, it is easy: you can try a few copies in the jewelry store.But still, not knowing the answer to the question "What is your size?", You feel awkward.

Choosing the right ring

When selecting the ring you must consider two factors: the thickness of a finger, on which will be acquired by wearing a ring, and the thickness of the ring.When selecting a thick, more than eight millimeters, the ring should be more space for his socks, more subtle, respectively, requires less space.

be taken into account and the fact that the size of the left hand is usually different from the right.Therefore, it is fitting must be done on the finger for which the ring meant.The size of the ring may vary depending on the time of year.For example, in the summer of fingers often swell, sweat, little increase in size.Fitting mu

st be done in a cool place in a state of complete tranquility.

Some tips from the experts:

  1. is not necessary to carry out the fitting in the morning.Fingers swollen at this time, so the size is not accurate.
  2. impossible to carry out the fitting after exercise, visit the gym or pool.
  3. Do not try on the ring during menstruation.
  4. Avoid fittings rings in the hot season or in sub-zero temperatures as well as high body temperature.

How to choose the right size ring

easiest came to a jewelry store, trust the professionals.Employees know how to set the size and choose a ring.But this method is good if you want to buy a ring for himself.If you wish to make a favorite gift, you can use some tricks to determine the correct size of her finger.

  1. The easiest way - is to take one of the rings favorite and it has to pick up a gift.
  2. can simply outline on paper, the inner contour of the ring.
  3. Turning paper tube, Push it to the ring, and when the paper lie down tightly to the inner loop, secure the sheet.
  4. Using a ruler can independently measure the diameter of the ring.
  5. can just try on your favorite ring on his hand, and then do the same thing, and in the jewelry store.The trouble is that no one on the ring finger can not approach: women are usually thin and delicate hands, and men - large and wide.
  6. can "estimate" the size of a finger-sized gloves.Usually, when a woman wears a small glove, then the size of her fingers will be small - 15,5-16,6.Each time the amount to be added per unit of each value.
  7. During sleep, you can measure the size of the finger favorite:
  • need to carefully make five fingers around the coils, which will be bought for a ring.Winding should not be tight or too loose.Then fold in half and cut the thread at the bottom.Measure with a ruler the length of the thread, and divide that number by 15.7.As a result, the size of the ring is determined.If you wish to buy a bigger ring, it is necessary to round the resulting number in a big way, while slender and elegant choice - in less.

  • can measure the size using paper strips.It needs to wrap around the finger and the resulting length of the mark.It is necessary to take into account the width of the joints.It happens that the joint itself is much wider than the base of the finger.Therefore, we must keep this in mind when measuring.

  • Accurate measurement ring size, you can resort to the help of a special Paltsemer.Typically, the kit includes several strips of different lengths, which is designated length.You can make your own Paltsemer.It should look like the image.It is necessary to make a slit in the right place and to measure them right finger, turning the paper tape.

When poor choice of ring jewelry stores can replace, if it is available.A common method is to modifications rings in jewelers.

must remember that in Russia the ring size is determined by the internal diameter in millimeters, but in European countries take into account the length of the circumference.Designating the Russian size of L, and the D as a European, and remembering of course geometry that the circumference of the diameter multiplied by pi, which is on average equal to 3.14, we get the formula L = D X 3.14.

Below is a comparison table of Russian and European sizes.

Comparison Chart international size rings

rings Size Chart


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