How to become a self-confident - how to feel confident

What does it mean - to be self-confident woman?Many ladies mistakenly believe that this is enough to dress in the most fashionable things, to attend the expensive beauty salons, catch yourself interested glances of men.

Undoubtedly, for a woman's appearance and availability of money make it possible to go through life more comfortable, but it often borders on complacency, desire to boast of and contempt for others, which indicates the vulnerability and the illusory nature of this quality, based on the trappings.Undoubtedly, a prestigious job, comfortable apartment, a bank account allows us to feel greater and more impressive in their own eyes and in the eyes of others.But if suddenly one day all this will disappear entourage that often happens, what will be left?

Psychologists believe that she knows the secret of self-confidence, if feels comfortable without make-up, jewelery and fashion.This requires the most vital inner core, which will not fall in a difficult moment and bend under pressure.Co

nfidence - it is wholly internal quality, it may be congenital, grafted in the process of education or develop the self.

How to become confident?To do this, you need to learn not to run away from problems, or to shift them to others, and decide for themselves, here and now!The first step in this direction should be to identify the causes of insecurity.This can be done by introspection or by resorting to the help of a psychoanalyst.

However, even without the psychologist it is clear that most of our domestic problems are rooted in childhood.Somewhere in the labyrinth of our memory and even in the subconscious is still living who greatly offended us negatively affected us, undermine our inner strength and self-confidence.

In this case, feel free to throw it out of the past, forgive and release him.The ability to forgive all inherent natures strong, confident, resentment and rancor - for the weak."Ghost of the Past" will go at once, but every day less and less will be reminded about themselves gradually rastaivaya.

Confidence - a trick

Confidence - a trick

Then you must convince yourself that you are self-sufficient, handsome, intelligent and happy, but to do it at alleasy, because the reality is often blatantly contradict these claims.You can resort to using affirmations.Despite some discordant words, it means positive statements that require multiple repetition, and not subject to doubt.More specifically, about affirmations can be found in any book on psychological auto-training.

Armed with you the most suitable, clearly for itself, repeat them several times every day in the mirror.Thus it is necessary to look directly into your own eyes, that is not always easy.Tell everyone you believe not once, but every day the belief in yourself will be stronger, and the time will come when you will realize that the way it is, you - are self-sufficient, intelligent, beautiful and happy!

If you for confidence you need to look good, you can start to engage with their appearance - to lose weight, make a new hairstyle, make-up, buy something from the clothing, but it is only the outward signs of confidence.Suddenly you so beautiful and stylish, Naham saleswoman in a dirty apron, and let it be a thousand times worse than you, let it all "wrong", but for some reason all of your confidence somewhere disappears, and you fold in front of her...

go through life laughing

go through life laughing

Sense of humor not only helps to control himself, but also to influence the circumstances.I recall the words of Pierre Beaumarchais that if he did not laugh constantly, he would have to constantly cry.Indeed, a person who has a sense of humor, is much more difficult to ruffle or offend.

How to feel confident?Yes, just need to take everything with a kind of irony, and then you can easily avoid in life and relationships unnecessary drama.

For example, you threw her husband and close all sympathize with you, and you do not want to limp and show that you are in pain.Joked that he could not stand your singing in the morning in the bathroom.In this nature you will be alone for long, because the lightweight nature attracts people.

Humor - it's a great way to resolve any conflict.The ability to laugh at their faults and over a generally disarm people and advance neutralize potential attacks or spice to your address.Repartee, exhibition offender in a ridiculous form, reduce the number of people willing to join with you in the conflict.However, the wit is necessary to use caution so as not to amass a superfluous enemies without forgiving ridicule.Confident woman should never raise your voice in order to prove a point or to put an opponent on the spot, quite a few witty words.

few tips

To statuverennoy girl, you need a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir strengths and weaknesses.From what inspires you need to try to get rid of the uncertainty, and that on the contrary, it gives confidence - develop.

Do not take to heart the criticism of someone, it's just another person's opinion and may be wrong.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake.On error, people learn and become wiser.

learn to give, do not let themselves be manipulated and do only what you want to do or think is necessary.

Learn to love yourself.Your body and soul is unique and it is - you!

Set a goal and reaching it, congratulate yourself.Do not focus on failures and failures, then they will be less likely to happen to you, or you simply stop noticing.

Improve yourself.This is true not only of intrinsic qualities, but also your appearance.

Always be polite and friendly, it has the people, and you do not get the negative emotions.

Always remember that your life dispose yourself.So decide what you should do yourself.People can only accept or reject your actions, do not be afraid to do things that may cause disapproval of others, within the framework of a good education, of course!