How to part with a married man - parting with a married

Tragically is not always our lives are made up as we would have liked.You are dreaming about stability, family and destiny-joker throws a married man ...

If you are well aware that relations with non-free men absolutely do not suit you and you just do not want to sit and wait, and when will your happiness remainsonly one way: to leave with a married man.

It would seem that could be easier ... But that's just utter the phrase easy, but it is much more difficult to implement.If your meeting lasted only a few weeks, it is likely to send a married man in a "free" on your swimming you will have no difficulty.But what to do when your favorite unfree already very firmly stopped not only in your life, but in your heart?

in women's magazines full of tips on the subject, but that's only if we always listen to someone's advice out there?Surely, you think that you have a special man, and that the situation is completely not the same as telling the other girls, and that everything in your life can be different

: family, love, children ...

But statistics show, very, very small percentage of men may abandon an established family for his mistress (yes, you are the mistress for him).Men are not to leave her family and children need a very good reason.

should never ask themselves why the man still has not made his choice.Believe me, if it is still in the family, so it all completely satisfied and he does not want to change anything.And he took you only a part of his mistress.

Why women can not leave

Why women can not leave

Before thinking how to part with a married lover, admit to myself: why do not you do this earlier?Did you love this man so much?To such an extent that they are ready to forgive him everything: the betrayal, lies and perpetual selfishness?

Or maybe you hope that one day a man decides that he needs you more and offer to be his lawful wife?And you can trust the person itself, reliably knowing that he was capable of treason?

If you are afraid of breaking off relations just because you do not want to live alone, look at its relations with the parties: is at the moment you are not alone?

Understand that a man, who is now with you, never will be only yours.So no need to regret loved, is he sorry for you when inhaled in this relationship?

End Relations

If you decide to part with her beloved married man, tell him about it directly, without any hints.Yes, say these words can be quite difficult, especially when looking into the eyes of some (and perhaps now) lover.But to do so in any case it is necessary.

If you think that you simply can not cope with the upcoming emotions, be sure before going to meet, drink some soothing.You can even think in advance all the phrases you want to say.

Try to do without reproaches and tantrums.Tell the man "thank you" for all the good that you feel close to him and release ...

Care -


Here you have taken the first stepon the way to the parting.Now your man was only in the past, has ceased to exist for you.No need to answer when he calls, do not need to see him, to respond to his communications.

Even if you already got safely to part with a married man, to tear everything once connects you thread.And, of course, get rid of that may remind you of a past love: a joint photo discs with something meaningful to the two of you music.

remove his mobile number, add it to the blacklist on the social networks.Do not forget that your relationship in the past and in the future you will find the most beautiful and, of course, a free man, which will belong only to you alone.

find support

you broke up with a man, and you began to torment of doubt and sadness?So, it's time to ask for support from your favorite friends.Chances are, your decision to break up with a married man, they approve and help to survive this unpleasant episode of your life.

One would like to pick up the phone and call the former a man?Well, take your phone in your hands ... and call the best girlfriend and ask her to distract you.It is not necessary to abandon the familiar invitations to go to a club or a movie.

Seek help

you feel you can not cope with the situation and the pain that it brings on their own?It remains a remarkable output: turn to a psychologist for help.It will help you understand why this man is so attracted you, and why at this time to put the final point in the relationship so difficult.

When you learn about the psychological side of the novel, you will be much easier to decide how to throw a married man.

If the man with whom you met, and even your colleague, the situation is somewhat more complicated.Indeed, despite the desire to break the relationship, you will have to see each other almost every day.

And if former male still your boss ... We'll have to admit that in this case the best option to find a new job.There is a very small number of men who would be a former mistress generosity, especially when he took the decision not to give up.

In this case, do not have to wait any promotions, and recovery from past relationships, too.Therefore, if possible, go as soon as you can.And a new job in any case do not repeat past mistakes.

Love of self

It would seem that you have thrown a married man, what else could you want?It is certainly remarkable.But what to do with the feelings and thoughts that do not want to go out of your head?

Do not adjust to quick results, because feelings can not be so quick and easy to pull out from the heart.But if you decide that you deserve more, you will begin to notice how every day remember about the former favorite smaller and smaller.

This means one thing: the day is coming when you will be ready for true love.