As men choose a woman - how a woman chooses a man

The world lives a huge number of men and each of them has their own opinion about what is it that should be a woman, that she liked all men without exception.Of course, this is not possible in principle, but each of those living in a man's world, believes that only his opinion correct and is not subject to any discussion.

When a man chooses a girl with whom he plans to spend even if not a lifetime, but some of its segment, it passes the stages of the analysis and reflection.

What choice based

In general, is it possible - to allocate certain feminine traits that are exactly like all men?Probably not.But there are traits of appearance, behavior patterns and ways of thinking that are really attracted to men.


Naturally, one of the qualities attracting men - the appearance of a girl or woman.It's no secret that men love the eyes and, of course, first of all assess the woman's appearance.And the question here is not about any kind of facial features (plump lips and long blond hair

- a stereotype).As is known to all, and men in particular, there are no ugly women.

sense of style and harmony

Everyone loves neat people, men are no exception.Good looking women are very important to them.Similarly, as the combination of certain items of clothing.And this is not to say that women's clothing must be bright or expensive.No, she just has to approach her.Men love women who have taste and style.



Here, most likely, and say nothing.After all, we likewise choose men, the aroma of which we like.

For men, the smell of women is very important.Strong sex very annoying smell of sweat, but also perfume, which is felt even for a few meters, they also do not like.It is important that the fragrance of your perfume was pleasant and not too sharp.

Self-satisfaction and self-sufficiency

If a woman wants to please men, from her just satisfaction must come aura of his career and work.A representative of the stronger sex to avoid a woman who constantly complains about his life, financial condition ... that you want to call in a pleasing man pity?This latter feeling that he must undergo to meet you.

Positive attitude is very appealing (and not only men), and if added to that mood yet charming smile .. Consider that a man is already yours.



It is a constant subject of debate: someone argues that men like just thin persons who stubbornly believe that they like women "in the body".Do you know how men choose a woman?The answer is simple: they do not like women who have both excess and lack of weight.

female figure should be harmonious and well-groomed.Men are very pleased when he sees that a woman really cares about her figure.

Hair color

stereotype that all men are crazy long-haired blondes slightly exaggerated.Hair color is not the most important factor that helps to enjoy a certain man.Believe me, your other qualities play a much more important role than some kind of hair color.


This is a very important point.What you have that is different from any other woman?But each of us is simply obliged to be even barely perceptible, but zest.

Personal qualities

They are very important for men.None of them does not like evil, envious women who are just waiting for the moment to discuss another man.You know what else annoys men?A loud and strident voice.

Many representatives of the stronger sex just can not stand it when their girl is using obscene words.

If you want to please men, you have to be intelligent, friendly and good-natured.Besides the ability to keep the conversation going, as necessary.Still believe that men like glupyshek?The absolute lie!


No man does not like girls with makeup overdoing.Still believe that even a small amount of it should be.



Men love when their women to understand and tolerate their hobbies: sports, automobiles, but who knows what else.Representatives of the stronger sex like caring, gentle women who will support in difficult times.But selfishness, indifference, and vice versa obsession them very annoying.

Each of us has to be a sense of self-worth and a certain inaccessibility.So we will stay for a long time for men interesting and desirable.

The list is endless, as important for every man as a huge number.Do not just be perfect, but still need to strive towards this, and with each passing hour and day to get better.