How to return her lover - how to restore a sense of a man

When each of the girls begin a serious relationship, everyone wants even for a moment to look into the future to see what the relationship will be.After all, no one wants to change, quarrels, constant insults, parting ... Everyone wants to live a happy life without suffering and resentment.But the situation when leaving the beloved is not so rare.This happens quite often.There are women who can put up with this unpleasant situation, but there are those who forgive and forget all the bad, thereby opening a new chapter of his life - a life without him.And there are those who are willing to do anything to the beloved returned.

question "how to return the beloved" psychologists get very often, you can even say with a certain regularity.Is it easy to do this if at all possible.

Understand itself

most important thing in such a bad situation is to understand why you want to return a person, which did not work.Is it love or perhaps a desire for revenge?Do not try to return a man just because he hurt

your pride, or because you want to ruin his life and how he ruined yours.It can not lead to anything good.

is also very important to understand: a man left her for another woman or simply to you.When answering this question, you need to decide whether you want to forgive him, or maybe you need to forgive myself.After all, feeling hurt, you are destroying yourself.

In short, before you start the operation called "Return of the favorite in the family", you need to be 100% sure that it is you really want ... What are you willing to forgive all wrongs ... What are you ready for a difficult and rather long struggle formy love ...

total between you

find something in common, remain among you, even after separation.Return of the one who went away from you and with whom you have no way to contact is not possible.Nor is it possible to return the person with whom you have there is not a common topic of conversation.

Try to remember all the important and good, that once you are bound.Perhaps this "thread", and there still?Maybe you have common children, the animals, which both of you loved, friends, work, the memories in the end.

does not come from what you want, and the interests and desires of his former (and perhaps future) men.

Analyze problem

Spend analysis of the situation in mind.But just do not need to give in to emotions - keep yourself in their hands.Try to remember some of his mistakes he has made in the past, as well as their own.For something as a man pushed to your parting.Maybe you have had constant scandals, accusations and lack of understanding on your part?All this could be the reason why the beloved is gone from you.

The more pins you make for yourself, the more understand for itself, the more answers to the question "how to get a sense of the man," you will get.

It is very important at this stage to remove all illusions.For example, if you wisely understand that your man is a womanizer, and is unlikely to change, to be honest myself to admit it and decide whether you need a man.If necessary, go to the repeated "conquest".

Or if it is in you, for example, you scandalous lady, who, instead of kissing his beloved was weighed slap, you must admit to herself that even if such conduct and the reasons, this method is not the most beautiful.Perhaps you should try to calm down and not to show his temper so clearly, because even if you all will be adjusted - a man come back to you, how long he can hold out again with a difficult person like you?

In general, you need to remember one thing: the end of any relationship can not be guilty of only one partner.So stop blaming yourself or him, and start doing at least some steps.

do the opposite

Begin to act on the contrary, to attack and stop all the same rake.For example, if you have not for several years organized the ritual - daily sawed her husband's low salary, make him a compliment.Or if you just started to cry from what you favorite raised his voice - learn to restrain his excessive emotions.If before you have all the time there was reason to quarrel with a man, and now it is time to look for a way to make peace.

If you want to return a man after an argument, one will be exactly the inevitable: have to change yourself and your character.Of course, you do not need to lean to hide his "I" only to be with your loved one, you need to correct the issues that did not allow him to see what you are wonderful and beautiful.

If you are confused and do not know coca man wants to see you, remember myself at that time, when a man for the first time admitted to you in love.

behavior at the meeting

behavior when meeting

Well, you and realize all the mistakes, found the strength to forgive him, changed themselves and find a way to meet ... Now everything isin your hands.Try to be patient and not on anything not insist.The purpose of your first meeting - reconciliation, and should not expect from it something else.Just ask the forgiveness of the man and tell him also forgive.So the conversation you will no suspense and tension.

Prepare to be that more would have to listen to, and most importantly to hear their favorite.Let him express all that he had accumulated, even if it is not the things that you like to hear.The main thing, do not be tempted to turn your reconciliation another showdown and the exchange of existing claims.

Try to find topics of conversation that are of interest to both of you and that does not lead you to the next showdown.

not impose

Try not to be intrusive for it.Perhaps, in his quest to regain a loved one at any price and it is difficult to resist the temptation to follow him everywhere, but we must try.You should understand that a person can get back to you as soon as you gonna call, but may not want to enter into the same "river" twice.

In no case did not plead it at every meeting of your return, do not cry with him and do not make excuses.It would not be good, but only alienate a man from you.

not become dependent on his favorite, let him see that you do not want to block it oxygen your feelings, you will live safely and without him, and love - your conscious choice.

And most importantly: do not take revenge on him as much as it does not like, and what would be an insult to you is not lived.

Take a

Perhaps the most important point.Begin by doing something only for myself: for a long time wanted to go to the fitness club - go, time to do just wonderful.We wanted to get a second degree - well, just a new group dial.Live life to the fullest!And do it for yourself, not for your beloved, because life changes necessary for you, and not your man.

matter how sad it was, but not every woman knows how to regain the trust of men, and if they know it is not every turn.Some men are gone forever, and that's a fact.Nevertheless, quite often it happens that a man and a woman who previously were in a relationship, too many things in common and therefore there are strings, pulling for which everything can return to normal.But here it is very important not to confuse these strings and pull the one that is able to separate you forever.

And he would return