How to deal with jealousy of her husband - how to deal with jealousy

Almost each of the women, at least once in his life he faced with jealousy on the part of your boyfriend or have a legal spouse.Of course, sometimes jealousy is justified and does not cross the border of normal behavior.But what about those whose man just goes crazy and does not provide the possibility to breathe freely.How to deal with a jealous husband?

Psychological aspects

to destroy her husband's jealousy, you first need to understand the psychology of feelings.What all this jealousy?It doubts in fidelity and love dear person, who almost always have a very painful character.But such a definition can only be described as a superficial interpretation of the word "jealousy".

First of all jealousy is jealous of uncertainty, lack of confidence in its appeal, that it is worthy of the love of his beloved woman.Therefore, even though virtually indiscriminate view that jealous - means love, jealousy much more self-love than true love.

Quite often you can meet men who are to some extent ev

en proud of their jealousy.But in it there is absolutely nothing positive and good.Jealousy - a weakness.Jealous weak, wounded and helpless.And he knows that, but he has neither the mind nor its exposure is to hide the impotence of the woman he loved, and others.So it appears unjustified jealousy.Now you know what it is man's jealousy psychology, and it is time to find out how well this feeling at all the case.

jealousy types

Types and jealousy

Type 1: Jealousy painless consumer

A great man once said that a woman may be slightly offended by acts of jealousy, butNow forgive its absence can never.A small dose of jealousy even helpful for any relationship.That it gives the man an incentive to move, to get better potential competitors, allowing a slightly different angle to look at the favorite and refreshing feeling.

Such jealousy is useful for both partners: the woman feels that her favorite appreciates it, afraid of losing what she desired.A man enjoying a realization that the woman he chose, and like other men.And how useful can be jealous when you want to get a loved one to make some changes in life!It is just a little bit "prick" jealousy and male T-shirt immediately, notice the slightest change in your appearance will throw out their old and unloved such as you and generally will be the most gentle and affectionate.

Keep favorite in tone - a considerable skill, but the main thing in this art do not overdo it, as something harmless and useful feeling can transform into jealousy of the second type.

Type 2: Jealousy hypertrophied

If ordinary jealousy intensifies love, jealousy exaggerated it only complicates.As long as you control the process, the state of jealousy with your man is still possible to discuss openly and fight.Women are beginning to calm himself famous phrase about the "jealous, mean love," but more often notice-slip unpleasant moments in communicating with your loved one: he begins to treat his wife as if she were his property, does not give her freedom for their personal interests and needs.Unfortunately, this jealousy will eventually only make progress.

Type3: Jealousy pathological

Now that's obsessive condition that is associated with the fear of being cheated, which is accompanied by increased anxiety and neuroses.According to psychologists, this jealousy hardest to treat, it is in fact a mania.The man turns to the prosecutor and detective at the same time, constantly looking for evidence of treason.In general, from such a person better run aimlessly.It is unlikely that you want throughout your life together you dopekat suspicions, accusations and scandals.

Signs of male jealousy - not inflated nostrils and snatched the dagger from its sheath.As you can imagine, so jealous Only in the series.In reality, the man expresses his jealousy in constant scandals and reproaches.But it is worth noting that the jealousy of men is better than the jealousy of women, since the latter is basically just silently weeping, more confined to himself.And jealousy is not overcome.

struggle with jealousy

These are some very useful tips to help women who know how to manifest male jealousy, tired of this and want to change everything:

  • talk heart to heart with her husband.Men much more straightforward, than girls, and therefore they are not as well understood by hints.Because of this, your spouse generally can not understand your discontent than ever.He needs directly, but without insults, explain that too jealous husband, you do not need and that excessive jealousy and true love are simply incompatible.That's just to start a conversation is quite difficult at the moment do not have quarrels, and when you are calm and adequately understand each other;
  • try to pick your favorite self-esteem.Indeed, as mentioned above, jealousy is a manifestation of self-doubt.How can you say more often in their half of all sorts of compliments and convinces him that the best person for yourself, you just can not imagine.It is possible that this "therapy" can help reduce jealousy favorite over time;
  • never remember with her husband about her past relationships.You can not do it, even in a negative way, not to mention the positive.Forget about talking about your first kiss, or that the school you have carried away the girlfriend Man.All this makes the jealousy of your favorite stronger.Remember that jealousy of the past young people - one of the most common causes of the collapse of the marriage;
  • not need to provoke her husband's jealousy.Very often it happens that the girls complain of wanton, they feel jealousy on the part of the beloved.But they do not even understand what they are feeling called to the men themselves.So to start analyze whether your behavior in the moments that provoke favorite.

It may be that none of these tips will help you cope with the jealousy of her husband, and he will also have to harass suspicion and perpetual control.If a loved pathological jealousy, exit option can be only one - to terminate the relationship.Otherwise, in a few years such eternal nagging, you will become clogged, nervous and lonely.