How to spend a bachelorette party - how to have fun bachelorette party before the wedding

Thousands of brides are wondering how to spend a bachelorette party before the wedding.Let's try to answer it.We hope that the proposed ideas for the bachelorette party will help you save time.

Behind you an exciting moment of recognition of love, it's time to visits, a marriage proposal.Ahead - a wedding, where you will be the most beautiful in the universe.Preparation for this important day - thousands of pleasant cares.You choose the dress, discuss with the stylist makeup and hair, invitations.You are about to say goodbye to the carefree life of an unmarried, ready to be loving and faithful companion of his handpicked successor.How to spend the evening, symbolizing parting with a free status of women?Whether it is worth it to spend?

married life presumes that a young woman will now spend more time with his family, to keep the heat of the hearth.It will be difficult to get to a meeting with my friends, have fun with them in a nightclub, or just to chat in a cafe with a cup of coffee.Bacheloret

te party - it is an opportunity to remember how nice to forget about all the problems, catch yourself admiring glances men discuss bought shoes or bag, boasting a new hairdo.This evening you will not remember the time, reviewing your wedding album, and maybe someday tell their grandchildren, grandmother knew how to have fun.Of course, marriage does not mean that now you will be every night in the kitchen by the stove, and on weekends for a walk in the park near the house.Marriage - a kind of milestone, and a bachelorette party is a symbol that you have completed a certain life stage.So many brides are looking for an answer to the question, how much fun note bachelorette party before the wedding.And so, we go to the bachelorette party organization.

makes the list of invitees

If you are looking for ideas for the bachelorette party, the following information is for you.To start to define the list of invitees.The very name of the festival suggests that only girls can attend.This is the only condition for a bachelorette party.Think of girlfriends with whom you would like to meet this evening.If someone offers you a potential unpleasant, do not include it in the list.This is your night, do as is comfortable for you.Make invitations on a hen party or not - decide for yourself.And about a photo or video is better to think in advance to, reviewing photos, to remember how much fun you had a bachelorette party.The main thing is that these materials are not shocked then your newly relatives.

select a place for a bachelorette party

Choose a place where you can socialize with guests.If the wedding falls on the warm season, you can organize the trip to nature with a barbecue and outdoor games.In autumn or winter book the sauna or karaoke club.If you and your guests like to dance, you can finish off the evening in a nightclub or disco.

night club or disco bachelorette party

deciding how to arrange a bachelorette party, guided by its guests and their tastes.

Think of a theme for a bachelorette party

order from the beginning to plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday, book a limousine, which will gather all the guests and take to your destination.A glass of champagne on the way will allow to distract from problems.Carefully consider the program of the event.for bachelorette party ideas can be varied.You can select a specific topic and invite all her friends to dress in the same style.Such a company is sure to attract attention anywhere!

rare hen do without memories of past youth.Make them brighter help slideshows.Every girl can find photos, on which you can laugh in the company of friends.Together, you can create an album of memories, which in the future it will be possible to re-read over a cup of coffee.Even better complement an album relevant photographs.If you go for a bachelorette party as a guest, it's a good idea for a gift.What matters is that the contents of the album could easily show the bride to her future husband.Let him also know how fun it held a bachelorette party before the wedding.

Stock up on souvenirs

Souvenirs for friends

To evening remained in the memory of guests in advance buy small gifts and raffle draw with comic predictions.The bridesmaids, in turn, can offer a future wife to get tested for readiness for family life.

Separately need to address the issue of gifts to the bachelorette party.In order to please the bride, do not necessarily spend a lot of money.You can choose a good cookbook, and various household trifles (for example, a rolling pin or skillet), beautiful stockings or lingerie set.You can present them in the form of farewell to his young wife: Book - to please her husband, underwear - to remind him who is all beautiful, rolling pin - to show who's boss in the family.To the bride after the wedding and did not forget about girlfriends, give her a nice service for joint tea parties or martini glasses.

Charge hen girlfriends or company

Some girls handle themselves, but if you are busy preparing for the wedding, then you can resort to the help of professionals - this option will save time.You can shift some troubles to friends, after discussing with them how you want to spend your bachelorette party.