Signs for the year green wooden horse

Surely every man have the desire to look into their future.After knowing about the circumstances that lie ahead, we can easily turn the situation to their advantage.But, unfortunately, tell us about the future can only be very strong magicians and psychics, but ordinary people have to trust the national signs.

It is worth noting that the celebration of the New Year is entirely based on respect for different traditions and rituals.In addition, during the winter holidays, many of the fair sex is very often try to see his narrowed by a variety of divination.Someone refers to the Christmas carols seriously, and for some it is a regular entertainment.However, not a single person, such rituals do not leave indifferent.

Currently, there are many different signs, which are based on the symbolism of the coming year.It is believed that after compliance with all rules and traditions, all our desires and dreams are sure to come true in the coming year.That is why it is very important to know what are the om

ens for the year green wooden horse.

Preparing for the holiday

Preparing for year Horses

According to this belief, to the next year proved to be fruitful for you, you need to think in advance about what youneed for a fun-filled celebration.This applies not only to food, gifts and luxury clothes, but also the holiday scenario.

Thus, every small detail long before the cherished date, you can be fully confident that, as in all other cases you will be able to show the same responsibility and speed.

Cooking Christmas dishes

impossible to imagine New Year without a richly laid table and champagne.However, it should be noted that before undertaking the preparation of festive dishes, be sure to check out the menu, which is allowed to apply in the year of the noble animal.So, from their habitual diet should eliminate meat products, rather horsemeat.Meat of horses in any case should not be present at the table in the New Year 2014.After all, it can lead to the fact that all subsequent 365 days, you will pursue only setbacks and failures.

Choosing the right outfit

Green outfit

Signs year green wooden loshadiosnovyvayutsya not only on the correct choice of products, but also on what outfit you purchased for the New Year's Eve.

It is worth noting that the horse is not only noble, but also slim and handsome animals.That is why the New Year, be sure to bring her figure in order, as well as select classic and strict clothing.If you want to bare your body, it is recommended to do so in part.For example, closed dress knees can be combined with open neckline, or vice versa.Along this way, you not only will attract to his success in the coming year, but will certainly sharpen attention on all the surrounding men.

important role in choosing the dress and played his coloring.As symbols of the next year is a green horse, it is advisable to use this shade to the maximum.Also allowed to wear yellow, green, blue, black and brown tones.

Choosing accessories

Jewelry from natural materials

course, matching accessories should be selected on the basis of how you got the dress.However, in the year the wooden horse is best to purchase decorations from natural materials.The ideal situation will serve as a set of beads and bracelets made of ordinary wood.It is also allowed to use pearls, rock crystal and other stones.

Thus, replacing the luxurious and expensive ornaments on a simple but attractive jewelry, in the New Year you have to attract the sudden arrival of large funds.

Choosing the right gifts

Horse bronze

We all love to receive gifts for the New Year, but the more we like them present.

In order to properly choose a present to a friend, you must take into account that the symbol of the coming year is the intelligent and noble animal.That is why only such gifts should be chosen to be a symbol of the quality of the data.It can be a book, an audio recording, a horse figurine, etc.By giving such a present to a friend or girlfriend, you can be fully confident that he will necessarily carry this year.

Preparation congratulations

Congratulations to the New Year

In the process of writing a congratulatory text, should focus on such requests, the success, health, material prosperity, luck in business, welfareand so forth. in addition, it is imperative to mention family and children, because next year will require each person on the planet much attention to his wife and children.