Atkins diet - the secret of the perfect figure of Hollywood stars

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Atkins diet helps keep the ideal weight for many Hollywood stars

The Atkins diet, developed over 40 years ago an American doctor - a cardiologist Robert Atkins originally to fight with their own excess weight, for many years now popular all over the world.

She helped to lose weight more than 50 million people, including her fans a lot of famous people such as Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams and many others, so it is sometimes called "Hollywood".

Its principles were subsequently used to develop the most popular in our country, the Kremlin diet.

Essence Atkins diet ^

The crux of the Atkins diet, as well as similar low-carb French Dukan Diet is low carb diet, in which the body is deprived of the main source of energy intake from carbohydrates, forced conversion to the processing of fat reserves.

Its main goal - to restructure t

he metabolism so that the body is accustomed to using fat as a primary source of energy, as well as to maintain a constant level of blood glucose and save people forever from food dependency and excessive cravings for sweets.

According to Dr. Atkins recommended them food, except for the loss of superfluous kgs:

  • improves overall health, since fat loss leaving toxins in the fat depot.
  • In addition, he argues that the protein foods normalizes blood sugar with a low glycemic index, because the protein is absorbed much more slowly carbohydrates and therefore eliminates surges glucose.
  • This, in turn, prevents fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pain and even depression.

But for all its virtues, this method shows not all - it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with kidney disease.

Phases of the Atkins diet ^

weight reduction program Dr. Atkins has four phases, each of which has its own distinctive features.


first phase - the phase of induction is the most strict and lasts at least two weeks, during which the human body runs "ketosis", ie the process of lipolysis.During the first phase must adhere to the following rules:

  • carbohydrate intake up to 20 grams per day;
  • food is taken from 3 to 5 times a day in small portions, and the interval between meals should not exceed 6 hours;
  • drink at least 8 glasses a day of ordinary water;
  • constipation take food rich in vegetable fibers and fiber;
  • not overeat - get up from the table with a sense of satisfaction, but not enough;
  • completely eliminate from the diet of bread, flour, starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds;
  • to accelerate the onset of ketosis is desirable moderate exercise.
  • Approved products in the first phase - meat, fish, shrimp, clams, eggs, any vegetable oil.
  • in limited quantities allowed - cottage cheese, cheese, butter, sour cream, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant, green olives, nuts, seeds.
  • completely prohibited - sweets, bread and flour products, tomato paste, potatoes, beets, carrots, grapes, banana, strawberry, orange, pineapple.

The first phase starts weight loss, which is from 2 to 5 kg depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

second phase

  • The second phase is a phase of a planned weight loss and lasts from several weeks to several years, depending on how many kilograms of weight must be reset.
  • In this phase experimentally determined individual maximum daily rate of carbohydrates, which will continue with weight loss without interrupting ketosis.
  • Different people have this value can vary significantly, ranging from 20g to 150g per day.

During the second phase, need to gradually increase the daily amount of carbohydrates and carefully monitor the dynamics of change in weight.If the weight continues to decline, so you can increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet;if he stopped or increased need for a short time to return to the induction phase.

If you do daily monitoring of weight measurement, it is usually difficult to grasp the dynamics of weight since his hesitation almost invisible for a day.Therefore, the reliability of the control can be carried out weighing once a week, this number increased duration of the second phase.

Likewise, you can independently adjust the whole process of losing weight - for example, if you want to diversify your menu, increasing the amount of carbohydrates and thus slightly reducing the speed of weight loss.You can also increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed by increasing physical activity.

third phase

third phase - the phase of transition to the conservation of weight, begins after reaching your desired weight.

This phase, too experimental, but its purpose is the individual daily amount of carbohydrates, in which the weight will stop stably maintained.

  • recommended to increase the daily rate of carbohydrates is also very smooth, no more than 5-10 grams per week and carefully monitor the dynamics of weight.
  • This phase should be approached very responsibly and not to hurry, because the individual carbohydrate standards to stably maintain an ideal weight need to stick to life.

fourth phase

fourth phase - the phase of preservation of body weight lasts a lifetime.Dr. Atkins says that, if consistently observe a third phase in the rate of carbohydrates, the weight will always - perfect.

can not relax and begin uncontrolled consumption of sweets, because the lost kilos immediately return process of losing weight and have to start again, with the first phase.Do not let weight gain of more than 3 kg of the desired weight.

Table Atkins diet ^

Atkins diet table shows the content of carbohydrates per 100 g of products and allows you to calculate your daily diet properly.

From these products, we recommend writing your daily diet:

Featured Products Atkins diet

Table of banned products, which should be avoided:

Prohibited foods Atkins diet

Recipes and exemplary menu Atkins diet^

variety of mouth-watering recipes Atkins diet to lose weight allow nourishing, tasty and comfortable.Choosing from table foods are allowed, you can show imagination and experiment with them according to your food preferences.

safely buy new varieties of fish and meat, vegetables (check the amount of carbohydrates in them).Cook are various vegetable soups, stews, salads, side dishes and mashed themselves invent new combinations and variations.

Recipes Atkins diet as an exemplary menu there are so many, you can take as a basis stated below and combine to your taste.

egg salad with vegetables

  • 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato, 2 medium cucumber, 1/2 bell pepper and chop lettuce, dressed with olive oil.
  • You can add a little lemon juice and pine nuts.

Seafood salad

  • squid rings to boil, add the chopped hard-boiled egg, a boiled corn, a little bit of wild rice and boiled shrimp.
  • Season with olive oil and lemon juice.

We also recommend that you read the article diet Maggi.

Sample menu for the day


  • scrambled eggs with bacon, green tea without sugar;
  • or low-fat yogurt (curd), tea.


  • patty and a slice of cheese;
  • or 100 g of roasted veal with a portion of wild rice, cucumber salad with olive oil, tea;
  • or ear with rye bread, tomato, orange, tea;
  • or 150 grams of boiled fish with a side dish of rice and tea.


  • fresh vegetable salad, soup, a small piece of beef liver, tea;
  • or 200 grams of boiled beef with stewed cauliflower;
  • or 150 grams of baked fish with a salad of eggs with vegetables;
  • or 250 g baked chicken with a salad of seafood, grapefruit.

Taking the power exemplary menu Atkins diet and gradually rebuilding your metabolism, you will soon be easy to develop new eating habits and addiction.

In addition, the table can not help themselves to come up with different recipes Atkins diet, eat delicious, hearty and varied, while maintaining ideal weight and figure.

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