Tanning at home

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  • What is tan (instant tan): the essence, the benefits and harms
  • Tanning at home: how to apply, how to wash, indications and contraindications
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tanning at home: reviews and results

use of tanning - is a good alternative in cases where there is no opportunity to go to the beach or in the solarium, but I want to have a beautiful goldenskin tone.

What is tan (instant tan): the essence, the benefits and harms ^

essence tanning is rapid action on the skin, making her tone becomes darker in the short term.There are many tools for tanning:

  • Bronzaty: resemble foundation, washed off after the first contact with water;
  • Avtobronzaty: have dermis coloring substances, thereby ottnok held a few days;
  • Spray tanning: the most commonly used in salons, astwice applied to the same area of ​​skin should not be - it becomes darker, and the color does not work uniform;
  • tanning cream: can be used on their own
    , because they go more smoothly than sprays.Hold for about a week;
  • tanning lotion: in the application is different from the cream, but it is easier to apply;
  • folk compositions: their effect is not as fast as on the chemicals, but they are considered the safest and most useful;
  • tanning gel: is distributed on the surface of the epidermis as well as the cream.Not washed off about one and a half weeks;
  • Napkins-tanning: they can be used independently, the color appears in a few hours, but there is a possibility of non-uniform application.

How does tanning

Influence instant tan on the skin is very simple: most of them are painted only the surface without falling into the deeper layers.

Folk remedies increase the production of melanin - the pigment responsible for the tone of the epidermis, and the more of them - so it is darker.

Harmful if tan skin

To understand the benefit or harm a quick tan, you need to become familiar with its advantages and disadvantages compared to other methods of producing a chocolate hue.

Advantages instant tan:

  • absence of ultraviolet radiation, in contrast to the solarium or sun;
  • Maintaining a healthy moisture levels in the skin.This point can not be controlled on the beach or under the lamp, but in self-tanning often contained as alcohols, and humidifiers;
  • No risk of cancer.Solarium on the contrary, increases the likelihood of cancer;
  • The means for rapid tanning substances are often present, anti-aging and moisturizing the epidermis.

tanning Disadvantages:

  • In no tanning enzymes that protect from the sun, so you need to use parallel and protective equipment;
  • If there is a part of a lot of alcohol - more likely to dry out the dermis;
  • If you do not wait for the complete drying can stain clothing;
  • In the absence of experience is difficult to uniformly apply the composition;
  • Frequent use of tanning clog pores.

Can I use a tanning during pregnancy

Since the active ingredients do not penetrate into the deeper subcutaneous layers, the use of tanning during childbearing is not prohibited, but Estheticians still advised to resort to folk remedies: they do not cause allergies and side effectsand also improve the general condition of the epidermis.

What keeps tanning

This factor depends on many nuances: how often to clean a person, what brand of tanning is used, how well the skin has absorbed the composition.On average, even the branded tools are washed away within a half to two weeks.

Can I sunbathe after tanning

Since tanning stains only the skin surface, and allows the penetration of the sun's rays, the sun can be with him, but it is recommended to use protective equipment.Beauticians are advised to still sunbathing completely rinse the artificial shade for a natural lay smoother becausechemicals clog the pores.

Tanning at home: how to apply, how to wash, indications and contraindications ^

How to use tanning: tips

Indications tanning:

  • desire to have a beautiful chocolate skin tone;
  • Contraindications to the solarium or beach;
  • allergy to sunlight.

Contraindications to tanning:

  • Individual intolerance of components;
  • presence of open wounds on the skin;
  • Infectious skin diseases.

How to apply self-tanning

The proper distribution of the composition depends on the beauty, uniformity and durability of color.How to apply tan without streaks and stains:

  • One day before the procedure, you must do hair removal, becausehair may interfere with obtaining a uniform color;
  • Immediately prior to treatment you need to take a shower, use a scrub or a hard sponge to remove dead skin particles;
  • When the dermis dry and cool down - it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream;
  • For smooth color need to squeeze a little bronzer on sponzhik, and they also treat the skin fast movements, starting from the feet and moving up;
  • To lubricate the tool back, it is better to seek help from another person becauseself-imposed structure will not work smoothly;
  • After the procedure, wait for the complete drying agent.

most popular brands of tanning: Yves Rocher, Belita-M, Markell, Green Planet, ST.MORZ, Lancaster.

How to wash tanning at home

To get rid of instant tanning can be cleaned with alcohol (99%) or hydrogen peroxide, as well as use less concentrated means:

  • Mix over a large spoon ground salt, divorce her equal portion of lemon juice;
  • Within 5 minutes massaging with soft circular motions steamed out skin;
  • rinse.

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Tanning Face and Body: reviews, videos, results before and after the procedure ^

most important result after tanning - is a manifestation of a golden hue.As a rule, on the packaging manufacturers specify the time after which it becomes visible: this is usually between 2 and 6 hours after application.Use tools for quick tanning can be no more than three times a week.

tanning What is best for light skin

spokeswoman Scandinavian or European light fototpiov best to use specially adapted for light tanning dermis, eg, La Praire Gradual Tanning Lotion Fece / Body, Marc Inbane, Dove or Nivea.

reviews tanning body in the home of our regular readers mostly very positive:

Inna, 28 years old:

«I am skeptical about the chemical agents, so for myself chose regular tea: brew black tea leaves (3 tbsp..) in a cup of boiling water, I insist so that he was black, then wipe several times a day.The effect is visible on the second day, while holding almost a week »

Anastasia, 37 years old:

« I liked the tanning Marc Inbane - Spray is the Dutch production.Lays down very smoothly, dries quickly and leaves no clothes tracks and lasts about a week »

Larisa, 30 years old:

« A couple of times used the napkins (manufacturer not remember), and was upset: shade falls unevenly, but is washed off quickly.Now decided to buy a cream-tan Dove - the opposite result: the color turned uniform, and began to wash out in a week »