How to get rid of sunburn

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How to whiten the face after sunbathing: homemade recipes

tanned bronzed skin tone is not always a standard of beauty, there are cases when you want to get rid of tan as quickly as possible.

effect after sunbathing can bring disappointment - example is the emergence of non-uniformly colored areas on the face and body, and the alternation of pigmented stains whitish or skin peeling.All of these shortcomings would be desirable to quickly hide from prying eyes.

it possible to quickly get rid of tan ^

often a situation arises where you need to quickly remove the tan from his face:

  • Common causes displeasure appearance - the appearance of white skin around the eyes, which happens at a constant wearing sunglasses.
  • Another option - the so-called "tan builder" when under ultraviolet rays reach on
    ly the exposed parts of the body - the nose, neck, shoulders, and legs, and the skin under the T-shirt and shorts is light.
  • Ugly strips of swimsuit straps or buckles sandals also forced to look for ways to remove the tan at home.

pigment that provides a tan produced in special cells - melanocytes.They are located in the lower layers of the epidermis.Long processes of these cells deliver melanin in the upper layers of the skin, where it performs its function - protects the inner layers of the dermis from sunburn.It should be noted that the amount of pigment produced largely depends on the genetic characteristics of a person and phototype.

Gradually renewal of skin cells, the demise of the upper layers of the epidermis, and no trace remains of the former Sun.The exception is people with olive or dark complexion, whose tan lasts longer than usual.

All other effects of exposure to the sun fade unevenly.Moreover, the skin loses the Sun, so also is covered with unattractive stains that makes us look for ways to whiten your face from the sun.There are proven methods to help quickly restore the skin tone.

How to get rid of the tan at home: traditional recipes, tips ^

How to get rid of the tan at home: folk remedies and recipes

Remove traces of sunburn can be a beauty salon, as well as through specialmeans (bleaching creams, masks, lotions).It is not forbidden to use and home methods.

Note!Not all bleach is safe, therefore it is necessary to test for sensitivity prior to use of any drug.Put it on a small area of ​​the skin, and if during the day you see redness or swelling, the tool can be used without fear.

out in the sun after the skin whitening is also not worth it, otherwise it is easy to get an undesired effect until the skin burns.Better stock up in advance sunscreen and apply it before going out.

How to whiten the skin from sunburn at home

Steam treatments

There is a proven way to restore the color - is to visit bath or sauna.Steamed skin actively wipe coarse washcloth to remove dead layers of the epidermis.

You can use the body scrub and facial fit milder means - scrub.Such bath procedures should be carried out regularly, and already after 2-3 weeks the skin will return to its original state.

Dairy products

fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour cream, whey have remarkable bleaching properties.The secret lies in the action of lactic acid that destroys the pigmentation and signs of sunburn.If the house has a milk fungus, you can take advantage of its serum.

To get rid of the body smeared with suntan fermented milk product and leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes.After 14 days from the swarthy hue no trace will remain, subject to regular use of masks.

Many women have experienced the impact of the baths of whey, although this event can be classified as extreme.For the procedure should be reserved for 15-20 liters of whey, which must be a good warm up.A hot bath of acidic bleach product skin quickly, the temperature of the liquid should be such that the skin appears slight reddening.


  • cucumber juice has excellent bleaching properties.
  • Flesh peeled and crushed fruit, grate them and smeared his face and body.
  • often observed after sunburn excessive dryness of the skin, in this case, cucumber juice can be mixed with sour cream or yogurt.
  • Whitening individuals use finely chopped cucumber strips, which rubbed the skin.


excellent bleaching properties has parsley juice.

  • summer it is easy to cook.To do this, the green part of the plant finely chop, pour boiling water and insist.
  • cooled solution was smeared pigmented areas 2-3 times a day.


scrubs, peels, gommazhi also help to remove the top layers of the skin and quickly get rid of the tan.However, their use is better in the evening, after hygienic bath.

skin after these procedures is becoming quite sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so it is desirable to apply sunscreen before going out.

How to remove the tan from the face at home

Many plants growing nearby, to help cope with the problem.Thus, the bleaching properties are:

  • dandelion juice;
  • leaves of sorrel;
  • leaves and berries of black currant;
  • fruits of mountain ash and elderberry;
  • lemon juice, horseradish or greypftruta.

All plant material should be crushed to a puree, mix with sour cream or yogurt in ratio of 1: 2, put on the body and face.

good cosmetic effect can be expected from the masks with vegetables and fruits that are close at hand.Tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, apples, mixed with vegetable oil, sour cream or starch refresh the skin and get rid of unwanted swarthy hue.Keep a fruit mask on your face should be within 15 minutes.

can mix the lemon juice, water and vinegar in equal proportions and rub the skin for skin lightening agent.

All funds should be used regularly, at least 2 times a week.To whiten the skin from sunburn will need a course of 15-20 procedures.It is important to remember that all domestic methods do not act immediately, but after a few weeks.

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How not to get a tan in the sun: reviews, folk remedies, tips cosmetologists ^

As is known, the tan has its downsides:

  • After prolonged sun exposure skin thickens, coarsens, appear on it premature wrinkles.Many say
  • dryness and roughness of the skin, the appearance of small cracks.
  • Sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer - melanoma.
  • also not advisable to scream for people who have various problems with the thyroid gland.

How to protect yourself from the sun: a few useful tips from dermatologists

  • On hot days, it is better not to go out in the interval from 10 to 16 hours.
  • sun protection broad-brimmed hat, light cotton clothing with long sleeves, sunglasses filter.
  • 30 minutes before going outside, apply a cream for sunburn face, and on top of it, apply a layer of powder with sunscreen.Cosmetics are a reliable protection: harmful rays will be terrible for 3-4 hours.
  • to weaken the influence of insolation, include the products of the menu with a high content of ascorbic acid.Moreover, that find their summer does not deliver the works.Various leafy greens, currant, citrus, fresh apples weaken the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.

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