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How fast tan at home: tips

Summer is just around the corner, so every girl dreams of a beautiful and even tan.Unfortunately, get a beautiful skin tone is not always possible, because the skin can be very sensitive to the effects of the sun and burn quickly.

In addition, not all have sufficient time necessary for tanning.It is for this reason it is important to know how you can get an attractive tan at home.

Tan at home: the use and effect ^

Tan - the reaction of the human body to exposure to ultraviolet radiation.When the sun's rays fall on the skin, it begins to produce a pigment called "melanin", which contributes to darkening of the skin.If ultraviolet light is not available, it is necessary to resort to artificial methods of getting a tan.The most common way - the solarium.

Instant tanning at home is possible through t

he use of a variety of products containing coloring agents and make the skin darker.There are many creams, gels, sprays, tanning, as well as masks recipes that can be prepared at home.

, should be familiar with current methods of getting a tan without UV, and choose the most appropriate answer to the question "How fast tan at home."

How to tan at home: folk remedies, recipes ^

Tan at home: the recipe

Tan at home: popular folk recipes

Permanganic (potassium permanganate)

  • Inbath should be diluted with an amount of potassium permanganate to the water acquired a faint pink hue.
  • Dive into the bathroom should be for 5-15 minutes, it is recommended to constantly water the skin of the face with water.
  • After the procedure can not be wiped with a towel.


  • This vegetable contain pigments that contribute to skin darkening.To prepare the masks need to grate two large carrots and squeeze the juice from the gauze.
  • juice should be applied on the body and face and stand structure 15 minutes.
  • After this time should take a shower without using soap or shower gel.
  • very important to accurately observe the time, because if you overdo the juice on the skin, it can acquire a bright orange hue.


  • You can add a small amount of iodine in the bathroom, and can be diluted with 4-5 drops of the substance in a 2-liter bottle of water, shake well and put on the cover with a spray.
  • Apply makeup on the body, evenly distributing it.


  • To prepare the masks used instant coffee.Two tablespoons of the powder should be diluted in five tablespoons of hot water.
  • In the resulting composition it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and rub their skin.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • perform the procedure on a daily basis.A week later, the skin tone will begin to change.

Black tea

  • the Tea mask is very easy to prepare for a beautiful tan.It is necessary to mix the spent tea, white clay and nourishing cream in equal amounts.
  • mixture should be applied to the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Sun Oil at home

Using natural oils for tanning helps protect the skin from sun damage and give it a bronze color.

  • cooking oil mixture is recommended from the following oils: sunflower, walnut oil and St. John's wort.
  • To this mixture essential oils can be added, for example, wild carrot oil.100 ml of an oil mixture should add 30 drops of essential oils.
  • This facility will provide a light golden brown skin.

Tanner in

home Another fairly simple and very effective way - using tanning or avtobronzata.Most often, these means are produced in the form of a cream.

is enough to cause the composition to the skin and rub it in a circular motion, and you can get an instant tan that will last up to two weeks.It is only important to choose the right tool and apply it skillfully.A few hours after applying the cream skin starts to darken.

tanning lamps in the home

Using quartz lamp, can achieve good results.This appliance is designed for disinfection of premises, treatment of skin diseases, enhance immunity.To achieve beautiful, smooth and golden shade, should start with 2-5 minutes a day and gradually increase the time of tanning using UV lamp 30 minutes.

During the session, it is important to keep in mind safety precautions:

  • Do not expose the lamp closer to the face than 10cm
  • Wear safety goggles..
  • Sunbathing no more than once a day for 20 minutes.

using this method to get the Sun, we must remember that overreliance ultraviolet radiation can trigger the development of cancer.

How to get a tan at home: the ground rules

  • If the skin is dry, then before applying any tanning products it is necessary to prepare.Three times a day on the face and body skin should apply a moisturizer.Furthermore, it is desirable to cleanse the skin using a scrub.
  • need to check the body's response to the tool before applying the new tanning products.We need to take part of Sun and its cause, for example, on the wrist or elbow bend.If you do not appear in 2-3 hours irritation, rash or redness, you can use the tool.
  • Apply the cream or lotion should be oil on a clean and dry skin.Otherwise sunburn can take spots.
  • Apply the product must be quickly, evenly, covering all areas of the skin.
  • on the skin of the elbows, ankles and armpits need to apply a small amount of tanning.
  • After applying the composition to wait some time to get it absorbed.

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How to tan at home: reviews, tips for a beautiful home tanning ^

To keep the home tanning for a long time, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Eat right.The diet should include foods that contain substances that contribute to skin darkening.It peaches, tomatoes, carrots, apricots, etc.
  • Drink at least two liters of water a day.
  • ensure intake of vitamins A, E, C, selenium and zinc.

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about sunburn face at home:

Inna, 34 years old:

«I've been going on for a week using a quartz lamp to give the skin a golden hue.Obey all these recommendations on its use.While the result is not too noticeable, but I hope that soon the skin will darken. "

Anna, 23 years old:

«It is not the first time I use sunblock.This method is considered affordable and very effective.Its only drawback is that if not properly applying means, the skin can be covered with spots. "

Kristina, 29 years old:

«To make the skin dark and attractive, I use only popular recipes.Most of all I like to do a coffee or a carrot mask.tanning effect at home after their application was amazing, the skin becomes a light golden color, smooth and pleasant to the touch. "