How to sunbathe in a tanning bed

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  • tan in tanning beds: benefit or harm
  • How to sunbathe in a tanning bed: the secrets and rules even tan
  • How to keep a tan after tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, medical advice

How uniformly tan in tanning beds: tips

If someone is not able to go to the sea, and get a tan seductive still want to, without a doubt, you should use UV technology in a horizontal bath solarium.

In a short time you can get a beautiful color of the body and even cure some diseases.

tan in tanning beds: benefit or harm ^

industry beautiful body now offers modern safe for human health solariums models - equipment for artificial tanning.Each spectrum of ultraviolet radiation in them very clearly dispensed, and the harm from exposure to the rays is reduced to a minimum.

What is the use of indoor tanning

long been known that a certain dose of ultraviolet radiation able to significantly raise the human immune system and helps the skin to produce much-needed vitamin D. nervous s


doctors strongly recommend that all is not in vain at least once a year to spend a fewweeks in regions where increased solar activity.In addition, the bath is often displayed at ultraviolet range of fungal diseases of the skin and acne.

Harmful if tan in tanning beds

Ultraviolet in large quantities acts as a destroyer of collagen in skin cells.This causes its aging, flaking and loss of moisture.To avoid the negative impact of the rays on the body, it is very important to define your photo type and adjust during tanning sessions.

experienced beauticians will help the six recognized phototypes determine the one that is inherent to the client.You have to know that people with a first and a second type of color are at increased risk for prolonged receiving doses of ultraviolet radiation.

How to sunbathe in a tanning bed: the secrets and rules even tan ^

How uniformly tan in tanning beds: Rules beautiful tan

Sun rules in the horizontal solarium

  • main rule tanninghorizontal solarium - adjustment of time!People with skin phototype first doctors do not advise to use artificial tanning lamps.
  • How many minutes should be tan in tanning beds to other people?Experts believe that the owners of the second type do not often have to go to these procedures couple times a week, with the initial sessions should not exceed the time of three minutes, and the next - five to seven minutes.And only those whose skin is dark and belongs to the third and fourth type of color is allowed to take a bath UV 15 - 20 minutes, but starting only from the fifth session.
  • second rule - be sure to protect the eyes, chest and preferably hair from the effects of UV lamps!Ophthalmologists confidently say that a number of eye diseases directly linked to excess UV exposure.Therefore, the points will be needed during the tanning treatments in the solarium.For breast protection for women is to choose a bra made of thick fabric, and men to cover the nipple area with a cotton swab.
  • third rule - do not overdo it!If you know how to tan in tanning beds, the first results will be visible after the initial procedure, and a beautiful golden - bronze skin color happens in three weeks.

Poses for tanning in tanning beds

horizontal type to vertical tanning advantage lies in the fact that the power of the UV lamps is less than the first and the irradiation takes place gently and gradually.However, given the design of the apparatus, can achieve a uniform tan, but regularly changing during procedures body posture.

If you want to get a smooth bronze skin tone without ugly white islands on the body, you need to regularly roll from stomach to back, as well as see to it that under tanning lamps fell inner sides of the legs and arms.

Sometimes after a few treatments can be observed that the sides do not tan in tanning beds.You just need to remember the location of lamps and from time to time take a position on the half side.

There are times when all the parts of the body tolerate ultraviolet light, and his face suddenly appears ugly pigmentation on the upper lip, forehead and cheeks.This means that it is necessary to provide artificial tanning sunbeds to choose from disconnecting sunburn on the face.This function is suitable, and those who simply do not go dark complexion.

This is not necessary to use a solarium

Doctors categorically forbid the use of devices for the artificial tanning in the following categories of people:

  • pregnant women;Ultraviolet radiation can enhance the operation of the adrenal cortex, thyroid, and the production of male hormones, which can result in abortion;
  • people with many moles on the body, especially large;excessive UV effects on the body can provoke growth of tumors;
  • women during menstruation;overall heating of the body can cause a reinforced isolation and even bleeding;
  • people in the period of exacerbation of any chronic disease.

We also recommend that you read the article tanning: a tan is beautiful and safe.

How to keep a tan after tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, doctors advice ^

Doctors advise how long to keep a tan after tanning:

  • before tanning sessions a series of must-prepare the body;It needs exfoliation with scrubs (but no closer than two days before the procedure);
  • not only during sunbathing, but all the time you need to supply your body every day two liters of fluid: it is required for digestion, and to save the skin of optimal water balance;
  • taking procedure in the solarium, you should not use body lotions that contain alcohol, as it can cause burns easily;better to prepare a mixture of natural oils, such as olive oil, carrot seed oil, coconut and other;
  • for the rapid achievement of effect and good skin hydration is to choose a model with a water spray tanning system in the body during the sessions;
  • after taking a dose of ultraviolet radiation is not necessary to immediately go to the shower;if possible this should be done no earlier than six hours;
  • sure is applied to the body of natural oils and high-quality after-sun creams to give the skin nourishment and moisture.

reviews tanning in tanning beds our regular readers are mainly positive.Here are some of the responses sent to our office:

Alena, 29 years old:

«I have fair skin.prone to rashes and inflammations.Natural sunbathing on the beach is never guaranteed me a beautiful tan.I am sure obgorite .oblezu and covered with I decided to try to get a tan in the solarium.I chose a horizontal type of tanning.The past 10 sessions.Began with 5 minutes and brought to 10. The result exceeded all expectations.The whole body has become a sleek, smooth and pleasant shade.For me, lying sunbathing much more comfortable than standing - no straining.I recommend".

Tamara, 18 years:

«visit a solarium horizontal type.Instead of sunblock use coconut oil.Very pleased with the result: the skin is tender, not overdried, stunning tan!Leather has acquired deep peach hue!I advise everyone to choose a model with a spray of water droplets.This makes it easier to transfer the heat inside the machine. "

Zinaida, 38 years old:

«On the birthday colleagues gave me a subscription to the solarium.I had never even thought about visiting such places, so I decided to approach this process with full responsibility: first consult with a physician and endocrinologist.

make sure that there are no contraindications.Acquired a special sunblock based on olive oil, as another means to cover their moles on the body, hat and glasses.What can I say?I am absolutely satisfied with the result and my husband, too! »

tan in tanning beds is to choose those who loves her body and wants to make it enticing, without spending money on long and costly trips to hot countries.After all, the quality of the Sun is not different from the sun!

To lighten the mood, having a shining bronze body and get rid of the hated pimples, you should immediately give yourself a course of procedures in the horizontal solarium.Just ten sessions is enough for mind-blowing results!