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  • tanning: benefit or harm to human
  • How to use a solarium: the secrets and rules even tan
  • How to keep a tan after tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, doctors advice

How to use a solarium for the first time: tips and expert advice

pale skin tone is not in vogue, so many fans of bronze tan in a solarium rush hoping to get refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

salon Visit hides signs of fatigue, and the man looks a little younger.However, it should not be too zealous with the procedures, because ultraviolet light can bring harm to the body.

tanning: benefit or harm to human ^

There are different opinions about whether indoor tanning is harmful or not.In order not to be afraid for their health before the procedure is better to consult a professional dermatologist or beautician.It will determine the skin type and suggest how often you can sunbathe in the solarium.

So, blonde or red-haired people with very fair skin should not get involved sessions due to

the increased sensitivity to UV light.If you really want to get a golden tan, it is better to ask the consultant salon as a tan in the solarium with fair skin.Thus, for the first visit to 3 minutes is sufficient, then gradually increase the amount of time for 2 minutes.

recommended not take artificial sunbathing pregnant women, those who have signs of mastitis, or thyroid disease.During pregnancy, hormonal changes significantly, it is difficult to predict what consequences will result in exposure.It is possible the appearance of burns or hyperpigmentation of the skin.

main harm tanning is the skin after exposure lacks moisture, dehydrated, and in its deep layers of degraded collagen.Signs of photoaging will be noticeable immediately, but will be shown over the years.

benefits of the solarium: expert opinion

refrain from visiting the office is necessary for people who use photosensitizing drugs (contraceptives, antibiotics, anti-depressants).If you do not enter a number, solarium affect not only the skin color, but also increase the amount of vitamin D in the body, which has beneficial effects on calcium absorption and helps prevent osteoporosis.

tanning in a solarium Benefits consists in the fact that ultraviolet light helps narrowing of vessels in the skin, has a tonic effect on their walls.People who have large pores, can detect a decrease in cosmetic defect.

Solarium will be useful to owners of acne on the face.Ultraviolet have DRYING effect on inflamed elements.How sunbathing with a sun deck in the 1st time, tell the consultant who also make personal visits to the plan, taking into account skin phototype.

How to use a solarium: the secrets and rules even tan ^

How to get a nice tan in the solarium: recommendations beauticians

Here are some useful recommendations beauticians and doctors - dermatologists as a solarium, not toburn the skin and get a beautiful bronze or golden hue.

  • procedure begins with a minimum dose, people with dark skin and a normal 5-7 minute treatment will do no harm.How many minutes have to use a solarium in the future, depending on the skin color.So, the girls with normal skin the maximum duration of the procedure shall not exceed 10 minutes.Brunettes with a dark complexion, you can stay in the tanning bed a little longer - up to 12 minutes.
  • Before visiting the solarium is recommended to wash the remains of cosmetics and perfume from the body surface.It is not known how to behave in a particular vehicle under the influence of ultraviolet light.
  • before the procedure is recommended to stock up special makeup, it is sold in stores and in specialized stores.It is advisable to buy a sunscreen, moisturizing and nourishing cream for the body and use it for other purposes.Good tool for indoor tanning may contain tyrosine - a substance that accelerates the synthesis of melanin.
  • Many wonder how fast tan in a solarium.To accelerate the availability of a bronze color experts recommend funds with Tingle effect.They extend the cutaneous vessels, promote the flow of oxygen deep into the fabrics and enhanced production of melanin.
  • No matter what is written on the label of moisturizer, use it pre- or during the procedure can not be.Water particles absorb into the skin, acts as a lens, so it's easy to get burned.The main purpose of this tool - make up the lost moisture after the session is completed.
  • all vulnerable places - the lips, breasts should be protected from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.These are the rules tanning.Lips smeared with a special balm with UV-filter sunglasses protect your eyes, and there are special nipple covers - Stikine.Hair is recommended to hide under a cap.Usually, all these attributes are given protection in the cabin free of charge.
  • As a solarium without harm to people with lots of moles, the dermatologist will tell.It is believed that the solarium and birthmarks are not compatible with each other.However, a reasonable approach tanning will not cause harm.
  • If moles do not exceed 15 mm, allowed to visit the salon, but without fanaticism.All pigmented areas should seal the plaster or lubricate a good sunscreen.
  • For moles is recommended to carefully monitor, and with an increase in their number, redness, inflammation, should consult a doctor immediately.
  • is not necessary to conduct sessions during the critical days and while breastfeeding.
  • People with a fresh tattoo on the body, it is better to refrain from visiting the solarium as long as the skin is not completely healed.Subsequently, before the tan should be treated with a special sweet tattoo with a high UV-filter, it can be purchased in stores.If the color pattern on the body, there is a risk of getting allergies.
  • Experts believe that the solarium 2-3 times a week for 2 months will not cause harm.Over this period, the skin is covered with a beautiful chocolate, golden or bronze tint.

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How to keep a tan after tanning for a long time: reviews, folk remedies, doctors advice ^

According to cosmetologists, in order to maintain beautiful skin color enough to visit the solarium every 2 weeks for 8-10 minutes.Moisturizers significantly prolong the effect, as is known - tan lasts longer exactly on a wet skin.

salon consultant necessarily tell you how long to keep a tan.Using special cosmetics sold in solariums, promotes long-term preservation of bronze shades.

Homemade recipes to save Sun

  • According to cosmetologists, successfully helps to maintain a beautiful tan leather carrot rubbing the nipple, or the infusion of chamomile flowers series.
  • good effect gives the tomato mask.For its preparation must take 2 ripe tomatoes, mash them to a state puree, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of olive oil and 4 tbsp.Spoon cottage cheese.The mask is applied to the face and body for 20 minutes.

reviews tanning our regular readers are also mostly positive:

Maria, 25 years old:

«I like to visit a solarium, a figure after it looks more slim and toned.In the winter I sometimes acne on his back and buttocks, and so, they disappear after the salon.Boosts immunity, and I rarely get sick colds »

Elizabeth, 28 years old:

« I do not mind visiting the solarium, but wondered about the possible risks.There was pigmentation of the skin, so the trips stopped »

Anna, 22 years old:

« I also go to the sessions, but for a short time.It is better to do this spring to prepare the skin for the summer season and do not look like a white mouse »