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Coconut oil Sun: reviews and recommendations for use

Sun oil provides the opportunity for a long time remember the days spent on the coast, giving the skin a few months charming bronze color while keeping it healthy.

oil intensive tanning in the sun: the use and effect ^

Modern science cosmetology offers quite an extensive palette of skin care products for sunbathing sessions.This variety of sprays, emulsions, gels, creams, mousses, foams and lotions.They differ from each other in texture, structure and various chemical components.

today, without any doubt, it should be noted that a well-chosen oil for quick tanning is a panacea to the sun did not cause harm to the body, and the skin looks smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free after taking a substantial dose of ultraviolet radiation.And all because th

e covering film body, it is at the same time retains moisture in it and deeply nourishes the cells of all nutrients and components that are part of it.

explore the numerous audience of consumers, it is possible to make definite conclusions about the degree of popularity of a particular type of cosmetic products:

  • In the first place there are essential oils with their wide range;Their peculiarity lies in the naturalness and the possibility to produce oil for tanning at home;
  • second place in the popularity rating is divided between sprays, gels, creams and industrial production;typically, they contain components such as perfumes and preservatives;should carefully read the composition of the purchase, especially if such a vehicle is intended for people who are prone to allergies, or pregnancy;
  • Third place belongs to Sun cosmetics containing bronzers;are those substances which significantly accelerate and enhance the tanning effect;they do not cause harm, but the effect on the skin for one to several days and are mainly used by athletes - bodybuilders to colorful performances to the public.

best oil for quick tanning: how to choose and correctly apply ^

Sun Oil at home: how to apply

Coconut oil Sun

This cosmetic product is not in vain among the first in thissection.In coconut oil is almost no contraindications - it does not cause allergic reactions, because of their delicate structure easily and seamlessly absorbed into the skin, leaving no traces on clothing.It is advisable to apply it after every bath.

  • Coconut oil has also a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.Even if the body of the sun a little flushed, safely you can apply oil to relieve irritation.
  • Determine its naturalness easy: put in the freezer compartment and observe.Pure natural product at a low temperature has to freeze and go into the solid state.

Olive Oil Sun

contain a range of vitamins A, D, saturated polyacids, iodine, olive oil is extremely beneficial for dry, tired skin.When applying it to the body before going to the beach, you can be sure that the moisture balance will be stored for a few hours and it will not lose moisture.This tool, along with the morning rays of the sun will help the skin acquire a seductive bronze shade.

only important to know that the UV protection component in this product is insignificant, therefore, to use it, experts recommend natural Darkie or those who have already received the first portion of the season tan.

Carrot oil for tanning

those who want to tan quickly and at the same time keep the skin fresh and healthy, beauticians recommend to use carrot oil.Orange root contains big amount of vitamin A, E, D, folic acid.All of these components certainly provide food and protection of the epidermis.It

vitamin A will mercilessly fight with excess ultraviolet radiation during sunbathing, and will prevent the body from burns.several times in SPF index carrot oil higher than the others, and constitutes 35-45 units.

Apply it on the body recommended two - three times during daylight hours.

Walnut oil Sun

using it for sunburn, you can be sure that the skin color of the sun gained persist for several months.The ability to protect the skin from the rays in excess of this product is not very large, so be sure to use additional sunscreen agents.However noble steady tone the skin will be provided.

Walnut oil is enough fat, so do not wash off with the body even after the maritime procedures.

Sunflower oil for tanning

refined, purified from impurities, it is ideal for sunbathing!You can use conventional oil, which is used for cooking.The important thing is that it does not contain dyes and fragrances.

  • With a high rate of fat, it is quite simple means well "revives" and nourishes the skin and keeps her and after a couple of bathing in salt or fresh water.
  • worth just pour in with a small container of sunflower oil to drip into it a little bit of any essential - and beach makeup ready!

Cocoa butter Sun

This product is a unique component for cooking at home means for a beautiful tan.After all, it involves a considerable amount of the skin as needed polyacids.Applying it on the beach, you can not worry about the appearance of wrinkles on the face, neck or upper chest.

Cosmetologists advised before each output of the sun means the skin covering this age, in order to avoid the appearance of "spider web" around the eyes.

Having the ability to protect the skin from drying out, give it a nice color, cocoa butter and still keep the hair from the effects of sea salt water and hot sun.Worth just before going out evenly over them a few drops of this elixir.

Apricot oil Sun

If the shine on the skin are not satisfied, and a nice tan is still desirable, ideal oil from apricot pits.It is so gentle and easy, which is fully absorbed.To use it is recommended to people with bad, light and sensitive skin - it can even cure some skin diseases.

This natural remedy is an excellent basis for the preparation of perfume oil mixes for sunbathing.To him perfect almond oil or avocado, and jojoba oil and wheat.

Hemp oil Sun

Perfect for a beautiful tan this oily extract of cannabis seeds, which stimulates the sebaceous glands, is the regeneration of the property, so it is ideal for the skin begins to age.

absorbed fairly quickly, so the dirty clothes will not.Beauticians are advised to mix it with carrot seed oil.Then it turns golden tan and the body will be protected from the UV rays of high intensity.

We also recommend that you read the article How to sunbathe.

oil after tanning: how to keep skin tanned and healthy ^

Applying natural solid-pressed oils and essential for sunbathing, it is important to remember the simple rules to keep a tan for a long time:

  • prepare the skin beforehand: a few sessionsscrub two weeks before the holiday;nourishing body mask based on carrots, walnut oil and lemon;the use of sufficient amounts of water and natural juice before and during the period during which the sun;
  • never be exposed to sunlight during the period from 10 am to 16 pm;
  • after sea and sun treatments using oils be sure to take a warm shower and cover skin moisturizer;perfect coconut or apricot pits, as will remove skin fatigue and possible irritation;
  • store oil for tanning in the refrigerator or a cool dark place, so that it retained its beneficial qualities and did not cause rash or irritation on the skin.

Reviews of Sun Oil, sent our regular readers are also very positive:

Olga, 25, a hairdresser:

«VERY love to sunbathe and I think that tanned body looks sexy and attractive.The first 3-4 days of Sun, I use a traditional sunblock, and then put on the body of coconut oil, it perfectly protects my skin from drying in the sun and practically not washed off by bathing.Ten days of vacation - and I am fully prepared »

Ninel, 52 years old, the administrator:

« I-skinned blonde, tan me virtually "sticks", I am in the sun even in covered areas and always in red or, God forbid!burns.I tried to use sunblock, but somehow appeared on the skin irritation.I decided not to experiment more.She saw a woman on the beach lubricates the body of something oily.It smelled wonderful - a little tart.And the skin becomes a seductive look !!!

found that this oil from apricot pits.It moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a gentle and smooth, and reduces inflammation.Now I use only this tool!Yes, I do not get "mulatto - chocolate," but at my age it is not necessary.The main thing is to maintain the skin smoothness, easy to get a golden color and it did not buy extra wrinkles. "

Stepan, 32 years old, bodybuilder:

«I read an article about tanning lotions, amplifiers.Quite interesting and informative, but I want to add myself.It is important for me to skin color was a beautiful smooth tone to the skin does not peel off and its color was maintained for a long time.I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and use only natural cosmetics.So, before a visit to the beach or tanning on the skin I put a mixture of carrot seed oil and cocoa, as a base apply olive oil.The girls delighted with the result! »