Fasting day on apples

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Apple fasting day: The best recipes for weight loss

fasting day on apples give the body a feeling of lightness and rapid cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and excess fluid due to the unique properties of this fruit!

Varied diet menu containing raw or cooked apples differently, according to medical research more efficient than many others.

Apple fasting day diet: benefit or harm ^

is well known that in a conventional apple contains a storehouse of nutrients:

  • chemical composition of apples is extremely rich - ten vitamins, over twenty essential for human organism of trace elements (iron,calcium, magnesium, fluorine, iodine, etc.) and even up to ten nutrients (organic and unsaturated fatty acids, sugars, starch, cellulose, fly ash, pectin).
  • During fasting days is fiber helps not feel hungry as long
    to digest, but also very fast, one day, gets the so-called "lazy" bowel.
  • Potassium, possessing diuretic, removes excess fluid, removing this swelling and reducing body weight.
  • Fruits green and yellow varieties do not cause allergies.
  • The green raw fruit is very low sugar content, total of 8 to 12 g per 100 g of product.Therefore, people with diabetes can be administered without fear Me apple unloading.

Apples useful to all!However, those who have diseases such as gastritis, colitis or duodenal ulcer after all necessarily need to agree with the doctors permitted quantity of raw fruit per day.

Fiber in apples rough, but as part of a large enough fruit acid content that is contraindicated with these diagnoses.So people better cook applesauce or baked ripe fruit in the microwave or oven.

Many doctors - gastroenterologists and nutritionists recommend not to use in conjunction with apples raw water or milk drinks (kefir, yogurt), as this may contribute to excessive flatulence.

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fasting day on apples: popular recipes apple unloading menu ^

fasting day on apples: Menu options

fasting day on apples and yogurt

During apple -kefir unloading experts advise to eat some apples eight pieces of medium size and not more than one liter of low-fat yogurt.

All products should be divided into 8 pieces and eat, without mixing, to prevent discomfort in the gut.

fasting day on apples and water

  • Water should drink about 6 cups.At the same time, if the water is boiled, eat equal portions to twelve medium-sized apples.
  • liver fruit can be eaten only 1 kg, as they have higher sugar content.It is for this indicator is important to monitor during dieting.
  • plain water is allowed to replace the tea, brewed with 1/3 part apple.

fasting day on apples and cottage cheese

  • Arranging apple - diet cheesecake off the body, remember that you need to buy low-fat cottage cheese and eat it no more than 300 grams per day of discharge.
  • Do not forget that even with a low rate of fat cottage cheese contains about 80 kcal per portion of the product stogrammovuyu.And apple recommended to eat about 1 kg.

fasting day on apples and buckwheat

Unique properties have buckwheat, which has absolutely no contraindications, and nutrients and minerals content it allows the body to live on the same buckwheat weeks!And if you add in the diet of apples, you can unload several days with the menu.

Here is a sample menu apple buckwheat day:

  • 7.00 - cup of cooked buckwheat without salt and apple cider broth sugar;
  • 9.00 - two raw big or three small apple;
  • 11.00 - two large apples;
  • 13.00 - cup unsalted buckwheat and apple tea;
  • 15.00 - one large baked apple;
  • 17.00 - half a cup of cooked buckwheat;
  • 19.00 - one raw apple.
  • During the breaks are allowed to drink water in a volume of about one liter per day.

fasting day on apples and carrots

Orange natural plant pigment carotene is indispensable to cleanse the arteries and blood vessels from the "bad" cholesterol, enhance immunity and regenerate the skin.Carrots - a unique source of it!If an apple diet to add grated carrots, the body will get maximum benefit.

  • Half a kilo of carrots cleaned and up to one kilogram of apples - that's a recipe for a whole day.

fasting day on apples and green tea

perfectly combined a powerful antioxidant and immune-stimulating product - green tea and apples.

  • four to six cups of the drink plus one and a half kg of apples - that the diet of the day, to give respite gastrointestinal tract, liver and blood vessels.

Importantly, do not forget that green tea has an invigorating, stimulating the brain to work the action.Therefore, people with hypertension is very important during such a diet to control the pressure indicators.

fasting day on apples and oranges

Perfect combination with our overseas oranges apples!

  • For one day discharge is allowed to use roughly one kilogram of citrus fruit and the same number of apples.Very tasty
  • make fruit salad, season it with two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt.
  • Water can hardly drink as oranges it contains up to 86 percent of the total weight of the product.In addition, this fruit is low enough in calories - about 53 calories in one piece.

However, physicians are reminded that the oranges in an amount contraindicated for people prone to allergic diseases with the syndrome.

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fasting day on apples: reviews and actual weight loss stories ^

Reviews apple bottom discharge slimming different, but it should be noted that all of them are positive and have an optimistic character.

Irina, 48 years:

«For fifteen years of living with obesity.I work at school, children have to walk a lot and ride (trekking, hiking).And the lessons I spend standing.Feet swollen, breathing heavily.Many diets do not fit me, because at this age I earned and gastritis and pancreatitis.I never thought that such a simple our wonderful fruit, like apples can save me!

Within a month doing fasting days on the bullseye baked with grated carrots.Two days a week.I have grown thin on 7 kg!Another month and I will "fly" on the floor of the school with the energy of his pupils »

Svetlana, 23 years old:!

« In grade 11, will not believe, weighing 140 kg!Six years I engaged in a decrease of its weight.What just not tried!Two years ago, sitting on a very fashionable then diet, very thin in a short time, to 30 kg.What has paid gallbladder (had to endure major surgery to remove it).What - it was a disappointment when after all my torment began weight quickly return.

Then I finally turned to a professional dietitian and on their recommendations, start to eat apples on fasting days system.Half year already.Now I weigh 75 kg.Old friends do not know me when we meet.And I alter clothes every month.The main thing is that so easy to eat, tasty and healthy even when my disease!Today I only have one day dedicated to apple diet per week.And the results of fasting days on the bullseye there »

Elena, 28 years:!

« When I was still pregnant, quickly began to recover.I want a lot to eat, especially sweets.In the second half of pregnancy toxemia began strong and swelling.Doctors insisted to lose weight.But the baby needs for the development of vitamins and a variety of useful items, so food must be complete.Then the doctor and told me to arrange apple fasting days, because in these delicious fruits as many nutrients that will be enough for future mom and baby.

Three months before the birth, I lost 8 kg extra!From apples was not sick;swelling in the legs disappeared as apples withdrawn from the body fluid better than many drugs.Now I am a nursing mother.I continue to eat once a week, only apples, sometimes adding to them oatmeal or buckwheat.My son is healthy, and I'm slim and vigorous, like my young friend »

Finally give the advice of a physician - nutritionist:!

« Starting marathon days of discharge, it is important to understand that this way of eating forever!We need to try to limit saturated fats and simple carbohydrates eat, eat their fill at the dinner included in the diet needed to maintain a beautiful figure of vegetables and fruits »