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Carrot fasting day: reviews and weight loss results

Carrot fasting day - a popular component of various diets in many countries of the world, because this root vegetable consumed in Asia, Africa, Europe and America for thousands of years.And people have long been appreciated his excellent dietary and nutritional properties.

Carrot fasting day diet: benefit or harm ^

Though carrots and unlike in appearance and consistency of a tomato or cucumber (it is more dense and solid), water in its composition is not less than these vegetables - about 86%.And of course, a lot of fiber in carrots and there are no fats.

It is due to this it is considered by nutritionists low-calorie dietary product (about 32 calories in one medium-sized root vegetables) and, therefore, an indispensable ingredient in the diet to clear and mainta

in weight.

Here are a few rules for the handling of the day feeding with carrots:

  • is not necessary to eat raw fruits in large quantities in cases of chronic or acute diseases of the gastrointestinal system;better to boil or cook them steamed;so they are easier to digest and use will bring no less than in its raw form;
  • follow the color of the skin: in case of yellowing it, discontinue use of carrots;
  • choose if possible bright orange fruits;the brighter paint, the greater the amount of vitamin A is contained in them.

In the fasting days in combination with carrot nutritionists are allowed to include in the menu of almost any vegetables or fruit, and dairy products, lean meat, oatmeal or buckwheat.Do not use unnatural food (mayonnaise, sweets, sausages, semi-finished products), flour products, fatty foods.

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discharge day with carrots: popular recipes, menu ^

discharge day on carrots: menus, recipes

discharge day on carrots and beets

interesting to know that the carrot is the champion among the root cropsquantitative composition in her essential human nutrients.It contains several vitamins only group B, C, PP, E, K, and vitamin A (carotene) - the most abundant.Beet

, in turn, is actively involved in the formation of red blood cells in the blood and the synthesis of vitamins of group B. Moreover, one of its properties is a significant improvement of bowel function.This should be remembered in the preparation of carrot and beet menu of the day.

  • Do not bring the number of root vegetables more than seven hundred grams in the total use per day.
  • You can add a fasting day for breakfast and lunch, half a cup of buckwheat.

Discharge day on cucumbers and carrots

the green fresh cucumbers that grow in our gardens and sold year round in stores, should not be treated contemptuously, thinking that it's just a good base for salads.

also that cucumber is almost entirely composed of the purest properly structured water, they still contain an impressive array of needed human elements from the periodic table - potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, there is even iodine.

  • Therefore, by eating during the day four-five carrots and cucumbers as much, we get minus kilogram and a bunch of "useful" to the health and well-being.

Nutritionists advise:

  • this day can add cottage cheese, but not more than one hundred grams;
  • cucumbers better clean from the rough skin, because the carrot pulp itself is not very gentle.

fasting day on apples and carrots

enchanting combination of flavors of apple and carrot give the day of discharge most of your food!The fruits of apple, especially varieties of early and middle-ripening, so rich in iron and vitamins, which, combined with carrots, completely provide us with energy and strength for the whole day.

Physicians are reminded that these root vegetables and fruit can be baked, then they virtually disappear contraindications.

Menu discharge carrot - apple day:

  • Breakfast: grated carrots (150 grams), a baked apple, tea from green leaf;
  • Lunch: salad of raw apples and root vegetables, with the addition of green celery, parsley and a tablespoon of oil of olive or sunflower (200 g);
  • dinner: one or two of cooked carrots, diced;add a clove of garlic and a couple of inflorescences boiled cauliflower;fill with olive oil.

While snacking can drink apple tea or chew on a carrot fruit.

discharge day carrot juice

The first thing to remember is usually to drink only fruit juice.The canned foods supermarkets that offer a lot more preservatives and flavorings than useful components.

Pediatricians include carrot juice in the diet of infants children one of the first products in the beginning of feeding.He was incredibly helpful and very easily digested and processed intestines, stomach, liver.

  • In the fasting days, experts advise to drink six or seven cups of carrot nectar.No longer recommended because it carotene concentration is much higher than in the whole fruit.

discharge day on carrots and yogurt

Nutritionists advise necessarily include in the diet of low-fat dairy products for those who are committed to a healthy diet.Therefore, yogurt is the best fit for the discharge of the day.It includes enough protein, calcium, potassium and amino acids to make up the daily stock.

  • few carrots and a liter of yogurt perfectly support the body during the day and get rid of a couple of kilograms.

can cook amazing vitamin cocktail whipped in the blender root vegetables and fermented milk drink.It is not necessary to add sugar, because carrots contain a considerable amount of it.It will be tasty and healthy.

discharge day on carrots and eggs

any bird eggs contain protein, which allows the body to quickly saturate, and for quite a long time do not feel hunger.Therefore, fasting day with carrots and eggs does not seem painful.Quantification of the protein content in them also contributes to this.

In addition, using carrots and eggs, you can create all kinds of salads, root vegetable which thrives both in raw and cooked.

  • Two or three eggs per day to add to the table carrot - this is enough to left extra kilogram of weight.

Doctors recommend to add these salads any herbs, garlic or chives.And be sure to drink at least eight glasses of liquids without adding sugar.

Salad "Blade" for the handling of the day

Anyone who wants to lose weight, certainly know what to do, first of all, requires a clear, well-organized work of the intestine.And to achieve this is a snap, if once a week to cook a wonderful, easy to prepare, dietary salad under the symbolic name "Blade."

It is the diversity of its components and the fireworks of vitamins and fiber, fast and very high quality to cope with the "lazy" bowels, expel it from toxins.And while it miserable energy index.

The main components of this dish:

  • raw beets and raw carrots;they should rub or cut into very thin strips;
  • cabbage to choose from: cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, white or blue, broccoli or Beijing;
  • celery, asparagus;
  • any salad varieties of grass, stalks of celery, greens;
  • Refills: olive or sunflower oil (a few tablespoons) and lemon or grapefruit juice;and nutritionists are allowed to be used as a refueling unsweetened yogurt or kefir.

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discharge day on carrots: reviews, results, real stories diet ^

results unloading days carrots justify all scientific expectations of doctors.Doctors strongly recommend to anyone who decided to change their weight in the smaller side, teach yourself to regular carrot unloading.

Repeat carrot fasting days can be up to two times per week, because this root is easily digested and perfectly suited to other products.However, between the discharge is not necessary to forget also carefully watch your menu, not to recover the lost kilos with the help of carrots.

reviews discharge day on the carrot diet of our regular readers are also optimistic.Here are some responses:

Alevtina, 45 years old:

«With my weight, which was 115 kilograms, I do not what to work and live, and it was hard.And the pressure, and varicose earned pies yes sausages.And doctors have advised all treatments begin with getting rid of excess weight.I chose carrot unloading.At seven or eight times a month ate only raw vegetable salads, and yogurt drink.During the six months managed to get rid of eight kilograms.I do not give up!Set out to lose 15 more »

Inna, 33 years old:!

« I did not even notice after the birth of her second child as recovered as much as 20 kilograms.Girlfriend advised to join them and try to lose weight on carrots.It is so useful!And it turned out that even tasty!Now I make carrot juice your baby, and do not forget about yourself!I am submitting it sometimes orange.Already I noticed tangible results.For the three months it took almost seven kilograms!I advise everyone, girls »

Victoria, 25 years old:!

« I think my shape is ideal.But when it came to his first training session on the pole dance, trainer, at a glance my options once said: "Lose weight" And the time I was only three weeks.So I gave up all products except carrots and cucumbers one or two days a week.All my extra five kilograms vanished for twenty days.I feel incredibly easy! »