Diet for kidney failure

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Diet forrenal failure: results of reviews and patients

When diagnosing renal physician is required to be appointed a special diet, in addition to the basic treatment, as without it, it may not be effective.

Features food in renal failure ^

Renal failure - a decrease in the amount of urine caused by a violation of the kidneys.

Accordingly, the first symptom of the disease is the lack of or reduced urination (400-500 ml per day), as well as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, or, conversely, an excited state.

The causes of renal failure are often congenital disease, intoxication, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and diabetes mellitus, and if left untreated, the disease can damage the kidney tissue and the withering away of all body systems.

Do I need a diet in rena
l failure

With proper diet and medication prescribed by a doctor can achieve a cure of the disease within a few weeks if it is not in the chronic stage.Very often patients are interested in, what diet is necessary in renal failure: first of all, there must be a minimum of protein, and the main advantage is given to carbohydrates and fats.

Therapeutic diet in renal failure developed individually by a doctor of the example of some of the menu, depending on what stage the disease - acute or chronic.

What should be the food for kidney failure person:

  • Protein should be limited to 70 grams per day;
  • If there is no swelling permitted to leave the salt intake in the same quantity, but it is recommended to eat unsalted food, if any;
  • desirable to expose all of the products heat-treated except for fruits and berries.

What can you eat during a diet for patients with renal insufficiency:

  • Vegetarian soups;
  • salt-free bread;
  • Low-fat varieties of fish and meat (limited);
  • Milk and milk products;
  • Eggs;
  • Fruits;
  • Berries;
  • Butter, ghee or vegetable oil.

What foods prevents nutritional therapy in renal failure:

  • Sorrel;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Cocoa and chocolate;
  • Alcohol;
  • hot spices, horseradish, radish and garlic.

diet in renal impairment: menus and features of clinical nutrition ^

Diet for kidney failure: health menu, diet recipes

Human Nutrition in renal failure:

  • shouldevery day to drink 1 liter of filtered water and eat small portions;
  • During an exacerbation of the patient can not be forced to eat by force, and in some cases it is recommended fasting.

Therapeutic diet table number 7 in renal failure

In the chronic form of the disease can take advantage of such an exemplary menu:

  • have breakfast crumbly buckwheat porridge, boiled eggs and tea;
  • For lunch we eat baked pumpkin;
  • Lunch milk soup, chicken casserole, drink a cocktail of berries;
  • afternoon snack orange;
  • Supper vinaigrette, boiled shrimp and a glass of yogurt.

diet in chronic renal failure

for improvement and prevention of exacerbation is recommended to use this diet:

  • we eat oatmeal in the morning, drink fruit juice;
  • For lunch drink a cup of tea;
  • Lunch vegetable soup, salad and juice;
  • afternoon snack grapefruit;
  • Supper steamed vegetables, boiled meat and tea.

Diet for acute renal failure

In acute illness is necessary to reduce the amount of protein and 20 grams per day:

  • morning we eat fruit, drink tea with a slice of whole-wheat bread;
  • For lunch eat yogurt;
  • quenelle Lunch, salad vegetables and jelly;
  • afternoon snack berry mix;
  • Supper steam cutlets and boiled vegetables.

diet in renal failure and diabetes

If kidney damage caused by diabetes, used this option menu:

  • morning, eat a portion of rice porridge, drink unsweetened tea;
  • snacking salad savory fruit;
  • Lunch vegetarian soup, drink compote;
  • afternoon snack vegetable juice;
  • Supper vegetable salad with chicken meat, drink a cup of tea.

diet in renal failure 2 degrees

To reduce the severity of symptoms and normalize the flow of urine, you should use the following diet:

  • have breakfast low fat cottage cheese, drink all the tea;
  • snacking carrot gratin;
  • Lunch boiled potatoes, beef goulash and compote;
  • afternoon snack of apples;
  • Supper pumpkin pudding, braised carrots and tea.

diet in renal impairment grade 3

in this case is allowed to increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed:

  • have breakfast oatmeal and baked with egg noodles;
  • For lunch we eat fruit jelly;
  • Lunch steam cutlets, vegetable salad and orange juice;
  • afternoon snack vegetable gratin;
  • Supper corn porridge and fruit fresh.

Diet in glomerulonephritis and renal failure

In these diseases is usually assigned the following diet:

  • have breakfast vegetarian cutlets and porridge, drink tea;
  • For lunch we eat fruit;
  • Lunch boiled potatoes, meat and vegetable soup;
  • afternoon snack wheat broth;
  • Supper salad of vegetables, fruits and green tea.

salt-free diet in renal failure

If there is swelling, remove the salt from the diet is sufficient, using this example menu:

  • have breakfast buckwheat and tea;
  • For lunch eat two baked apples;
  • Lunch fried potatoes and soup without meat;
  • afternoon snack broth hips;
  • Supper cheese gratin, a salad of apple and carrot, wash down all the tea.

Diet for pregnant with renal insufficiency

The baby receives the necessary protein it is possible to increase the amount to 70 grams per day:

  • have breakfast rice porridge with prunes, drink a cup of tea;
  • snacking cheese with fruit;Lunch
  • two boiled eggs, vermicelli soup and carrot juice;
  • afternoon snack vegetable salad with sour cream dressing;
  • Supper bake cheese and apples, drink tea.

Recipes for dishes diet in renal failure

recipe for stewed beet:

  • Boil the beets, cut into slices;
  • Clear the apples peel and core, shred;
  • Mix, add cream sauce and simmer for 15 minutes in the pan.

vitamin salad recipe:

  • Grate carrots cleaned, chopped apple;
  • Add the sugar, dressed with sour cream.

potato soup recipe:

  • is cleaned and sliced ​​potatoes, onions, carrots and greens;
  • Throw the potatoes in boiling water, cook 15 minutes, then add the rest of the vegetables;
  • sprinkle with herbs, after 5 minutes turn off the stove.

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results, opinions and recommendations of doctors about nutrition in renal failure ^

As a result of diet in renal failure is obtained to achieve the normal outflow of urine and prevent possible complications.This effect becomes visible on the third day, and after a few weeks of complete recovery is possible if the disease is not in an advanced stage, and does not require a kidney transplant.

Tips on how to avoid exacerbation of renal failure:

  • Improve your immune system, do not try to "pick up" the infectious disease;
  • Remove allergens from the environment;
  • not abuse salty foods;
  • Adhere to proper nutrition;
  • regularly pass urine.

Such prevention of renal failure can prolong remission, but complete cure chronic form is impossible.

Doctors about diet in renal failure:

Valentina, 39 years old, nephrologist:

«Very often the cause of renal failure becomes personal injury or infectious disease, so early treatment plays an important role.If time does not pay attention to the symptoms, it can lead to serious consequences »

Anna, 33 year, nephrologist:

« If a person has been diagnosed with kidney failure, it should, first of all, diet and rest mode, and also to takeprescribed medications and, if necessary, the procedure takes place - it will help reduce the risk of possible complications »

Galina, 39 years old, nephrologist:

« Renal failure - a very insidious disease, and especially the patient need to watch their diet becausewithout this treatment will be ineffective »