Discharge day on grapefruit

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discharge day on grapefruit: reviews and weight loss results

discharge day on grapefruit is useful to anyone who wants to have beautiful skin, cheerful mood and, of course, a slim figure.

With regular use of this miracle of citrus - fruit riboflavin, carotene, thiamin, fiber, able to retain normal blood pressure, blood sugar, not to give form "bad" cholesterol and unnecessary kilograms.

fasting day grapefruit diet: benefit or harm ^

interesting to know that eating even a kilogram of yellow, pink or red fruit of citrus, we get a total of about 380 calories.In this fruit no fat, protein, carbohydrate heavy, but, according to scientists who have inositol - a substance that does not accumulate excess fat in the body, along with the fiber is actively involved in the process of digestion an

d relieves the liver from toxins.

Thanks to the huge, compared to many other fruits, the amount of vitamin C as well as antioxidants, pulp, peel, grapefruit and especially bone is a strong tool to fight viruses and bacteria.

Nutritionists recommend permanently included in the diet for a beautiful figure, these fruits.With caution, only after the council a doctor should eat a fruit such people:

  • pregnant - because of the potential to provoke heartburn or allergic reactions;
  • people regularly take any medication, because the substances are part of the grapefruit, can significantly inhibit the action of drugs.

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discharge day on grapefruit: popular recipes grapefruit unloading menu ^

discharge day on grapefruit: menus, recipes

discharge day on grapefruit and eggs

  • to provide the body the right amount of proteinand amino acids can eat up to four eggs per day discharge.Two for breakfast and one for lunch and dinner.
  • Add to this two fruits grapefruit and tea made on its skins.
  • three or four slices of fruit to eat during snack and add three cups of raw water.

discharge day on grapefruit and chicken

included in the diet of the day unloading the chicken, keep in mind that you can only use white meat chicken breast.It contains the least calories, but the amount of protein is sufficient for the whole day to feel courage and strength.Combining grapefruit with chicken, you can cook more than one dish delicious diet.

Light salad for the day of discharge: recipe

  • Extinguish 150 grams of chicken, add the zest of grapefruit.Cool, cut into cubes.
  • Lay on a plate with three slices of grapefruit, rukkolloy and parsley.You can fill low-fat yogurt.

This salad is suitable for both breakfast and lunch.And at lunch and dinner - on a citrus a fruit.

discharge day on grapefruit and yogurt

Kefir, as dairy products, perfectly digestible.Doctors recommend it for any diet.And in combination with fiber grapefruit it is a powerful motor for the intestine.Doctors do not advise people with stomach or bowel disease, use of these products at the same time.

  • In the fasting day is enough to eat three fruits and drink three cups of yogurt.
  • Water can drink up to one and a half liters.

discharge day on grapefruit and cucumber

Cucumbers, like grapefruit, almost entirely composed of water.Therefore, sitting on unloading, it should be remembered that the intake of other fluids (especially close to sleep), it is desirable to reduce to avoid edema.

  • Having eaten within two or three days and six citrus cucumbers, we get a fast and efficient purification of the body and the excess kilos weight.

discharge day on grapefruit and green tea

composition of organic compounds and elements of green tea is so great that the plant used for centuries as a remedy for many diseases.Decoction of green tea leaves is a potent stimulator of brain activity and immune system, a powerful antioxidant.Regular use of this drink people will be virtually protected from cardiovascular disease.

However, doctors caution against binge drinking green teas, because it can cause nervous system excitability, insomnia and high blood pressure.

  • Arranging fasting day food, drink stands for him no more than three to four cups of green tea.
  • A peeled grapefruits - in equal parts to the kilogram.

discharge day on grapefruit juice

those who are watching their beauty and health, should be aware that on the day a person needs to consume about two liters of water or other liquids.

Deciding on the discharge of juice, be sure to remember that it contains a lot of different acids.And its abundant use can cause heartburn or aggravation of ulcers and gastritis.Therefore, it is desirable to drink grapefruit juice, diluting with water in half and not more than 250 grams at a time.

Five glasses of drinks per day would be sufficient.And at night it will be useful to brew tea with dried peel of citrus.

discharge day on grapefruit and cottage cheese

fat cottage cheese - an excellent source of animal protein, amino acids, calcium, vitamins A, B, PP and many others.Nutritionists advise regular use of it to those who want to have a beautiful body shape.For animal protein acts as building structures for our muscles.

Cottage cheese and grapefruit menu for the day - this is a wonderful outlet for the liver, blood vessels and intestines.Here is a sample of its composition:

  • breakfast: 100 grams of cheese, a glass of diluted grapefruit juice;
  • at lunch: half of citrus fruit;
  • Lunch: 130 grams of cottage cheese with low-fat, fruit grapefruit half;
  • in the afternoon: tea and fruit peel, 100 grams of unsweetened curd;
  • for dinner: a grapefruit, tea.

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discharge day on grapefruit: reviews, results, real weight loss stories ^

experts - nutritionists believe that can not do any one diet without grapefruit.Arrange light of the day with this expedient fruit twice a week, if it is combined with a curd or chicken, and one time when the citrus tea drink, yogurt, eggs, or in the form of juice.

Olga, 34 years old:

«By the nature of my work, I come across a lot of information about the various pills and supplements that help to lose weight.Maybe someone and help to such drugs, but I did not dare to try, do not harm health.

Instead of swallowing the chemistry, I have a whole year, once or twice a week "sit" on the grapefruit juice or salads of this citrus.No more hated 15 extra kilos!And it was adjusted bowels.And no need to torture yourself diets long »

Angela, 44 years old:

« I, as a doctor, I can recommend a thousand times over the unloading with grapefruit and chicken meat or eggs.A complete set of vitamins, nutrients and pleasure, I am three months she lost five and a half kilograms and two months keep the new weight.

If you want to lose more, it will be quite easy: more than one day a week, eat two boiled chicken and drink a wonderful grapefruit juice.And I, and my colleagues, doctors note the excellent results unloading days grapefruits »

Inessa, 25 years old:

« have read that many famous actresses have a chic figure thanks to dishes from grapefruits, which they include in their diet.And their feedback on the bottom of the discharge grapefruit diet is always enthusiastic.Also I decided to try.

on Mondays and Thursdays at the fruit counter choose the ripest fruits and eat them all day.A peel brew tea.If you are tired of tea, buy a package of yogurt.I myself do not believe that a month began on the scales.Minus four kilos!And it's just one month!A few more weeks and I'll be the same beauty as the film star! »