Diet for glomerulonephritis

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Diet for glomerulonephritis:reviews and outcome of patients

Diet in glomerulonephritis - a necessary part of the treatment prescribed by a doctor in order to improve the patient's health status and prevent further progression of the disease.

Features of diet in kidney glomerulonephritis ^

Glomurelonefrit - a bilateral renal involvement, reflected in the damaged capillaries, due to which the urine begin to enter blood cells.

Most often the disease occurs against a background of infections, the use of toxic substances or genetic predisposition.The main symptom is swelling, high blood pressure and a decrease in the volume of urine per day.

Do I need a diet with glomerulonephritis kidney

As with any disease of internal organs, the doctor prescribes bed rest or hospi

talizes patient and requires a special medical diet with glomerulonephritis.

The diet for patients with glomerulonephritis fall under the prohibition of the following types of products:

  • Sharp, zhirnyei smoked food;
  • Meat and fish broth;
  • Canned;
  • Fatty meats and fish;
  • Alcohol.

All this can provoke an aggravation of the disease, which is fraught with kidney failure, eclampsia, visual impairment, and the transition to the chronic form.

What products are recommended to be used:

  • Fruits and Vegetables;
  • Meat and fish low-fat varieties;
  • Kashi;
  • Bread;
  • Cooked boiled egg;
  • juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks;
  • Dairy products;
  • Vegetable oils.

Rules of clinical nutrition in glomerulonephritis:

  • need to eat small meals, but 5-6 times a day;
  • observe drinking regime: 1.5 liters of water a day at least.

Diet for glomerulonephritis: the menu and especially therapeutic feeding ^

Diet for glomerulonephritis: therapeutic menus, recipes

Diet table number 7 in kidney glomerulonephritis:

menu This diet is used in the exacerbation or chronicform of the disease, and include fruits and vegetables as well as fish and meat in boiled or baked form.

Sample menu:

  • morning drink tea with a sandwich, eat a fruit salad;
  • For lunch drink apple juice;
  • Lunch soup and salad from vegetables;
  • At lunch we eat baked apples;
  • Supper baked fish and mashed potatoes.

diet in acute glomerulonephritis

In acute diseases is recommended to use gentle menu:

  • morning we eat a salad of cabbage and cucumbers, any porridge.Drinking tea;
  • For lunch eat baked apple;
  • Lunch of soup, a piece of meat or fish, drink compote;
  • At lunch eat a banana;
  • Supper cheese with the addition of berries, drink a cup of tea.

diet in chronic glomerulonephritis

For maintenance of remission status need to eat as many fruits and vegetables, low-fat meat and dairy products:

  • the morning eat cottage cheese, sour cream diluted.We wash down with tea;
  • For lunch we eat a banana and yogurt;
  • Lunch vegetarian soup and baked fish with vegetables;
  • afternoon snack with yogurt;
  • For dinner, eat 100 grams of chicken breast and salad.

Diet in glomerulonephritis and renal failure

When complications should be consumed as many vitamins and potassium, using the example of this menu:

  • have breakfast dairy porridge, chops carrots and apples, drink tea;
  • For lunch eat fresh fruit;
  • Lunch boiled potatoes, meat and a bowl of soup;
  • afternoon snack decoction of wheat bran;
  • Supper pilaf, vegetable salad and tea.

Diet in glomerulonephritis in children

In order to alleviate the condition of a sick child, you should limit the intake of protein foods and eat the example of the menu:

  • morning eat porridge on the water without sugar, drink compote;
  • For lunch we eat apples or bananas;
  • Lunch low-fat soup, mashed potatoes and steamed meatballs;
  • afternoon snack and juice wafer biscuits;
  • For dinner, eat a salad of vegetables, drink kefir.

Diet in glomerulonephritis in adolescents

In this case, the rules almost similar to the previous one, but before going to bed or afternoon tea is allowed to drink 200 grams of yogurt.

Sample menu:

  • morning eat cooked oatmeal on the water with added fruit;
  • For lunch drink tea;
  • Lunch vegetable soup, boiled meat or fish, we eat a salad;
  • afternoon snack with yogurt;
  • For dinner we eat baked fish and steamed vegetables.

Diet in glomerulonephritis in elderly

For patients in the elderly is also assigned a sparing diet for at least 3 weeks.It is allowed to use the hash browns, pancakes, white bread, vegetable soups and cereals, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables, berries.

Sample menu:

  • have breakfast with tea and savory pancakes;
  • At snack we eat yogurt, cottage cheese or banana;
  • Lunch soup, noodles, steamed vegetables and steam cutlets;
  • At lunch eat fruit salad;
  • Supper vinaigrette without pickles and a piece of baked fish.

Recipes diet with glomerulonephritis

recipe vegetable salad

  • Boil the potatoes, carrots and beets in the crude form is then purified, cut into cubes;
  • Cut onion half rings, scalded with boiling water, mix it with other vegetables;
  • sprinkle with herbs, dressed with olive oil.

soup recipe with noodles

  • grind potatoes, a couple of bay leaves and onion one, fill with water and cook for 20 minutes;
  • Put in half-cooked soup noodles, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, add the herbs and season with salt;
  • Cook until tender, but not allowing the cooking of noodles.

Recipe dietary pancakes

  • Mix bran flour (1/3 cup), salt and sugar;
  • Pouring milk (half cup), to drive 2 eggs and stir until creamy consistency;
  • Add a large spoonful of olive oil to the dough, warm up the pan;
  • Fry pancakes at medium heat dry frying pan.

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results, opinions and recommendations of doctors about nutrition in glomerulonephritis ^

As a result of diet in acute glomerulonephritis is possible to remove the symptoms and even completely cure the disease, if it is not turned into a chronic stage and has no complications.

With regard to prevention of glomerulonephritis, it is the early detection of the disease and acceptance of antibacterial drugs, but only on prescription.

Tips on how to avoid the disease glomerulonephritis:

  • To achieve complete cure of viral diseases: SARS, influenza, etc .;
  • not swim in forbidden places, where you can catch an intestinal infection;
  • sure until the end of treat any disease of the digestive tract;
  • Prevent hypothermia;
  • Adhere to proper nutrition;
  • after previous infection is constantly monitored kidney condition.

Doctors about diet in glomerulonephritis kidney

Anastasia, 30 years old, nephrologist:

«At the initial stage of glomerulonephritis cure is still possible, but no matter what type it belongs - acute, latent, chronic or progressive - dietin all cases is obligatory, becausewithout it on drugs will not be confused »

Olga, 33, therapist:

« Even before the how to guide the patient with typical symptoms to a nephrologist, I prescribe a diet.Often it is possible to use it to treat acute pain, if before a person eats the wrong »

Galina, 39 years old, nephrologist:

« Diet - it is a prerequisite to cure or at least prolonging remission in glomerulonephritis.If the patient does not comply with it, take medication just does not make sense, and even more so that the diet in all cases, a very gentle and does not have strict restrictions, which are difficult to sustain »