Discharge day on cucumbers

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discharge day on cucumbers: reviews and weight loss results

discharge day on cucumbers extremely useful to those who want to quickly reduce your weight.Containing a cellulose, alkali metal salts, and even sugar protein, vegetable this, however, it is 97% of a water.

This explains its almost zero calorie.This vegetable crop - one of the oldest, consumed by people - rightfully occupies a central place in the dietary table.

Cucumber fasting day diet: benefit or harm ^

so-called light cucumber days not only help to quickly deal with unwanted pounds, but also thoroughly clean the body from various toxins.This one-day procedure is virtually water treatment, we can say, SPA - procedure for all organs of the body.Judge for yourself:

  • water with salts, cucumbers component, does not form the sand a
    nd stones in the kidneys;
  • Helpful Links iodine supports the thyroid gland;
  • Fiber is a powerful engine for the bowel.

choosing on the market or the store cucumbers should buy only those who have not broken the skin and has a bright light or dark green.The fruit must not bend in their hands, the optimal degree of ripeness - the average.

Fresh recently from the garden vegetables can be, after washing, have a peel.However, during the unloading of the day cucumber have to use more than one or two, but a much larger number of them.Therefore, people with diseases of the intestine is cleaned with coarse rind of the fruit.

to the effect of the one-day cucumber diet pleased, this day can not eat bread, confectionery and meat products, soft drinks, as well as any other fat, high-calorie foods or smoked.

Writing optimal for health and a slim figure menu, you need to take into account that the proportion of fruits and vegetables in it may not be less than ¾ of the total daily diet.

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Discharge day on cucumbers: popular recipes cucumber unloading menu ^

Discharge day on cucumbers: menus, recipes cucumber unloading

Discharge day on cucumbers and yogurt

combinationthese products are capable of producing deep cleaning body one day and eat to excess.The main thing to remember: doctors do not recommend the simultaneous use of yogurt with cucumbers, because the lactic acid bacteria, connecting with cucumber fiber, begin the process of fermentation in the gut, which can be quite unpleasant phenomenon.

better alternate reception of such food and do intervals of not less than one and a half hours.Nutritionists advise liter of yogurt and about 600 grams of peeled vegetables to share in the day of discharge for six servings.

Discharge day on cucumbers and tomatoes

These two wonderful gift of nature are organically combined in summer salads!And if you add a little bit of garlic and parsley, cucumber is the menu of the day like any.Tomatoes - one of the best vegetable sources of potassium, they contain natural sugars - fructose and glucose.Scientists as a result of repeated studies have revealed the ability of tomatoes to keep the normal person's blood pressure.

But still quite sour tomato fruit, so during the fasting day should eat no more than four or five medium-sized tomatoes and add to it six or seven small cucumbers.

Discharge day on cucumbers and apples

Due to the unique composition of materials Apple, when used correctly, provides us with almost one hundred percent of the minerals and vitamins.To arrange a apple - cucumber fasting day, we can not worry about the figure!Nutritionists advise for example a cucumber - apple menu of the day:

  • Breakfast, 8.00 - a salad of apples and cucumbers, seasoned with two tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt, apple tea;
  • lunch, 10.00 - one cucumber, one raw apple;
  • lunch 13.00 - large baked apple, cucumber, two medium-sized;
  • lunch, 16.00 - great raw apple;
  • dinner 18.00 - cucumber salad with half an apple and parsley;
  • the evening you can drink a tea made with apples.

Discharge day on cucumbers and water

cucumbers - this vegetable crop, which is very easy to digest in the stomach and intestines, so a day they can eat without fear at least a kilogram.

Add to that the number of one and a half liters of raw water, it is possible to lose one to two kilograms of weight per day.In addition, there is instant cleansing the kidneys and urinary tract, stimulation of the pancreas, "driven out" bad cholesterol.

Discharge day on cucumbers and curd

Dairy products, how and cottage cheese is much easier to digest than milk.Therefore, for a healthy and beneficial food, especially during dieting, doctors strongly recommend their use.

curd contains a significant amount of protein (18 g per 100 g of fat-free yogurt), which during unloading of the day it is enough for 200 grams.Milk protein, unlike meat, easy to digest, but it is necessary to choose low-fat cottage cheese varieties.

very good recipe for a cucumber and cottage cheese salad for the handling of the day:

  • 200 grams of cheese, four medium-sized cucumber, green onions and parsley to taste.
  • Season permitted low-fat yogurt.
  • Divide salad into three parts, add cucumber at lunch and dinner - that the discharge diet.

Discharge day on cucumbers and grapefruit

Grapefruit promotes weight loss even if it is used regularly, not really adhering to dietary rules.One such piece of fruit a day is able to fully provide us with a daily dose of vitamin C.

However, this citrus fruit contains a significant amount of acids.Do not abuse it, so as not to harm the stomach and tooth enamel.Experts recommend to eat it along with cucumbers, eating all day at a time, or making salads, where citrus should be in terms of one-third of the total weight.

Discharge day on cucumbers and eggs

Eggs - an indispensable source of protein and polyunsaturated acids, which is rich in yolk.Scientists have dispelled the myth that the yolk is harmful.The main thing - do not eat more than two eggs per day.The discharge period allows nutritionists and three pieces, but it is important to know that they need to be boiled.Raw egg protein difficult to digest in the stomach.

  • So seven or eight cucumbers and three hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs - enough food in the fasting day.
  • Must drink that day about six glasses of water or fruit tea.
  • very useful to prepare a diet cucumber salad with egg and any herbs if desired.

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Discharge day on cucumbers: reviews, results, real stories diet ^

Nutritionists believe that regular fasting days is much more useful long rigid diets and do not cause stress in the body.A cucumber is so easy to digest vegetable that organize such days can be eight to ten times a month.

Here are a few important notes from the doctor that the results of fasting days on cucumbers were palpable, and not to harm health:

  • when preparing salads from this vegetable is not necessary to fill them with oil or mayonnaise;
  • buy only solid, undamaged fruit;better to arrange such unloading in their season of ripening;
  • in between days of gastronomic holiday, paint yourself a menu, building the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

reviews cucumber discharge bottom slimming our regular readers are also positive.Here are some positive responses:

Natalya, 31 years

«Five months cucumber salads helped me get rid of 12 extra kilos!And it's only two days a week.Very tasty apple and grapefruit.I made these wonderful fruit and vegetable dishes, adding a little yogurt.The result exceeded all my expectations »

Zhanna, 33 years old:

« I love cooking, doing the vagaries of the whole family.But she has to look perfect in front of his clients.So!Quite once a week to "sit" on the fresh cucumber and apple tea or water, to always look fresh and harmonious.And if, after your vacation or holidays a little to recover, then two such days a week is enough to restore the beauty of the body »

Victoria, 28 years old:

« argue with her friends, who two months before the holiday time to "throw" the excess toin shorts and a swimsuit to look chic on the coast.I won the dispute because of the discharge cucumber ten days during this time.He ate low-fat cottage cheese and fresh cucumbers.Even here, add water and grapefruit juice.Minus 6 extra kilos - my result, I'm very proud »