Diphtheria Treatment of folk remedies in children and adults

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Home Treatment of diphtheria: folkmeans

Despite the fact that diphtheria is considered to be primarily a childhood disease, very often there are cases of the disease in adults.

To date, this disease can be successfully treated using a medicine, and traditional recipes.

What is diphtheria: symptoms, incubation period ^

Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease characterized by lesions of the throat, pharynx, larynx, as well as a strong intoxication.It is believed that the disease, which affects the nasopharynx is the most difficult.

diphtheria - diphtheria bacillus, which is very resistant to external factors, ie continues to exist on drying and cold.When ingested, the bacterium produces a toxin that affects the nervous, cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver.

source of the illness can be as a s

ick man, and a carrier bacteria.Transmitted diseases mainly by airborne droplets.Furthermore, it can be infected by contact with contaminated objects or consumption of contaminated food.

People are very susceptible to diphtheria.Antitoxic immunity against diphtheria bacillus produced after the disease or after vaccination.

Diphtheria: symptoms in children

  • At the beginning of the disease the child complains of malaise, lethargy, and sore throat.
  • increased body temperature, worried headache and vomiting, increased lymph nodes.
  • diphtheritic film can gradually spread across the oral mucosa, it becomes very thick and difficult to remove.
  • throat and mucous swell so much that can cause asphyxia.

Symptoms of diphtheria in adults

Symptoms in adults are not very different from symptoms in children and depend on the form of the disease:

  • Diphtheria oropharynx. In this form of the disease the patient has a headache and no appetite.The skin becomes pale, pulse quickens, starts swelling of the tonsils and palate.Tonsils are covered with a light film, it is difficult to remove.After a few days it can be easily removed.
  • diphtheria of the larynx, trachea, bronchi.It is characterized by episodes of severe coughing, change in voice, difficulty breathing.After that, the pulse weakens, the pressure falls, convulsions.Late therapy may lead to patient's death.

  • nasal diphtheria. The course of this form of the disease occurs with slight intoxication.Swollen nasal mucosa, appear purulent discharge.
  • Diphtheria eyes.Conjunctiva becomes inflamed, the body temperature rises.The eyelids begin to swell, released ichor and pus from the eyes.

Diphtheria skin, ear, genitals.This form of the disease is rare and is characterized by the emergence of diphtheria film on the affected area, seal glands.Dangerous

this disease in the first place, the occurrence of severe complications.Among them:

  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • strabismus;
  • deterioration of coordination;
  • nasal voice and motility disorders;
  • defeat of the heart muscle;
  • nephritis.

diphtheria Treatment folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

People's treatment of diphtheria: homemade recipes

Treatment of diphtheria in children

therapy of this disease in any case should not be carried out at home izthe danger of death.Traditional recipes can be used only as a competent addition to medicines.Tiny need to provide plenty of drink, liquid food and bed rest.

In addition, it is recommended to carry out steam inhalation to help get rid of the film.You should also lubricate the back of your throat fresh cranberry juice or tincture of eucalyptus, purchased at a pharmacy.All activities related to the treatment of the child against diphtheria, should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

diphtheria in adults Treatment

perfect complement to conventional therapy illness is herbal decoction:

  • necessary to mix the mother-and-stepmother, willow bark, marjoram in the proportions of 2: 2: 1.
  • Spoon herbal mixture recommended to pour boiling water (2 cups) and infuse for half an hour.
  • Potion need to strain and drink half a cup three times a day.

Treatment of diphtheria of the larynx

to facilitate painful sensations in the larynx to be more often gargle with salt solution:

  • To cook it you need to add 2 teaspoons of salt in a liter of warm water.

conduct rinsing can use a decoction of the root radish:

  • tablespoons minced radish brew a liter of boiled water, an hour and filter.
  • The liquid should add a spoonful of vinegar and honey.
  • perform the procedure 3 - 4 times a day.

Treatment of diphtheria throat

For the treatment of the most widespread forms of diphtheria useful to use the following medicinal tincture.

  • should pour a glass of boiling water chopped herbs heal-all (1 tablespoon), 1 hour and drain.
  • The broth must be cooled.
  • Perform gargling procedure at least seven times a day.

Treatment pharyngeal diphtheria

infusion of duckweed little help ease the symptoms of the disease and alleviate the patient's condition.

  • necessary to grind duckweed, to get a tablespoon of raw materials, then pour a glass of alcohol.
  • insist week.
  • To increase immunity and reduce the heat you need to take a tablespoon of medication three times a day before meals.

Treatment of nasal diphtheria

Prepare healing nasal drops can be from a radish.

  • root crop must be cleaned from the inside, pour into it the vegetable oil and bring to a boil, using a skimmer.
  • resulting drug cool and introduce droplets with a cotton swab into each nostril 2-3 times a day.

Treatment Diphtheria eye

If your eyes were not inflammatory or pimples, you can use saline compresses and wiping.

  • teaspoon salt should pour a glass of warm water and make compresses on the eyes or eyelids wipe the morning and evening.

Treatment of diphtheria

honey Honey is an effective way to combat a dangerous disease.

  • Dry root burnet-saxifrage (3 tbsp) should grind to a powder and mixed with honey (3 tablespoons).It is desirable that the honey was thick.
  • from the mixture to do small balls of 4-5 mm diameter.
  • eats a pea every four hours.

Treatment of diphtheria lemon

Lemon - a great product that will help get rid of the disease.

  • To prepare the medicine you need to take five tablespoons of juice from the leaves of nightshade and five tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Juices need to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water.
  • Potion used for gargling every 2 hours.

Treatment of diphtheria herbs

  • need to prepare herbal tea of ​​burdock root (20g), series, oregano, dried raspberries and lime color (15 g), and the roots of elderberry color primrose (10 g).
  • All the ingredients are mixed.
  • Take two spoon collection, brew two cups of boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes, drain.
  • Drink three times a day after meals.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to protect against diphtheria ^

  • main preventive measure that helps prevent infection in diphtheria - vaccinations.Grafting is done at the same time against the development of tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.
  • warn and prevent the epidemic can timely diagnosis of patients and their insulation.For this reason, educational institutions and workers' annual inspections should be carried out.
  • People who suffer from chronic sore throat, inflammation of the tonsils should be under constant supervision of a specialist, since they are most likely to be infected with diphtheria.