Epilepsy Treatment folk remedies

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home treatment for epilepsy: folk recipes

epilepsy people often called the "falling sickness", as it appears in the form of seizures and disorders of consciousness.

In ancient times it was believed that people suffering from this disease due to the fact that renounced the faith in God and gave soul to the devil.

What is epilepsy (epilepsy): symptoms, causes, types ^

Epilepsy is a serious chronic disease caused by brain damage.In the treatment of epilepsy at home in any case impossible to refuse medical treatment, and neglect professional consultation.

following types of epilepsy:

  • symptomatic (triggered by structural changes in the brain);
  • idiopathic (occurs due to genetic predisposition);
  • cryptogenic (appears for no apparent reason).

first attack of epilepsy begins as a result of any emotional upheaval.In the bra

in tissue occurs epileptic focus, which in the future may lead to disorders of consciousness and convulsions, even at standard loads.It can be attributed to other causes of epilepsy:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hanging epileptic activity of brain cells;
  • injury and brain damage;
  • infectious diseases, brain tumors;
  • poor circulation in the head;
  • excessive physical activity, climate change;
  • stroke, multiple sclerosis, antibiotics, antidepressants, etc.

Most often epilepsy seizures occur in children and adolescents up to 20 years.This is due to the high excitability children's brain cells.Seizures in children may be caused by prenatal and birth trauma, anoxia, the development of intrauterine infections.

Symptoms of epilepsy seizures are manifested in the form of various shapes.The illness manifests itself as follows:

  • patient appear unusual sensation for a few seconds before the attack.
  • person loses consciousness and falls.It can make a loud scream.
  • stops breathing, tense muscles and limbs and head throws back.Spasms continue for about 20 seconds.
  • patient engages the jaw, the veins on his neck swelled and his face becomes deathly pallor.
  • convulsions of the whole body, lasting 2-3 minutes.
  • sink language, collects saliva, and then begins the selection of foam from his mouth.
  • After the end of the attack, the body relaxes, the pupils dilate.
  • may occur involuntary urination.
  • after an epileptic seizure, the patient feels lethargy and drowsiness.Past events he can not remember.

Traditional medicine has a lot of the recipes in store for epilepsy, to help alleviate the suffering of the patient and even cure him of the disease.It is important to use these recipes wisely and only after consultation with your doctor.

epilepsy folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

People's treatment of epilepsy: homemade recipes

epilepsy treatment in adults

To beat epilepsy, you can prepare a tincture of peony:

  • should take 100 gpeony root and fill it with two cups of vodka.
  • Infuse 10 days in a dark cool place.
  • need to drink medicine three times a day to 20 drops for 21 days.

Finished tincture is also sold in a pharmacy.

treatment of epilepsy in children

epileptics children in any case can not be overloaded: either physically or emotionally.In addition, you can use an effective product - peeled apricot pits.

  • number of seeds determined by the age of the baby.For example, if the child is 3 years, every morning before eating, he must eat three seeds.
  • course of treatment - 1 month.In this case the patient should be seen by a doctor.

Treatment of symptomatic epilepsy

warn epileptic seizure helps proven folk remedy.

  • To make it, you must take the same amount of black tea, dried wormwood and chamomile color.
  • Three tablespoons herb mixture should brew a liter of boiling water.
  • present medical solution in a dark place for 4 hours, then strain through cheesecloth.
  • During the day you need to drink one liter of medicine.
  • duration - 1 month.After that you should make a 30-day break and repeat the course again.

treatment of epilepsy night

provoke symptoms of epilepsy can jitters or reception of alcoholic beverages at night.Reduce the frequency of nocturnal seizures can using resin myrrh.

  • necessary to purchase resin myrrh in the church store, take a few pieces, and to dispel the smell in the room, which is sick.
  • resin has a positive effect on the nervous system and prevents attacks.

Treatment of alcoholic epilepsy

Excessive alcohol consumption causes changes in the brain and can cause an epileptic seizure.To defeat the illness, you need to completely give up alcohol, to begin a course of therapy with a neurologist and psychiatrist, and drink three times a day, medicinal drink.

  • required to mix in equal quantities of rye, barley, peeled acorns, chicory root and dandelion.
  • tablespoon of the mixture should pour a cup of boiling water and infuse a few minutes.

epilepsy attack

  • necessary to take the grass Leonurus (100 g) and pour it in a cool boiled water (0.5 L).
  • Infuse for about 2 hours.
  • strained drug taken four times a day before meals for half a glass.

Treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy

Herbal decoction of the leaves of lavender and effectively helps with epilepsy.

  • dessert spoon mixture should make a glass of hot water, boil for 2-3 minutes, to insist 30 minutes.
  • drink drug should be twice a day before meals for one tablespoon for a month.

possibility of using this medication should be discussed with your doctor.

epilepsy valerian

  • necessary to rub or grind valerian root, to get a tablespoon of raw materials.
  • followed by grass pour a glass of cold water and insist approximately 8 hours.
  • Infusion is recommended that a sieve and drink three times a day on a tablespoon.
  • children this remedy is also suitable, however, the dose should be reduced to a dessert spoon.


wormwood Artemisia is considered an excellent antipyretic, tonic and anti-inflammatory agent.In epilepsy, it promotes relaxation and cessation of seizures.

  • To prepare an effective medicine, 2 tbspHerbs need to pour 0.5 liters of kvass, put on low heat, bring to a boil and strain.
  • Drink decoction recommended daily at bedtime.

herbs epilepsy treatment

  • To prepare an effective drug for epilepsy, traditional medicine recommends to take lavender, peppermint, valerian root, primrose in equal proportions.
  • Spoon collection should pour a glass of hot water, put on low heat and simmer 15 minutes.
  • Healing medicine is recommended to drink three times a day before meals in the amount of one glass.

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Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid attacks of epilepsy ^

If an epileptic seizure still occurs, we must be able to provide first aid to the patient.It consists of several stages:

  • patient, unconscious need to sit or lay on the floor, call an ambulance.
  • limbs and head is required to hold in a stationary position.When saliva turn the head to one side.
  • to ease breathing during an epileptic fit, you need to undo the clothes of the patient, loosen the jaw and put a handkerchief between them.
  • When cramps weakened and completely cease, the person should be put to one side to quietly wait for the paramedics.

Prevention of symptomatic epilepsy is a timely treatment of CNS diseases.Unfortunately, the idiopathic form it is reduced only to measures to prevent attacks.

People who are prone to epileptic seizures, must strictly observe the following rules:

  • observe a diet;
  • properly combine work and leisure;
  • perform a moderate amount of exercise;
  • avoid stress, hypothermia and overheating;
  • completely restrict the consumption of alcohol.